Can I hire writers on Niabusiness if I run a blog in Kenya?

Niabusiness has a category solely focused on online freelancers offering content writing as a service. It is the best category clients who run blogs in Kenya can find and hire writers.

So, yes you can hire writers on if you have your own blog.

You can hire freelance writers in Kenya to do the following for your blog

Write blog posts

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You can give writers on Niabusiness a post title, an outline and a general idea of what you want the final result (content piece) to look like.

If you have done your keyword research, coming up with headlines for new articles shouldn’t be a problem. Just pick one of those keywords, create an outline and outsource the content writing bit to a freelancer here on Niabusiness.

Write product review content

If you use affiliate marketing to monetize sections of your blog, give some of the grueling work (content creation) to writers on Niabusiness.

To find writers to hire, look at the listings already added to the site or place your own ad. In the ad, share details about the kind of writer you are looking for.

To write reviews, most writers will need a title and an outline (and maybe a few links to some resources they can use to guide them when writing – articles with a similar formatting / attention to detail already published on your blog or some other site).

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If you can get them access to the product you want them to review, that could be an added bonus (this in fact is easier to do with digital products than physical products).

Write content for product pages

If you have an online shop component on your WordPress blog, you can get writers to create copy for your product pages – especially if the product isn’t something just unique to you blog or business – for example appliances, electronics, clothes, software and most items commonly found in most households.

Write email campaigns and autoresponder series

If you are spending most of your time creating content for your blog and your schedule isn’t leaving you enough room to create more engaging content for your email subscribers, outsource the writing of your emails to a writer on Niabusiness.

Work hard on creating content that brings people to your blog, and get some help putting up content (in your email marketing software of choice) that will turn new visitors to your site / new email subscribers into more engaged and loyal followers.

Create lead magnets

Hire writers to create simple downloadable guides you can make available to your email subscribers as PDF files. Get the help of writers on Niabusiness to create freebies that will entice your blog readers into subscribing to your email list.

Other things you can hire for on Niabusiness

WordPress related services. So, you will find writers that are also comfortable with WordPress – fixing common errors, installing plugins and themes, uploading content, formatting and publishing blog posts, optimizing WordPress for speed among other things.

For something even more specific – outside of writing but still touching on blogs in general – check the WordPress / WooCommerce category.

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Digital marketing and outreach. If you need help building backlinks to your blog, doing guest posts or marketing your blog in general, you can also hire freelancers on Niabusiness to help you in those areas as well.

Managing ads. To get more clicks to your blog posts, sales pages or product pages on your blog, hire freelancers here to create and manage ad campaigns for you.

These ads can be created, on your budget, on various sites such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest among other social networking sites / search engines.

What is the process of hiring a freelance writer on Niabusiness like?

Once you know what you want (have a title and outline ready, a general idea of word count and turnaround time) tap here. The link will take you to the Freelance Writers category on Niabusiness. Look at the listings already placed in that category.

Once you find one that you like, just get in touch with the freelancer. Give them more details about the tasks you want to outsource, agree on rates and then let them do the work.

It is that simple.

You create a job description.

You come to Niabusiness.

You check the freelance writing category.

You engage the freelancers behind the listings you like.

You outsource the content writing work to them.

Once you get the work from the writer, you pay them the agreed rate.

You can also choose to pay them upfront (pay them half when the work is complete).

If you don’t see a listing that specifically talks about what you have in mind, place your own ad. Doing so is free.

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Why hire a freelance blogger / writer for your blog?

  1. To take the pressure off writing blog posts in tough times for example when a loved one is sick – and you have to scale back on the time you usually spend blogging to take care of them.
  2. To get more time to create paid products (a physical product, book, ebook or online course).
  3. To spend more time building relationships with other bloggers and experts in your niche.
  4. To fill your content calendar before you take a long break from blogging – to go on holiday, or because of various family commitments or to just focus more on sales and product refinement if you are a small business owner with an online-only business or a business that exists (and serves people) both online and offline.
  5. To ramp up content production. This works really well for example when monetizing your blog with display ads (such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, AdThrive among others) and affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate, Viglinks user or by using other affiliate networks such as ShareASale, Jumia Kenya, CJ, LinkShare or JVZoo). If more content means more eyeballs (pageviews and clicks) and you don’t have enough time in your day to publish as many articles as you want, it makes perfect sense to enlist the help of freelancers to flood your blog with lots of quality content.
  6. To start your search for a content manager or editor. It makes a lot of sense hiring a writer and seeing if they’d be willing to take up more responsibilities while you focus on growing your other sites or businesses. Or launching new ones.
  7. To focus on other areas / platforms to build an audience – for example podcasting, creating videos on YouTube or even by hosting events / seminars online or offline.

To hire writers for your blog on, go here.

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