Hire freelancers to create done-for-you Amazon affiliate niche sites

In this article, I am going to share some tips you can use to grow your income online if you already use affiliate marketing to make money. I am going to show you how hiring freelancers to create done-for-you Amazon affiliate niche sites can help you boost your income if you flip sites, sale starter sites or just run your own blog (and use affiliate links to monetize your content).

I am going to break this article into three parts. Each area will focus on how the three groups of people mentioned above can benefit from creating done-for-you sites with the help of online freelancers from Niabusiness.com.

People selling starter sites

If you run a business that sells done-for-you affiliate niche sites, you can get a lot more done if you hire freelancers to help. This is especially important when more people come through your door, and you just don’t have enough time to meet the demand.

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

Most of the businesses that sell starter sites that I have seen are usually run by teams – in-house staff and a few freelancers. So, if you want to get in the business of selling starter Amazon affiliate sites for example, you can turn to freelancers:

  • To help you conduct keyword research a d competition analysis
  • To help you turn the keywords into quality review content
  • To help you register domains, setup hosting, install SSL, install WordPress, install WordPress themes, install WordPress plugins and configure everything
  • To help you upload the content created to WordPress, to format it properly, to add relevant images and to publish the posts and pages added
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Once all these things are done, a done-for-you affiliate site is usually ready for sell.

People flipping sites

If you are flipping sites, you might also be interested in hiring freelancers to help you come up with new done-for-you starter sites:

  • To sell on marketplaces such as Flippa or various Facebook groups where sellers and buyers can buy and sell domains and site
  • To add to your portfolio, so you have more stock to sell in the future

If you don’t have large amounts of cash to buy already established sites so you can optimize them a bit before flipping them, you can use the done-for-you site route to start building up a more substantial capital base that can allow you to participate in much bigger flips.

Even if you want to outsource a portion of the site building process, you can still tap on the done-for-you sites craze / trend to quickly get a few sites up and running, flip them and invest your cash in larger assets.

People trying to build their own portfolio of niche sites from scratch

So, here is an example of someone that might want to do this. Say someone is a blogger / affiliate marketer and they already have a few successes and have read a bit about the benefits of creating and selling digital assets. This person may already have a VPS hosting account that allows add-on domains.

They may decide to start a few more sites and outsource the entire creation process to an online freelancer on sites such Niabusiness.

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So, here is what they may do. They can take 2000 US Dollars (after saving $167 per month for 12 months) and spend it on two new sites – so a thousand dollars for each site.

They can use their existing web hosting account and go to a registrar such as Namesilo or Namecheap to get .com domains registered for cheap, change the nameservers and use the add-on domain feature in cPanel to add the new domains to their hosting account.

They can then do their keyword research and settle on two niches that can be monetized by a variety of affiliate programs (Amazon Associates, ShareASale, CJ, Impact Radius, JVZoo, Rakuten, Walmart, Target, Wayfair and others). They can come up with a list of articles to be produced for each site – ten to fifteen articles for a start and hire a person to:

  • Write the content (review content mostly)
  • Build the site / install WordPress (or they can just do this themselves)
  • Format and upload the content to WordPress backend (including adding product images)
  • Verify the niche sites and blog posts on Google Search Console

Then having done their keyword research well they should be able to see some of their posts climb up the rankings in the next 6 months.

They can then then start an outreach campaign for the two sites to gain some links to some of their content.

The goal is to them earn back all the money they spent on the two sites – and then just enjoy the profits.

I know I have simplified things a bit, but this is doable. If you have the time and are not in a rush (can wait for a year or two) this can work.

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The person in the example above can make back their money and then just have two new sites in their portfolio that bring in profits every month.

The people who can do this can be affiliate marketers already making good money online (so not someone in a hurry to make more).

They can do this as a challenge – to see what works now compared to what worked a few years ago, while creating an asset that they can keep or choose to sell later down the road.

Hiring freelancers on Niabusiness for your sites

Some of the categories you will want to look into if you are interested in starter sites include:

  • The Freelance Writers / Content Creators category. Browse the ad listings in this category to find people who can write content for your site’s pages. Also find writers you can hire to write product reviews.
  • The WordPress Services for Blogs and Websites. Use this category to find contractors that can set up free SSL for your sites, install WordPress and configure themes and plugins – basically someone that can take all the site building tasks off your plate.
  • The Outreach, Link Building & SEO category. Use this category to find people to help you build the initial links to your site’s homepage. You can also get someone to help you build links to some of the inner pages in your sites.
  • The Virtual Assistant category. Browse the ad listings in this category to find someone that can upload content to your WordPress site, upload product images, format the blog posts according to your specifications and publish them.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, use the Place Ad option on Niabusiness.com to create an ad listing on the site for free. Freelancers interested in working with you will then reply to your ad.

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