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Are you a small business, agency, publisher, website owner or blogger looking for help with content? Learn how to find freelance writers for hire online – on Niabusiness.

I will show you some of the benefits of hiring writers, give you a list of the type of content pieces you can outsource, show you how you can create a great relationship with the writers you hire and in the last section I will take you through the process of hiring a writer on

Types of content you can hire freelancers to write for you

Blog posts. So, articles you eventually upload and publish on your blog. You will find that many freelance writers are comfortable writing on a variety of topics. With a little research here and there, they can help you come up with new posts for your sites at reasonable rates.

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

PDF lead magnets. So, upgrades you give to your readers once they opt-in to your forms and become email subscribers. You can use the lead magnets to entice people coming to your site to sign up to your list to be able to access the file.

Usually, some people are just comfortable having one lead magnet displayed across all their posts in a single WordPress blog category.

But you can also hire writers to create something specific to just a few posts (say your popular posts) to build a super-targeted list. The benefit later is that your email open rates (and click through rates) will be really high from lists like these (compared to lists catering to broader interests).

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Article reviews. So, articles that go into detail about a product or service you like – something you think (or know) your users will most likely be interested in purchasing.

The articles can be about digital products or physical products.

Usually these articles can serve these specific functions:

  1. be reviews that also act as tutorials
  2. compare various products / services in a particular category (and showcase their strengths and areas where they are lacking)
  3. become income generating assets, for example when affiliate links are added to the posts
  4. create a discussion in your comments section about other people’s experiences using the product, leading to even more valuable insight that can propel your post higher up the search engine results pages.

Project proposals. So, content geared towards helping clients starting a new project (or pivoting a current project in a new direction).

Speeches. So, content pieces targeted at people who want to address a particular group of people online or offline.

Business plans. So, documents individuals and businesses can use to guide them while executing on their new idea. Documents that can help someone trying to turn an idea into a profitable enterprise, know which areas to focus on more if they want to succeed.

Amazon Kindle books. So, ebooks that are uploaded and sold on Amazon online shop. Books targeted at people consuming content via Kindle readers or the various Kindle apps available for free download.

Product descriptions. So, the actual text that would go in the page of one of the products you sell on your online shop.

For those starting businesses that are going to sell multiple items (stores with hundreds or thousands of items in ‘inventory’), writing the product pages one by one (as an individual) probably would delay launching by many weeks (or many months really).

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And that is where the writers for hire come in.

They can help you create the content you need so the launch can be set to a date much closer to today’s date.

Sales pages. So, pages where you introduce your product / service, what it does, how it does it, and how it benefits the people with the challenges you are targeting with the said product.

Emails. So, the actual text that goes in your landing pages (before someone opts in to your email list). Or the actual text that goes in your email campaigns or autoresponder series.

If you are running a free email course (as a blogger / business), you can use the services of freelancers to help you craft the emails you send automatically to your new email subscribers.

Other things freelance writes for hire can help you with include:

  • the pages you create on third party sites (author pages, profiles, podcast description among other things).
  • content repurposing and rewriting
  • academic writing: essays, term papers, journal entries

Check the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category on Niabusiness to find writers to help you in any of the areas listed above.

Building a great relationship online with your freelance writer

Going into this, you also want to make sure you do everything possible to have civil / friendly interactions with the people you reach out to to help you with your content needs. Because, what is the point of running a business when the interactions you have with potential hires lead to a corrosive working environment for you and your existing team?

So, here are some things that will help you build great relationships with the writers you hire:

  • don’t be cagy about what you want. So, give them as much detail as necessary for them to be able to deliver on you want.
  • pay well. Good rates. All writers love clients who are 100% behind the idea of meeting quality work with a good hourly rate. And even if you are paying per project (per article for example), writers like it when you pay well.
  • know their limitations. For example you will find writers that no matter what you try to do will tell you that they are only good at creating content and don’t want to involve themselves with other things (like uploading content to your WordPress backend). As long as they deliver quality content (and adhere to the deadlines you set) there is no reason to push them in directions that may lead to them feeling pressured to do things you can either do yourself (at least automate to a degree) or hire out to a VA.
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The process of hiring a freelance writer online on Niabusiness

Hiring someone on to create content for you is actually so simple.

Once you know what you want (have done your keyword research, have a title, an outline maybe, a word count in mind, similar resources the writer can use to gauge the standards you have in mind), check the ad listings in Freelance Writers / Content Creators category.

Reply to some of the listings. Chat with a few freelance writers you think would deliver well on your project.

Tell them about what you want. Tell them when you want the work completed. Tell them how much you are willing to pay.

Negotiate if necessary.

Once you are in agreement, let them do the work.

You can pay them upfront (half now, half later) or agree to only pay them after they have completed the work you outsource to them.

That is all there is to it.

Any time you have something you want to hire out, just follow the steps above.

And in case you don’t find a listing that touches specifically on what you want, you can place your own ad on Niabusiness for free – with details about what you are looking for – and then have freelance writers on the site message you.

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