5 things successful people do at the beginning of every month

There are many things that differentiate unsuccessful people from the persons considered successful. A bigger part of the differences stem from their actions or inactions.5 things successful people do at the beginning of every month

And below are some things you should start doing at the beginning of every month if you aren’t doing them already.

One may also argue that you should forget about the word should and consider the following five points must-dos if you want to be a successful person yourself.

I want to see you become successful.

Just getting an email from a reader saying they have been able to overcome a bad habit, become more confident, take their business to another level, got better at managing time and worked hard towards making their relationship with God better – makes me happy.

A man is not man enough if he doesn’t interact with others, take his time to know more people, learn a thing or two that will add value to his life, love people and share what he has learnt.

The same principle applies to women and children.


Time is never enough for everything we want to do.

Months come and go.

Wishes come and go.

But how many of us wish we had more time on our hands just to be able to achieve certain goals? Me? You?

This brings us to the first point of the things successful people do at the beginning of every month:

1. Become a successful person: Look at possible ways to organize your life then start implementing, bit by bit

Have you ever had so much to do—with little time on your hands that you ended up doing nothing at all (especially when you wanted to do everything at the same time)?

Look at the things that take your energy without giving back to you the equivalent (could be a big bounty!) of the energy you invest in them.

I discovered that doing several tasks or taking upon so many projects at once always left me feeling stressed, and devoid of energy and enthusiasm to tackle the next task or undertake the next project.

Doing several things at once always robbed me of my energy—and I didn’t achieve what I wanted in most cases.

This brings us to the matter of priority.

How does one go about prioritizing things?

Make a list of things you should do first.

Do them fast as you possibly can! Always give them priority.

Make another list of things you would like to do (but aren’t very important) and create time for them.

List down the possible distractions you might encounter and besides each, note how you are going to best deal with each.

Allocate time for everything you want to achieve and don’t get too much obsessed with a few things that you end up neglecting some other important things that you’ve ‘always wanted to achieve’.

If you normally take at least twenty minutes daily writing on your personal journal, don’t let a movie get in your way when that time ‘for you and your personal journal only’ comes.

Don’t promise yourself to get back to your personal journal when the movie is over. It always never works.

If you let something distract your schedule, you’ll likely be rolling with another schedule which isn’t yours. And you’ll, in most cases, hate yourself for having left distraction destruct your schedule.

Sometimes I define the word organised to mean the ability to do something you promised to do at the time you allocated for it, without letting it rob even a minute off another to-do.

2.To be successful: Find out what makes you happy (the right things that make you happy)

Sometimes we derive contentment from doing things we like doing – whether they are good or bad.

At the beginning of every month, you should come up with a list of the right things that make you happy.

Whenever I feel low, reading, biking, doing my thinking while drinking lots of cold water, writing poems, recording myself talking about life, dancing to music or writing song lyrics uplifts my spirits.

I also do these things whenever I feel worry filling my lungs, heart and mind.

I do read some of my works later on and feel good – marveling at my own creation.

I share some of my works (like this post you are reading now) here at Niabusiness.com knowing that someone will also find something that’ll add value to their life.

Beware though of things that brings you ‘happiness’ and not happiness – you know, pleasure for a moment, regret for a season!

Do things that don’t at all bring the word guilt into your mind.

Indulging in illicit sex, gossiping, watching too much TV, making fun of other people, chasing money like a hyena, showing off or consuming a lot of drugs like alcohol to get happy (i.e. numb some pains) won’t get you where you want to be in the long run.

I believe you wouldn’t want the word trouble to be your synonym for happiness.

Sometimes your intuition tells you this and that won’t bring you contentment but you choose to ignore the warnings, rush somewhere in search for happiness only to find yourself surrounded with trouble.

Find out the right things that make you happy and spend time doing them throughout the month.

3. Another tip from the lives of successful people: Find out who brings joy and happiness to your life

That may be one or all of the following:  God, your spouse, children, siblings, friends or a relative.

Be honest with yourself when making a list for ‘who brings joy and happiness to my life’.

Don’t just add a name because you feel obliged to.

Spend time with these people. Spend time studying God’s word or sharing it with others.

Come up with different ways, you and the people who bring joy and happiness to your life can also bring joy and happiness to other people’s lives.

Go ahead and do this.

You’ll reap a lot of benefits. ‘What benefits?’ you may ask.

Go out there, and you’ll find out (and please come back here and share with us).

Generosity coupled with a cheerful heart makes you strong. And enjoying your days with strength and health in your bones, that is a good thing to have.

4. To be a success: Look back – what did you do well in the past month?

Look at the goals you set for yourself last month. What did you achieve?

