How to stop procrastinating and be successful

Want to stop procrastinating and be successful?

To no more delay action? To once for all decide to work hard and become the successful person you know you can be?


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May be?

The tips in this article will help you reduce the rate at which you put off the things that are, essentially, the building blocks of the dreams that are dear to you.

Even if you have to put things off – something which will happen throughout your life – this article will help you learn how to quickly make the right decisions concerning things to put off and things to work on now, and persistently, everyday.

Where most people go wrong when dealing with procrastination

Dealing with procrastination isn’t really about learning how to stop putting things off.

It is about learning how to do the putting off.

That can only be done when you learn how to weigh things, put them in their place and go a step further to learn how to determine what truly deserves a big chunk of your time, focus, concentration, attention and care, because, guess what, most people will always keep putting things off.

You included!

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Now, that may seem like procrastination isn’t a big deal, and that everyone procrastinates.

You might be right to think that.

But don’t channel your energy there.

Think about what happens when you learn how to use the power of putting things off, which everybody including you and me, already has, and doing the opposite of what most procrastinators do.

Doing the opposite of what most procrastinators do – and becoming successful at more of the things you do in life

Instead of continuing to delay the dreams you hold so dear to your heart, you begin, one step at a time, to embrace these dreams and learn how to put off the things that are currently stopping you from getting closer to them.

It is like continuing the cycle of procrastination, only this time, doing it smartly.

When you look closely it is, simply put, a simple path that leads you away from procrastination and its many hooks.

It is not about being perfect and getting it right in a day or a week.

And it, certainly, isn’t about giving up things left and right, now, to focus all your attention on your dreams only to revert to the old habit in less than 30 days after making the decision to give procrastination up.

It is about growth.

Steady growth.

It is about learning, through practice, how to grow out of this habit, first by teaching your brain what can and cannot be put off.

What happens when you put off things?

Good things can happen.

And bad things can happen as well.

What mostly happens depends on what you put off.

Don’t think that putting things off is such a bad, bad thing, because no matter how you love your dreams, and no matter how hard you beg procrastination to leave you alone, so that you can focus on achieving your goals and finishing your tasks faster, it is just not going to let go that easily.

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If you beg it to leave you alone, it’ll simply whisper to you, ‘Beg me again.’

If you politely ask it to part ways with you, it is going to remind you of the present pleasures you’ll miss and the pain (which is normally temporary) that you’ll endure when you part ways.

If you shout at, it is going to ask you to do it again.

If you try to forcefully evict it from your life, it’s going to wait for you, and before you even shake it off completely from your life it is going to creep back in.

If you decide to beat it out, you are going to receive more blows than you give.

If you force yourself to give little attention to your habit, it is not going to leave; it is always going to wait for you.

The best way to upset it is to upset your brain – to have it around in your life until it decides to leave you alone.

This is the smart part you’ve read about already – weighing things and giving your time to the most important of them.

This all takes time, encouragement, pain and a lot of energy.

It is simple, yes.

You know, just put off the things that are wasting your time at the moment.

Simple, right? But, not easy!

There will be days when you will be tempted to slip back to the present pleasures when the pain to get something better than what you already have now, becomes too much.

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You have to stand firm during such moments, when doubt sets in and you just don’t know how to take the next step.

I mean you can look at that sentence and see it for the cliche it is – or focus on the power of its sheer simplicity.

Not learning new tricks on time management – and wasting even more time poring over numerous resources on the internet for the secrets to stopping the habit of procrastination – but by repeating the good things you manage to do…improving, through your actions, your focus on the priorities that you know truly matter to you now and in the long term.

It is a journey, a long one and I am here to hold your hands if you agree to do your part, which starts when you decide that you are ready for your dreams and are ready to work and start walking the same path you have tried to walk before – now with someone to guide you and help you build a strong foundation.

A foundation whose top you can confidently build as many floors of dreams as you want.

Having said that, always remember this: the only person responsible for how fast or how slow you reach your goals is you. You can do this by learning, among other things, how to use your power of focus and curiosity to give more meaning to every 24 hours in your days.

Remember the most powerful thing you can learn from this post is that

…it is all about how you use the power of putting things off.

You can use it for, or against you!

Err on the side of the few procrastinators who, after realizing how this habit can disorganize and ruin their lives, put in the work and eventually emerge victorious – not for a week or a month – but continuously for years – getting better and better each day – and becoming successful persons.

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