Want to make fast money on the internet? Here are 5 quick things to remember

I want to break your heart for just one minute and then tell you what you really need to make quick, fast money on the internet, even if you have not thought about starting a business before.

I hope you are strong enough to endure the heartbreak and give us a chance to start from zero again, this time with a brain prepared to learn, work hard, be patient and enjoy a journey that leads you to what you want in the first place, albeit without taking risky shortcuts that end up getting you what you didn’t want, like: time wasted, money lost, frustration, burn out…or any other thing along this line.

Some readers key in phrases like the ones mentioned below on Google before arriving on Niabusiness.com:

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You get the idea? They want it real bad, real fast. I mean most of us do but not everyone stops to say, ‘Ahem! Now that I want some quick money or a business that generates profits like a printer that spits out money all day long, what do I need to do, to learn, to buy, to give before I get what I want – fast money?’

What fuels this is the numerous stories online of people striking it rich.

You hear stories of people who just came up with this idea, threw up a website online, made that their business and earned thousands upon thousands of dollars selling their products or services.

Doesn’t the sound of that, also want to make you jump online and be one of those lucky people who print money while sleeping? It is juicy. Real juicy.

But as I mention in the ebook, How to Start a Successful Blog, there’s always more to those stories.

The parts of the journey that stink like a pigsty.

Periods when things went haywire…when nothing seemed to work…when the shovel broke and reaching the gold seemed an impossible feat…when the dumb idea that now mints its owner thousands seemed dumber…when people laughed and wondered why they were not doing stuff normal people or people their age did…when there was this fear that was so apparent to them that they made a decision to fight with little, to no support, from those around them.

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Not so many people take the time to listen to all this. It’s not juicy. It doesn’t inspire nods, smiles and dimples.

And sometimes, this is what those looking for quick and fast money online or offline just don’t want to waste their precious little time on. Just focus on the now, the success, and everything will be alrighty, they think to themselves.

And that is disaster. Like chasing your own tail. Which you can see and almost reach – but never reach.

Today, you get no tactics or tips or strategies or some top secrets on doing this stuff from me.

Today I break your heart by walking with you back to the stinking hole that every person who wants to make money online has to climb. When I am done breaking your heart, your head will be out of the hole and suddenly things will be clear.

You’ll embrace the pains and joys of this journey more than your zeal to just reach the finish line and stand there all happy and stuff (when you start raking it in) while all these people who don’t even know your last name shower you with praise – and come to you for advice, small loans or joint ventures.

1. There is quick money to be made online if you are willing to work hard to make it

Even while I am trying to break your heart (have I succeeded yet?) I’ll be the first person to tell you that there is quick money to be made.

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You just don’t have to be quick or fast to make it quick? No, you have to. And not in the way you think. It means, you have to learn the basics, the boring stuff people just skim though, the hard things that take lots of hours to learn really well.

That is what defines fast when it comes to the game of money – investing in your knowledge. Not just racing the other drivers to see who maintains the top speed and reaches a certain destination.

2. You must be willing to give something valuable – a product for customers to buy, support or impeccable online service

Taking can be more fun than giving. But when you start giving, you’ll quickly realize that it is more fun than taking.

And you’ll start seeing these dollar signs lining up, marching into your pocket and wonder where they were all this time.

Come up with a service or a product, sell it or go the freemium route.

Even if you are going to promote what others have created as an affiliate, bonuses can do wonders for your conversions.

Again, you don’t have to do this, but you stand a greater chance of making more, fast, when you give more, even faster.

3. Forget scamming people – give them what you promise to give them

This is not a dash– to your benefit only. Yes, you want this real bad. You want to see things working for you. You are tired of waiting.

You just have your pockets wide open facing the heavens and praying for it to be filled – and even God has heard your prayer.

But you decrease your chances of making whatever amount you want to make every day, week, month, quarter or year if you take advantage of people because of their ignorance or something like that.

When they find out what you do, or did, to quickly get them to open their wallets and realize they were screwed, pray that they won’t slam the gate shut right in your face and leave your nose red and bleeding.

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Don’t lock out yourself out of this game. Play for the long term – for their benefit and yours.

When you smile looking at all these dollar signs, let them also smile knowing they got something valuable from a person who puts his honour before the money.

4. Forget about making the money immediately – in most cases it takes awhile (a few months) to start making a substantial amount of money online

If there are skills to be learned, start from there.

If you are starting a blog you plan to monetize, have strong reasons for why you are blogging.

While everyone is trying to climb from the top (is that even possible? May  be), climb from the bottom.


Listen to stories, especially the boring parts that led to someone’s success.

If you want to sell your own information products, open a membership site, create your own software, learn, from different stories, how they got the word out and got the people to buy and promote their products even without them asking.

Take a pen and paper and list down the skills you need to learn, then start investing in your education.

You can outsource a whole lot, but there are tons of posts, courses, ebooks, videos and podcasts you can access for free or pay for.

Educate yourself, however tedious or boring you may find this ‘self-taught’ thing.

5. Do something – take action to make money online

You must be having an idea you want to build your foundation on, before you jump online to explore different ways to make money, right?

Like, I want to write an ebook for those interested in having a small garden where they can grow vegetables or create an app that helps people evaluate their website’s worth…

Even if you have a million business ideas, you have to choose which one to start with.

Then get working, every dingle day, giving this thing of yours the attention it deserves (which is usually proportional to how bad you want to see your idea helping people achieve results).

Think about these five before you even rush to get step by step guides on building niche sites, increasing your blog traffic by over 500% or getting the funky plugin that will turn you into a miracle-maker.

That’s real talk, for those interested in creating things people love, things they find useful and are willing to pay for.

For this is one of the  best ways to make quick and fast money, not just once, but several times over the coming weeks, months and years online or offline.

Time to start the healing process now…can’t break your heart further.

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