If you managed to save more money than you ever did at any point of your life, don’t stop there. Save even more this month – with the aim to invest and not just keep it all sitting idle in your bank account.

If you managed to rise from bed two minutes after the alarm went off in the past month, go ahead cast the two minutes aside and experiment with one minute or less. You’ll like the results that come with rising out of bed immediately your alarm goes off.

At the beginning of the month, make a list of your achievements in the past month and devote more energy towards achieving even more this month.

Don’t try to achieve everything overnight though. Remember we talked about this in point number 1 above.

Make another list of things you didn’t do well and outline things you’ll do to make improvements.

And please don’t let failure weigh you down forever (or for longer than it is necessary).

5. Be successful: Reduce the number of times you say ‘I will’. Get down to business

We humans are very good at listing things we are going to do then end up doing the opposite or doing nothing altogether.

Why? Procrastination? Because sometimes we love taking too much time planning and getting absorbed in excitement (results we are hoping to achieve) – and hating the boring part that entails DOING (the process).

So stop saying ‘I will’ and get down to business. How?

Start by finding out what happens to you in between planning and execution.

Find out what always stops you from executing your plans to completion.

Find out the kind of distractions that you usually face and the ones you are likely to meet.

Then do the obvious: come up with measures that’ll ensure you execute your plans.

If you have ideas, it’s time to get down to business. It’s not time for excuses, wishing and being lazy sitting on your behind. Life doesn’t sit lazy waiting for you to put yourself together and up your game.

If you want to stop a bad habit, don’t say: ‘I will stop smoking starting tomorrow.’ Start the journey now.


Have you heard many people (even in your family line) with big plans who died with their big plans because they always waited for tomorrow and that tomorrow turned into a week, a month, a year, a decade, a lifetime and finally a regret that was then extinguished when death came?

Can’t you just make a conscious choice to do – and stop with the wishing and hoping while you tie your own hands with the cuffs of inaction?

You already have the power in you, granted by your creator, the Almighty God, to execute on your plans, not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others as well.

So, why the constant whining and blame games?

Why the softness, when your mind and heart are capable of resilience and love?

Why the hesitation from taking action on an idea that can affect the lives of many people in a good way?

You know what? The best way to execute is to start immediately. Now.

You’ll have to gather enough strength to start doing things right at the beginning of every month.

And why should you bother doing all these things? Just to be like successful people?

The little, little things you do every month will have an impact on your New Year Resolutions.

Building your confidence from doing these things will encourage you to do even more. And affect more lives with love, solutions and your time. And that’s one way to become a really successful person in the world we live in.

What do you think? Doing any of these things already? Are you experiencing difficulties implementing the five points and thinking that this success people talk about is all but an illusion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

How to stop procrastinating and be successful

Want to stop procrastinating and be successful?How to stop procrastinating and be successful

To no more delay action? To once for all decide to work hard and become the successful person you know you can be?


May be?

The tips in this article will help you reduce the rate at which you put off the things that are, essentially, the building blocks of the dreams that are dear to you.

Even if you have to put things off – something which will happen throughout your life – this article will help you learn how to quickly make the right decisions concerning things to put off and things to work on now, and persistently, everyday.

Where most people go wrong when dealing with procrastination

Dealing with procrastination isn’t really about learning how to stop putting things off.

It is about learning how to do the putting off.

That can only be done when you learn how to weigh things, put them in their place and go a step further to learn how to determine what truly deserves a big chunk of your time, focus, concentration, attention and care, because, guess what, most people will always keep putting things off.

You included!

Now, that may seem like procrastination isn’t a big deal, and that everyone procrastinates.

You might be right to think that.

But don’t channel your energy there.

Think about what happens when you learn how to use the power of putting things off, which everybody including you and me, already has, and doing the opposite of what most procrastinators do.

Doing the opposite of what most procrastinators do – and becoming successful at more of the things you do in life

Instead of continuing to delay the dreams you hold so dear to your heart, you begin, one step at a time, to embrace these dreams and learn how to put off the things that are currently stopping you from getting closer to them.

It is like continuing the cycle of procrastination, only this time, doing it smartly.

When you look closely it is, simply put, a simple path that leads you away from procrastination and its many hooks.

It is not about being perfect and getting it right in a day or a week.

And it, certainly, isn’t about giving up things left and right, now, to focus all your attention on your dreams only to revert to the old habit in less than 30 days after making the decision to give procrastination up.

It is about growth.

Steady growth.

It is about learning, through practice, how to grow out of this habit, first by teaching your brain what can and cannot be put off.

What happens when you put off things?

Good things can happen.

And bad things can happen as well.

