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Do you know how much time you can save in a day, a week, a month or year if your website had a detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page?

Well, I will tell you this: you can save a lot of time. Time that can be channeled to other activities like getting more blog posts written (so your business can enjoy more of the benefits of inbound marketing while reducing ad spend on platforms such as Google, Facebook, radio, TV or even newspaper classifieds).

Niabusiness wants to connect you with writers that can help you craft detailed FAQ pages – pages that eventually will save you lots of time as you continue growing your business.

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If saving more time in emails with prospects sounds good to you, let’s start by answering this question.

Why have a FAQ page on your website?

To have a centralized location on your site where customers, clients and prospects can find answers to all the common questions you usually get without navigating to another page.

You can use your FAQ page to neutralize the anxieties prospects might experience before buying.

You can use your FAQ page to offer quick fixes to common (but minor) problems your customers experience when using your product. Or it can act as a mini-resource page they can go to anytime they are trying to figure out something and they can’t reach you (late at night for example).

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And then a detailed FAQ page will always link out to other pages on your site, giving your visitors more places to look for a solution to their problem before they reach out to you via email or phone.

Areas you can look to get material to add to your FAQ page.

  • Your Google Analytics account. Check the pages most people visit on your site, and more importantly the queries they type on search engines before they arrive on you site. If you see question type queries, add them to your Frequently Asked Questions page. You can even hire a writer to turn the questions into stand-alone articles (published on the blog section of your site and linked to from the FAQ page).
  • Your email inbox. Check the emails you usually send to people who inquire about your products or services. Check the replies that often follow. If you see questions in the replies that keep coming up over and over, turn those into material for your FAQ page.
  • WhatsApp messages. If you use WhatsApp to conduct business, just go in the app and read the exchanges you have had with customers and prospects in the last few days, weeks or months. If you notice questions that keep coming in most of the threads you go through that is more content for your FAQ page.
  • Revisit past phone calls. Especially the ones with clients who just dropped question after question when you were with them on the phone. Notice similarities between the calls you make or receive (when you are selling or when someone inquires more about what you do or how you can help them).
  • Conversations you or your staff often have with prospects and repeat customers. So, in-store conversations, at the counter or in the office. There is a lot that can be drawn from such conversations and turned into content for your FAQ page.
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You can later use the content on you FAQ page to:

  • Create canned responses in your live chat software. Make your customer support department more efficient by having answers to the most asked questions ready at all times. Assign keyboard shortcuts to some of these responses, so your customer support team can help prospects get all the information they need before buying from you.
  • Create chatbots on your site. This is especially important to keep people coming to your website after business hours engaged. Use the answers in your FAQ page to create engaging content that can move customers closer to the buy button and checkout pages. You can even use these on chatbots you create on Facebook Messenger.
  • Create a short video to add to your site’s homepage. While most sites publish a lot of text, you can make a quick video touching mainly on the material you have already published in your FAQ page. This is one more way to keep people coming to your site more engaged. Videos can help with time on-page and increase the likelihood of a customer sticking around and exploring various sections of you site after they are done watching the video.
  • Create emails to go with your free trial. If you are offering a service or product with a 7-day, 14-day or 30-day free trial period, your FAQ page can become an excellent resource for email headline ideas. Whenever a person who signs up for your product is stuck, they will have a few emails guiding them along. And you will spend less time going back and forth replying to messages from them. And it will be a lot easier moving them along the path to becoming a paying customer.

To hire a freelance writer for your FAQ page

Go to the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category on Niabusiness.com.

Check the listings in the category to find a contractor you can outsource the content writing work to. Finding someone who understands businesses in your niche (or one that can do some Googling and bring you back even more suggestions for your FAQ page) should be your aim.

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So, look at the listings, at the headlines, to see if there is someone already producing content for companies, websites, blogs and organizations in your niche.

For example, if you want to launch a WordPress business (selling a plugin, course, hosting or service), look for writers already producing WordPress-related content. If you are selling electronics, find someone already writing review content in this area.

Narrow in on a few writers you feel comfortable outsourcing work to and reply to their ad listings.

From there, it is just a matter of telling them what you want to accomplish and gauging if they can deliver.

You can give them links to your site, tell them more about who buys from you (what you are selling) and give them links to your social media pages (so your Instagram or Facebook page URL so they can see the kinds of comments people leave on the posts you publish on these platforms).

If there are other resources you also want them to look up, tell them about those as well. Could be pages on other websites you like (in or outside your niche), some free templates online, some pin on Pinterest or a video on YouTube.

Give them a deadline. A reasonable deadline.

Tell them how you want them to format the content.

Tell them how many words you want.

Tell them what pages on your site you want them to link to from the FAQ page.

Agree on rates – how much to pay for the content.

And then let them get to work.

Once you get back the work and are satisfied with it, publish it on your site. Accompany the text with some free images from Pixabay or Pexels or have someone do some custom graphic design work for you (check the Graphics & Designs category to find a freelancer).

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