Why you need to remember how many make money online articles you have read so far

Actually, the total doesn’t have to be exact. If you can say something like I have read around twenty or so, that is not bad. You can also go ahead and say something like, ‘I have read just a couple of them.’

If you already have an answer to ‘How many have I read so far?’ let’s look at the following:

Why did you read the make money online articles in the first place?

Sounds like a question you don’t want to answer?

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To answer this question you can ask yourself why you like make-money-online kind of articles. What makes you click and read or scan through them? I guess one answer that will top your list will be this one:

  • To make money, what else?
  • Of course, that’s the point, yes?

You could also give answers like:

  • To learn how others are doing it
  • To find something to experiment with
  • To find more ways to tweak my online money-making skills
  • To find out if what I am doing is widely accepted
  • To stay ahead of the pack
  • I just find myself reading them
  • To enable me come up with my own unique ideas of making money
  • Someone recommended them
  • I guess there is still something I am missing. May be it is hidden in one of these articles
  • I want my blog to be able to pay its own bills (hosting, premium themes, plugins, tools etc)
  • They inspire me and so on
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If your answer isn’t among the ones I have mentioned, you could share it in the comments when you are done reading.

What have you learnt so far on how to make money online in all the articles you have read so far?

Reading these articles is not a big deal.

What you learn is, and even the lessons sometimes are not a big deal.

I know that you found lots of interesting facts and opinions in the articles you have read.

When learning, two problems always arise.

There is a tendency to learn too much in a short period of time.

There is also a tendency to learn so little.

The right balance comes in when one learns to filter through the numerous articles and finding ways to avoid reading articles that look the same (though you may learn a lot from the author’s experience or take on a matter you already know).

If I asked you what you have learnt, would your answers be similar to some that have been mentioned below?

  • I have learnt that to make money online I must give something that solves another person’s problem/give something that someone would wish to have
  • Making money online takes time (could be one day, one month, four months, one and a half years or seven years)
  • I should learn how to trust others and make it easy for others to trust me
  • There is room for experiments as long as I hurt no one
  • I should be kind and learn to be ready for new opportunities
  • I should be able to adapt to changes that take place in my industry
  • I should do my best to keep my integrity intact
  • I should learn to ask questions and be confident even during bad days

If you have learnt this much, I say bravo.

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But what have you done with all the tips on making money online?

There is learning and doing.

One can decide to learn how a blender works just by reading the manual and countless articles online.

Another person can decide to read the same and then try what they have learnt by plugging the blender in a socket and putting the knowledge they have gathered to test.

Another person may decide to put the manual aside and play with the blender because:

  1. They know how it works. Maybe they had a similar blender before (meaning they are putting what they have learnt into practice)
  2. They are excited and will only resort to the manual when they are stuck (meaning they are confident that they can get the blender to work)
  3. Someone is standing next to them telling them what to do. It could be a spouse, friend, child etc. (meaning they are learning and doing at the same time)

Another person may try to use the blender, but at the slightest sign that something is not right, read the manual, try again and then give up (sounds like how most people use search engines and Wikis like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo, Wikipedia and WikiHow).

After every lesson, you can decide to do something with all the info. A lot of people do nothing – or just make half-hearted attempts.

So what should you do?

Let it be the thing that always looks so hard to achieve but brings great rewards (in form of the feeling of overcoming  a challenge, achieving the success you have read in the numerous make money online articles or just the sense of having gone through it all and emerged a winner.)

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What have you added on top of what you have already learnt about making money on the internet?

Looking back at the examples under what have you learnt so far section above, you could write a blog mission that enables you to add a personal touch to everything you have learnt.

This in turn can motivate you to implement the things you have learnt with little or no headache.

Here are a few examples:

After learning 1, 2, 3 (please refer to the what have you learnt so far section above for the examples) I have decided that:

  • I will update my blog with new articles only four times every week instead of seven and prepare a podcast during the remaining three days
  • I won’t sell my integrity for money. I won’t write a good review just to get more money. When something is bad, I’ll boldly and respectfully say so
  • I will take the time to help other bloggers with their missions
  • I will spare more time to interact with the readers and customers who come to my website and blog
  • I’ll stop harbouring the feeling that other bloggers won’t accept my guest posts. If they don’t, well and good. I’ll send another proposal
  • I will use surveys and questions to learn more about the people who pay for my products and services


Getting back to the first question (Why you need to remember how many make money online articles you have read so far?)

If you gave an answer to the ‘How many… articles have you read so far?’ I want to tell you that I was asking that question in order for you to be able to know all the questions you should answer whenever you read any make-money-online article from today onwards.

I wanted to bring this to your attention because like I mentioned in What to do when you find the make money online articles almost splitting your brain you can find yourself wasting lots of energy and time, just because you read an article telling you how to make money.

What are your thoughts? Still want your online business website, or blog to be a top earner?

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