What mostly happens depends on what you put off.

Don’t think that putting things off is such a bad, bad thing, because no matter how you love your dreams, and no matter how hard you beg procrastination to leave you alone, so that you can focus on achieving your goals and finishing your tasks faster, it is just not going to let go that easily.

If you beg it to leave you alone, it’ll simply whisper to you, ‘Beg me again.’

If you politely ask it to part ways with you, it is going to remind you of the present pleasures you’ll miss and the pain (which is normally temporary) that you’ll endure when you part ways.

If you shout at, it is going to ask you to do it again.

If you try to forcefully evict it from your life, it’s going to wait for you, and before you even shake it off completely from your life it is going to creep back in.

If you decide to beat it out, you are going to receive more blows than you give.

If you force yourself to give little attention to your habit, it is not going to leave; it is always going to wait for you.

The best way to upset it is to upset your brain – to have it around in your life until it decides to leave you alone.

This is the smart part you’ve read about already – weighing things and giving your time to the most important of them.

This all takes time, encouragement, pain and a lot of energy.

It is simple, yes.

You know, just put off the things that are wasting your time at the moment.

Simple, right? But, not easy!

There will be days when you will be tempted to slip back to the present pleasures when the pain to get something better than what you already have now, becomes too much.

You have to stand firm during such moments, when doubt sets in and you just don’t know how to take the next step.

I mean you can look at that sentence and see it for the cliche it is – or focus on the power of its sheer simplicity.

Not learning new tricks on time management – and wasting even more time poring over numerous resources on the internet for the secrets to stopping the habit of procrastination – but by repeating the good things you manage to do…improving, through your actions, your focus on the priorities that you know truly matter to you now and in the long term.

It is a journey, a long one and I am here to hold your hands if you agree to do your part, which starts when you decide that you are ready for your dreams and are ready to work and start walking the same path you have tried to walk before – now with someone to guide you and help you build a strong foundation.

A foundation whose top you can confidently build as many floors of dreams as you want.

Having said that, always remember this: the only person responsible for how fast or how slow you reach your goals is you. You can do this by learning, among other things, how to use your power of focus and curiosity to give more meaning to every 24 hours in your days.

Remember the most powerful thing you can learn from this post is that

…it is all about how you use the power of putting things off.

You can use it for, or against you!

Err on the side of the few procrastinators who, after realizing how this habit can disorganize and ruin their lives, put in the work and eventually emerge victorious – not for a week or a month – but continuously for years – getting better and better each day – and becoming successful persons.

Want to be successful? Learn how procrastination disorganises and probably ruins your life

I took a walk around a temple called LIFE, enjoyed the company of different people but no one frightened me so much like the guy PROCRASTINATION. He looked so innocent, quiet in a corner by a very large window, a sword and shield in hand.

He looked somehow like a bully, but before I could keenly study him, he disappeared in the tall trees next to the temple, out there.

Tell me your name (first, last or middle), and probably it starts with letter P, R, O, C, R, A, S, T, I, N, A, T, I, O or N – may be a reason why most human beings are so obsessed with this guy. Joking! Let’s put this aside for the moment.

Why do many people spend time procrastinating and not working hard to become successful in life?

  1. It feels good postponing doing things we should do now to delay success and achievement. Most human beings like feeling good now than later, plus, we sometimes get obsessed with the less important things we do now so much that we can’t even let a picture of the possible consequences of our actions peep into our big brains.
  2. People do like the feeling that there’s still a lot of time for the things they regularly postpone. Most people think that there’ll be plenty of time to do what they don’t want to do now.
  3. Some people know that they are wasting time procrastinating, but keep on promising themselves that soon, their habits will change and procrastination will be gone.

Procrastination as a stranger – robbing you of success

But imagine procrastination as a stranger you meet one day in a hotel. God gives you life – say 20 more years of life in the form of an ice cream. This guy, procrastination, cracks a lot of jokes that you can’t help yourself but laugh and proclaim to the world how funny he is.

In between as you laugh and proclaim how funny he isprocrastination grabs your ice cream and lick away five years.

And the moment you decide to do away with procrastination and his jokes, regrets and wishes bombard your system already. Why?

Because  procrastination has licked away 5 out of the 20 more years of life you were given? Will you be proud of procrastination after he does that? Yes. Maybe no.

No, because you don’t know, like many people, that he’s licked away five years of your life (and he never tells you about the amount of time you loose either -just lets you find out on your own later).

You won’t acknowledge the fact that out of the 20 years you were given to live your life the right way, five were licked away by procrastination.

