Top categories for online freelancers in Kenya 2022

If you are wondering what freelancers for hire in Kenya are doing to make money online in 2022, today I am going to show you where they concentrate efforts to make good money daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

I am going to provide you with a list of areas that you can also:

  • get into to start making money by offering services
  • create tasks and projects that you can outsource

This post is for you:

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  • if you are new to freelancing and are wondering what you can do online to make some extra money
  • if you are just looking for more ideas that you can use to expand your side hustle
  • if you are just wondering what services freelancers on offer clients
  • if you just want to know more about some of the areas your business, startup, company or organization can start outsourcing to freelancers

If you are a contractor, client or digital agency you can sell and buy services in any of the categories listed in this article.

Freelance writing / content creation

The popular service freelancers usually offer in this category is article writing services. Clients pay the writers a hourly rate or a fixed price per article.

The services you can offer:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Headline writing
  3. Blog writing
  4. Article writing
  5. Product review writing
  6. eBook writing

These content pieces mostly end up in affiliate niche sites, blogs and websites owned by small business owners.

Virtual assistant services

In this category, freelancers usually allocate a certain amount of time every week to help the clients hiring them accomplish tasks such as:

  1. Handling email
  2. Handling customer complaints and refunds
  3. Moderating groups or communities
  4. Doing online research work
  5. Handling admin tasks (such as appointments and bookings)
  6. Formatting and uploading content to websites owned by the client or other companies.
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Graphic design, web design and logos

Freelancers offering design services usually concentrate in areas such as:

  1. Logo design
  2. Web design
  3. App design
  4. Business card design
  5. UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience) design

The designs usually end in websites, blogs, apps, stationery, packaging, software and various documents.

Sales and marketing

Freelancers usually help businesses with their online and marketing needs by doing activities that can help with:

  1. Lead generation (via ads, phone, email, live chat). Or by helping the client concentrate in one area of inbound / outbound marketing to increase sales
  2. Talking to prospects over the phone to handle objections and close sales
  3. Upselling and cross selling customers

Audio transcription, music & podcast services

In this category, clients can hire you to:

  1. Create text versions of the audio / video files they send you and turn it into a PDF or text file
  2. Upload their podcast files to storage providers such as Libsyn, Amazon Web Services or SoundCloud.
  3. Make sure their podcast content is well listed on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and similar services
  4. Create show notes / blog posts to accompany each podcast episode
  5. Do voice overs used as intros and outros in podcasts

Online shops and e-commerce services

In this category, freelance clients can hire you to help them:

  1. Launch online shops using different shopping cart software such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, ZenCart, Magento, Prestashop among others
  2. Create product descriptions to be used on their stores
  3. Optimize product pages on their store for speed, search and sales
  4. To do advertising / start ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads
  5. Fix errors on their websites and mobile apps
  6. Integrate different software with their shopping cart software (adding live chat tools, countdown timers, payment gateways & email marketing providers)
  7. Create an affiliate program for your shop

Ad management & PPC ad services

In this category, you can help clients:

  1. Start an ad campaign to build an email list, drive app downloads or increase website clicks – on Facebook or Google for example
  2. Do keyword research and launch campaigns on Google Ads
  3. Manage Facebook (ads for both Facebook and Instagram) via Business Manager
  4. Create pay per click ad campaigns on other platforms such as Bing, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
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WordPress services

In this category, clients can hire to help them:

  1. Start a WordPress blog
  2. Launch a new website on WordPress
  3. Revamp an existing site
  4. Fix errors on websites
  5. Optimize a site for speed
  6. Customize WordPress themes and plugins

Website / blog setup and migration

In this category, freelance clients may seek your help with the following:

  1. Adding SSL certificates to a domain name
  2. Pointing a domain name to nameservers provided by their hosting company
  3. Buying web hosting and installing scripts / content management systems via cPanel
  4. Backing up websites and blogs
  5. Migrating a blog or website from one web hosting company to another
  6. Restoring a site’s files
  7. Creating a business email with their domain name in it – and connecting it to tools such as Gmail / GSuite

eBooks and publishing related services

In this category clients may seek your help in the following areas;

  1. Writing lead magnets / guides to be given away to users as PDF files when they subscribe
  2. Editing and proofreading
  3. Writing Amazon Kindle books
  4. Writing manuals
  5. Ghostwriting

Online course services

Clients usually outsource the following tasks to freelancers:

  1. Creating workbooks
  2. Uploading course content to an online course platforms
  3. Creating graphics, video and audio files used in a course
  4. Managing affiliates for a course
  5. Updating a course (changing screenshots whenever the current ones used in the course material becomes outdated)

Customer care and support services

Clients can hire you to help them with the following:

  1. Manning phone lines or seats in live chat tools
  2. Responding to customer emails
  3. Helping customers choose between different packages (generally pointing customers in the right direction)

Video services

In this category, you can help clients with the following:

  1. Creating videos
  2. Editing videos
  3. Coming up with ideas for new videos (doing keyword research / competition analysis)

Bookkeeping and accounting services

In this category, clients can hire you to:

  1. Reconcile everything (transactions / expenses) for you by sending you over all the necessary documents
  2. Look at the data they have fed their accounting software of choice to make sure their books are proper and make everything ready for the tax season.
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Programming, app and web development

In this category, you can tell clients to hire you to:

  1. Develop mobile apps. So, you can work as a developer for Android or iOS
  2. Develop a software for Microsoft Windows operating system or Linux
  3. Develop an application in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby or any other languages you are proficient in.

Legal consultation and services

If you work as an advocate or if you are a lawyer, clients can hire you:

  1. To get advice on legal matters concerning sales and acquisitions (so whether they are selling assets they own / stakes in their business)
  2. To help them with incorporation (sole proprietorship, partnerships and limited liability company registration)
  3. To help them register and enforce their intellectual property rights (copyrights, patents and trademarks for example)

Social media services

In this category, clients can hire you to:

  1. Create the content they will use to update their social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest for example
  2. Update their accounts and respond to comments, reviews, mentions, retweets and direct messages
  3. To schedule content on various social media marketing tools
  4. To grow their audience on various social media platforms
  5. To moderate their community

Email marketing services

In this category, clients can hire you to:

  1. Set up an account for them with one of the many email marketing service providers
  2. Create copy for their email campaigns and sequences / funnels
  3. Optimize email copy
  4. Install and configure email opt in forms on their websites or blogs using plugins and integrate it with their email marketing of choice
  5. Come up with strategies to increase email subscription numbers and implement them

eCitizen, NTSA, KRA / taxes

In this category, clients can hire you to help them with:

  1. The various services provided by the government of Kenya on the eCitizen portal
  2. Get a KRA pin
  3. Filing tax returns (as an individual or business)

SEO, outreach and link building services

In this category, clients can hire you to:

  1. Research blogs they can write guest posts for
  2. Reach out to those sites and ask to be published
  3. Build links using different tactics (broken link building, interviews or round up posts)
  4. Handle their on-page and off-page SEO needs
  5. Do keyword research and competition analysis
  6. Create content

So, there you have it. A list of some of the top categories freelancers in Kenya concentrate on to make their income every month.

If you want even more examples for things you can do in each of the categories mentioned, head over to the Classifieds page.

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