Virtual assistant service

$ 20.00$ 800.00

Choose the number of hours you want to work for you per week by selecting an option below.


How do you make payment for VA service

Choose how many hours you need to work for, and with, you by selecting an option below.

if you want forty hours a week, select the ’40 hours a week’ option, click Add to Cart > then Checkout to finalize payment.

Same goes for the ’10 hours a week’ and ‘5 hours a week’ option – select the number of hours you want and click Add to Cart > Checkout to proceed.

What if you want, say, only 7 hours a week?

Since there’s no ‘7 hours a week’ option, select the ‘1 hour a week’ option below, then change the number in the quantity field from 1 to 7 (1 hour a week x 7 = 7 hours).

Click Add to Cart > Checkout to proceed.

Additional information

How many hours do you want per week?

40 hours a week, 10 hours a week, 5 hours a week, 1 hour a week


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