Freelancing writing jobs in Kenya 2022: Advertise them on Niabusiness

I am calling out on all employers, companies, institutions, organizations, firms and other small businesses in Kenya with writing jobs they want to outsource to advertise them on Niabusiness.

There are people searching for freelance writing jobs in Kenya; qualified people who would be willing to help you with your content needs. Some of them come to – since it is a platform targeted at:

  1. those outsourcing work to online freelancers
  2. those looking for online jobs

Being a free platform, I would appreciate you dropping here once in awhile to create ad listings for all the freelance writing projects you have.

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

But is outsourcing really for everybody? Should all business hire freelance writers when they need content? Or can they just rely entirely:

  • On their staff (in-house team) for content?
  • On digital marketing agencies in Kenya with various content packages?
  • On advertising (to generate leads, drive traffic and grow sales)?

Well, let’s see.

How to know if you should outsource content writing to freelancers

How do I know if I won’t be wasting money hiring some writer to create content for me? How do I know if I should even hire a writer?

If you have a website you should definitely consider hiring someone to help you create content. It doesn’t have to be a lot when you are just starting. You can outsource one article per week (or every two weeks).

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By the end of one year you will have 52 (or 26) new pieces of content on your site, ranking on search engines and bringing traffic your way.

If you do this for two years, you will have 104 (or 52) pieces of content.

Now imagine how powerful that can be – if you are just targeting keywords (local search terms) Kenyans type into Google when researching products or services?

If you have seen businesses in your niche relying on content marketing to generate leads and sell more, you might want to do a little research (keyword and competition analysis) and start thinking about ways you can get content created for the keywords you want to go after.

If you spend upwards of Kenya Shillings 30,000 monthly on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You might want to start spending a similar amount (or even half of it) on inbound marketing strategies such as publishing blog posts on the top 50 or 100 questions clients or customers in your niche / industry usually ask.

If you just don’t have the time to create content to cover some of the keywords that keep popping in your Google Analytics dashboard, you are a good candidate for outsourcing. Get content created for those keywords now before you get even busier planning for the next quarter / upcoming holidays.

If you keep getting the same emails (with the same questions) over and over, it is time to turn some of them (or all of them) into blog posts and videos.

You can start by outsourcing the writing bit then focus on creating videos to accompany the articles later.

After publishing all the articles inspired by those emails, you won’t spend a lot of time replying to questions. You will just create short replies with links to the relevant blog posts on your website.

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If the blogs you frequent have inspired you to use content marketing to grow your business. Can be a Kenyan blog or some other blog owned by a similar business in places like South Africa, India, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, France or some other country I have not mentioned.

If you don’t want to rely solely on a marketing agency to help you grow your website. You may have started working with a content marketing agency / SEO agency but want to scale back on the amount of money you pay them & channel the funds in another area of your business that you think will help you increase sales – like using freelance writers to help you come up with new content to use on your site (or other sites as guest posts).

Types of content you can outsource to freelance writers

Articles – which you can publish in the blog section of your website.

Manuals and how to guides – tutorials that your clients / customers / readers can download off your site.

Landing pages – to help you increase conversions, collect more emails and help you get more qualified leads in your sales funnel.

Product descriptions – the actual text that goes into the pages of the items you add to your online shop.

Emails – one-off campaigns and multiple emails for your email sequences – especially if you use free online courses delivered by email to warm prospects before they buy. Or if you are sending regular email newsletters with company news, promotions and discounts.

Social media content – so, the actual text that you will use to update your various social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter among others).

How to hire freelance writers in Kenya on Niabusiness

Go to the Freelancer Writers / Content Creators category on homepage.

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Check the ad listings in there to find a writer you can hire.

Narrow in on a few that you think will deliver well on the task you want to outsource and reply to their ads.

Once they message you, talk to them about your needs. Talk to them about your business. Talk to them about how customers are currently finding you online and offline.

Talk to them about the top questions customers and potential clients usually ask you. Then see if they are fine taking things further.

Give them a list of titles they can work with. Or brainstorm some article ideas together.

Agree on rates – how much you will pay them.

You can pay half upfront or pay them all their monies after they complete an article.

Once they send back the work to you, and you pay them, just add it to your website / blog and publish it.

If you don’t see listings that go into detail about what you are looking for, you are welcome to place your own ad in the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category. Placing an ad on the site is free.

How much should you pay writers you hire online in Kenya (what rates seem reasonable)?

It really depends on a lot of things. But mostly what matters is that you deal with writers you hire in good faith.

If they trust you and you are honest with them, some writers will work with you even if you are paying Kenya Shillings 2000 – 5000 (US Dollars 20 – 50) for content pieces in the range of 1200 to 2500 words. But some will consider this low.

So, if the nature and size of your business can afford a budget that can pay writers more per piece of content, definitely pay more.

Look at the long term ROI (return on investment) and determine how much to pay a writer.

To place your ad for a writing job you want to outsource, click here.

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