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If you run a website or blog, you have probably heard about the importance of backlinks. You have heard about how much weight Google puts on quality links. And you have heard about how links from high domain authority sites can help another site skyrocket its traffic / pageviews and sales.

In this article I am going to give you some tips you can use to take advantage of one of the best known methods to get quality links: guest posting.

And if you don’t want to do all the work yourself, I will give you some ideas you can use if you decide to hire guest posts writers on Niabusiness.

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The benefits of guest posting for blog owners and small business owners with websites and online shops

Getting links is important if you want to rank the pages and blog posts on your site highly on search engine results pages. And guest posting is one of the best ways, known worldwide to all webmasters, to get quality links from high authority sites.

I mean, it is just doing what you already do, but on other websites. If you already write and publish content on your site, you can do the same for other sites – give them a quality piece of content and use that chance to link back to your site from within the content or in the author bio area.

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And guest posting can yield a lot of good results for and individual, a business or brand without them spending lots of money like what people spend on TV ads and radio commercials. It is a cheap but an effective way to draw traffic back to a website, to grow the authority of a domain to grow the authority of pages, resulting in more traffic – and customers.

So, that is mostly the benefit that individuals and businesses get when they use guest posting as a way to win more business, cement their brand in their niche and carve a place in search where they can be able to gain natural links – resulting in more profits from sales of products and services.

  • Guest posting can help you build relationships in your niche (create relationships that can lead to joint venture partnerships)
  • Guest posting can help you start growing your email list (if you link to a lead magnet form the posts you write for example
  • Guest posting can help you gain the initial links to push your domain / pages to a place high up in the search engines where you will start gaining natural links – pushing your pages even further up Google Search results pages.
  • Guest posting on one site in your niche can help open doors to you publishing more posts in other sites in your niche.

Buying link building / guest posting packages from agencies vs. hiring a freelance writer & someone to do outreach

So, what is the difference in service when you go to an agency to buy their guest posting packages versus hiring freelancers on your own to help you with your guest posting campaigns?

  • With packages the prices are usually fixed but with hiring a freelancer, you can negotiate a bit
  • With packages you usually get what you pay for but with a freelancer you hire yourself there can be a lot of room for experimentation (for example coming up with an angle to get high quality links from sites not related to your niche – local news sites for example)
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How to go about using freelance services to get your guest posts written and published

Here are two approaches you can take.

You can pitch other sites proposing a few titles for articles you want to write for them, wait for their email reply and see if you get any takers.

Once someone says yes, you can then take the article title you proposed and create an outline for it.

Then you can send the outline to a freelance writer here on Niabusiness.com to create the content. Once the content is written and you pay for it, you can then send it to the site you asked to contribute a guest post to. Then your article will be published with a link back to your site.

The second approach you can take is where you hire someone who can do both the outreach work (sending emails to sites asking to guest list for them) and write content / blog posts as well.

So, you can tell them the sites you want them to email (give them specific domain names or just a general niche they should focus on). You can even tell them to run some of the sites on domain authority / domain rating checking tools such as Moz and Ahrefs if you wan them to only pitch sites with certain DA / DR ratings.

Once they email a site and get a yes, they will then write a blog post and submit it to the owner / editor.

Once the first guest post is published they will just repeat the process till you have the number of backlinks that you want.

If you like you can also two different people: one to do the outreach work and the other to do the actual article writing.

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How many guest posts should you order (& how much to pay for guest posts)

The best indicator of how many guest posts you should publish is the difficulty score shown for the search term / keyword you want to rank for on your blog or website. These scores are usually shown in most keyword research tools and competition analysis tools like Ahrefs.

The scores are just approximations but they can help you figure out how many links (guest posts) you need since the data in these tools can usually tell you how many links you will need for a certain keyword to get to say page one of Google Search.

So, if you write an article on your blog, and during the research phase, learn that you will need 25 links to the article in order for it to crack the top 10 results, you will probably need 20 to 30 (guest posts) linking to your article.

If you pay 50 to 100 US Dollars per post, that will be 1000 to 1500 (or 2000 to 3000) US Dollars spent to get all that content created.

If you are just focusing on building links to your homepage (focusing on your brand name as an anchor text), you can also do the same thing.

Take a look at some of top keywords you want your site to rank for to find the approximate number of links you will need to rank on page 1 / position 1 and then start ordering and publishing guest posts to different sites in and outside your niche.

Hiring freelancers on Niabusiness to write your guest posts

To hire freelancers to help you with your guest posting campaign, check the following categories on Niabusiness.com homepage.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the ad listings in these two categories, place your ad with details about what you need help with. Placing an ad on Niabusiness is free.

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