3 things you can start doing today to make money online

Well there aren’t that many blogs about how to make money online, but a ton of posts have been written on the topic.

There are more posts telling you how to do it compared to the number of posts on the stories of people who read, took action and made their first dollar, thousand, ten thousand online.

So what do you do, you who want to earn an income from the effort you put online? Let’s look at a few questions that you may have asked yourself, attempt to answer them and give you something that can help you create a map that will ensure:

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  • You put more than enough effort on a clear plan that’s likely to bring home some income
  • You avoid the numerous mistakes that mar the attempts of newbies and those in the intermediate levels
  • You sow more than you reap

The questions

Why are there are many blog posts telling (and showing) people how to earn an income working online?

Because it is possible to earn an income online by selling your own products, charging for your services or getting a commission when you recommend a product or service created by someone else.

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People do actually make money online, and it seems, more people want to do the same.

If somebody can do it, you can as well. You can create something useful and make an income when someone is convinced of its usefulness that they willingly exchange their hard earned money for your creation.

These are just some of the reasons why you see lots of posts around this topic.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons why stuff like this gets published a lot. So I won’t talk about those other reasons.

Train your eyes to look for the real opportunities, for the gems hidden under mountains of rubble and then use that information to create something useful for the many people out there, at least if making money online is something you are really  keen on.

Do you start a blog? How do you start a blog and make money online from it?

Someone told you this is the fastest way to build a foundation that can ensure a future of more shillings, pounds and dollars? Oh, they didn’t tell you everything.

I have found that when you start a blog while thinking much about how you want to make lots of cash, your brain wanders a lot.

The result? Staying focused on what is actually beneficial to you and whoever you want to come to your blog becomes a big problem.

Of course, there are people who finally regain their focus and build blogs that make money. Again remember that there are lots of misconceptions about the things that you must do to your blog before it starts earning you an income.

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What you think makes a blog a big money earner may actually be pure noise entering through your ears and making you think that you are the only person in the world who doesn’t know how to start a great blog.

So? Start a blog if you want to – or better get this ebook from Niabusiness.com shop before you start one. Don’t focus on the money bit so much that you forget to do work that actually counts at the end of the day.

Do you join numerous affiliate programs in the hope of making money online – and how do you do it?

Oh, the lure of affiliate programs and how so many people confuse plastering their affiliate links on blog posts as an easy way to make money online.

It often looks like a great way to generate some quick cash without spending so much energy creating products of your own, knowing that it may or may not earn you as much as the commissions you think you are going to get every 30 or 60 days.

Actually becoming an affiliate is good, when you focus so much on the product and reaching the people who can actually benefit from it.

Take yourself away from the equation. Dial down the self-interest in you.

Think more about the people you are recommending products and services to than the commissions you are hoping to receive every 30 days.

This approach may not make you money quickly as you hoped, but it is one approach that guarantees long-term success to you, the affiliate.

The money the affiliate makes doesn’t only depend on the number of products he or she recommends but also on the honesty when dealing with himself and the people to whom he recommends the products.

How much patience do you need and how long should you persist to make money online?

More than you can give at the moment.

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Actually, you can create a new site, promote some random product on it and make a killing in 30 days or less.

That’s what many people are hoping for when they read articles on earning an income online.

It looks easy when you read them, but feels so hard when you are actually implementing what you have read.

That’s because, sometimes, these things need more time than you are willing to give them.

Don’t let months of no money lead you to take some action that suddenly derails the little tracks of success you had already firmly planted on the ground.

Build tracks that’ll enable your wagons to reach your planned destination. Then go past it. Cover more miles.

Also remember that patience isn’t the waiting for something great to happen by withholding meaningful action (not taking action that leads to achievement of the goals so dear to you).

It is the constant repetition of meaningful action that eventually pulls the great day closer, faster than the estimated dates you have penned down on some paper.

Do you just make money freelancing? How do you become a freelancer and make money online?

Well, you can start earning doing freelance work. Don’t think that it is the only way to make money online, that soon you are so much into it you forget about a big dream you cherish so much.

Freelancing is good, but only if you give your best. If you can’t do this, stay away from freelancing.

This is one of the few unwritten rules you should pay close attention to when you want to earn an income doing freelance work.

Can people buy your info products? Should you create and sell ebooks, books and online courses to make money online?

They have the money, and given the fact that they are searching for answers you can provide, you stand a chance of getting paid for your knowledge.

We’ve all heard stories about how some prefer foreign made products. This shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from writing that great how to ebook and putting it out there in the market.

Go ahead write it. You never know, people might actually pay you more than you imagined. But you won’t know until you try.

Go and implement what you have read already. Do things better by taking more focused action and being a little bit more patient.

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