Having a side hustle working as a freelancer online in Kenya

Making money, that is something everybody in Kenya is interested in. I am interested in bringing in more. And so are you. So when opportunities present themselves that can lead to more income, to more profits, then as long as the opportunity itself is legit, and everything about the process is above board, then it only makes sense to take a leap (putting in effort to see what results might accrue to us in the short, mid and long term).

Side hustling is one of those ways that Kenyans can bring in extra income. Offline, there are several things one can do to make extra money. Same thing happens online as well. There are many ways to go about making an extra Shilling.

Freelancing online as a side hustle in Kenya

One of those legit opportunities is working as a freelancer online. This is something people who have jobs can jump into. An extra one thousand here or there in a week or month can lift a lot of strain when budgeting. And jobless people, especially the youths who are unemployed (and the ones not blessed with a stable source of income yet) can get into this as well – offer services as freelancers and get paid.

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Online, on blogs or social networking sites, you might have already seen stories of people making a few thousand Shillings weekly working online as content writers – and wondered if you could ever do the same thing – do what they do to make some extra money to cushion you during hard times.

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All you need to know is yes, It is possible. It can be done. Having a side hustle as a freelancer working online in Kenya is something not beyond the grasp of many.

Writing, design, coding and other freelance jobs you can do

And for those really serious about getting work online as writers / designers / coders, this Niabusiness article has been written and published to push you to entertain possibilities you might have thought were only reserved to a few individuals – educated, tech savvy, keyboard pounding boys and girls that can put out several articles per day / create awesome designs / create amazing code.

You can actually make a good income writing just one or two articles per week – if you do your research and strictly get into this to offer clients the best. And you don’t have to write all day, everyday if you don’t want to. If you are comfortable making just a couple hundred dollars / thousands of Shillings no one is saying you must be in the same league with those putting in lots of hours daily to make 1000 US Dollars plus per month.

As for getting started, some organization and planning will make things a bit easier for you.

If you can write a sentence already, that means you can write a paragraph of two or three sentences.

If you can do this, it means you can write something someone might be interested in paying for. And then it is then just a matter of finding the clients who want to save time and have their content written by freelancers. On Niabusiness, you are encouraged as a freelancer to place an ad showing prospective freelance clients what you can offer if hired.

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If you are good with design, perhaps you have mastered Photoshop and are comfortable having someone pay you for your work, place your ad on the site showcasing your skills and results you can get potential clients.

This applies to almost everything that you might want to do online to make extra money as a freelancer. It doesn’t matter if you can help clients with bookkeeping, help clients fix errors on their website, help clients optimize their blog posts, help clients by offering online research services.

Anything you want to do, you can do.

There are people looking to tap into the skill you already have – and there are many that are willing to pay you good money for your effort.

So, again, this is a good time to look at online freelancing as one of the best things you can do to bring in more money home.

If you are still not sure about the nature of side hustle you should do if you jump onto online freelancing, browse the categories and ads listed on Niabusiness.com. Read the blog posts published on the site, join various Facebook groups – and learn as much as you can about the particular area of freelancing you want to get into. Then just jump in. See how things go.

In conclusion

Know what it is you want to offer clients as a service, educate yourself using free or paid resources, and then go out looking for that first paying customer. Once you get them, do the best you can to help them achieve the results they are after.

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As you learn by reading and by taking action, more and more opportunities will present themselves to you.
Freelancing in Kenya has lots of rewards – for those ready to take it seriously, to run things well like the owner of a profitable business would.

So, nail time management, practice your skill and get out there in front of potential clients.

In list form, do the following to start any side hustle where you work online as a freelancer:

  • Choose an area to focus on. The service you are going to render will fall here. And then be good by practicing. If you want to fix sites for clients, you have to learn to do so before you can go out there calling on people to hire you. If you want to offer writing services, get good at writing by practicing a lot.
  • Create a portfolio and make it accessible to potential clients. You can host your files on your on blog or third party sites.
  • Call attention to what is you can do. Place an ad on Niabusiness. Reach out to clients by cold emailing them – or calling them.
  • Of the people interested in working with you, choose the ones you want to work with, and do an excellent job. Offer revisions when necessary.
  • Then a client will pay you. And you become a freelancer with their first client.
  • Repeat the process above to get more clients, get more well paying work.
  • Take things as far as you want. Don’t let other people’s limitations become your own.
  • Enjoy. Have fun.

Make money. Make great connection. And create great experiences for your clients, yourself, your family and fellow Kenyans.

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