To add insult to injury, you may be confident enough to believe that you will be given another ice cream (read: more years to do whatever you postponed doing) to enable you do the things you didn’t do when you were supposed to do them.

It even becomes hard for you to realise that procrastination can only take away your time in return for nothing – to be proud of.

Your life is important and procrastination likes you alive than dead. Procrastination knows the right kind of jokes to crack to sweep you off the path of progress, hard work, prosperity and making right choices.

Procrastination takes your time in return for…

… a short easy life, which in actual sense is the worst kind of life to live. Why? Because, it’s filled with wishes, regrets, tears, pain, and I know this is not what you want.

Lying on the bed when you should be finishing your assignment isn’t easy life. You get to submit your work late, with lots of mistakes and there’s only one thing that always come to your mind if my work doesn’t get rejected, how many marks will I get (or lose)?

You fail to give priority to the important things in life. You get yourself in misery-land, not wonderland.

So you end up in a cycle where you give more time to less important things and give little time to things that truly matter to you and you get your eyes wet with tears.

You bang your head on the wall, curse yourself, call yourself names…sometimes you end up entertaining suicidal thoughts….

Life isn’t good without having done the things you know you should have done – but it’s better if you start now, better later than never…. Life is a sharp blade of sadness if you let procrastination take away from you things you treasure…if you let it pull you farther away from success.

Once negative thoughts get into your mind – owing to the unhappy life pushed your way by procrastination, it is easy to get yourself into more pain and trouble.

Like getting into drugs, sleeping with whoever wants to sleep with you, not treating your customers well, constantly fighting with your team and building high walls that keep profits from finding their way into your books.

The results are not things that’ll please you.

If you lock yourself in the prison of pain, it’s easy to attract more pain your way. Get help. Don’t self-destruct.

Tell procrastination you don’t enjoy his jokes anymore. Tell procrastination to hand you back your ice cream before his tongue touches it.

Tell procrastination bye forever. Tell procrastination you don’t want his company anymore.

Part ways and live the good life you know awaits you.

It may be hard parting ways. But hey, you better. Why? You don’t want to see your life ruined just by postponing one thing after the other. You want to live a good life. Life isn’t good when procrastination holds the majority shares.

Now is your time to become a better and successful person.

And just before you navigate away from this article, a few things that I would like to bring to your attention:

What’s your experience with procrastination? And how has it affected your quest to make a success of yourself?

Be successful: 5 things that will compel you to be an extraordinary performer in life

You know the saying. There are lots of almosts out there. A lot of people whose skill are rated average. And a ton more who wallow in mediocrity – in parts of the world where this is considered normal.

But then there are those people who master a skill or topic in a way that makes people wonder if geniuses are born or made. They seem incredibly successful at the things they do – whether they lead quiet lives (and prefer staying out of the limelight) or they are famous (and love being in the spotlight).

Some people have the necessary ingredients in them but they don’t have the stomach to handle the hard work that comes with being extraordinary in:

  • the way they carry themselves and how they treat others (think about those with the gift to edify, inspire and hold others accountable)
  • a skill many possess
  • school
  • showing compassion
  • starting something from the ground up and building it into something that affect the lives of many others in a good way
  • forgiving others (and themselves) and moving on – fast
  • seeing things through. Staying committed during the good and bad times and generally getting things done compared to the many who just let their dreams mix with the air flowing to who knows where
  • not following the herd – and questioning things when necessary while not being a jerk about it at the same time

Want to do the extraordinary? Want outstanding performance? Want to be a successful person? Want to be the best – and have a special way of doing something that appeals to people’s needs and wants?

The following reasons will compel you to get started immediately.

1. Sometimes your competitors will only bow when you become an extraordinary performer

What do you when your competitors are already doing something great? Do you also start a me-too thing? Do you shelve your dream? Do you start then attract losses instead of profits?

What you need to do is not to do anything ordinary.

Do ‘extra’.


Put in more hours and creativity.

Experiment. Understand what you are trying to solve. Go the extra mile…and time will come when even your competitors will unashamedly say: ‘That is extraordinary.’

And some of their customers – or whatever group of people they appeal to – will gladly turn to you to take care of their needs and wants.

2. Extraordinary performance is fun

Want to have more fun?

Why not push yourself a little and see the fruits of your ‘brains’ ripen?

Facing challenges voluntarily is fun especially when things work out.

Or even if they don’t, because there are always lessons to be learnt that can be used in the present to reach your goals faster the next time you take on a similar or different challenge.

Won’t it be exciting when something you have been working on for months or years finally work out?

Get to work till ‘incredible’ becomes the word people use to describe your performance (fruits of your labour).

Enjoy doing because enduring the challenges that come with striving for extraordinary performance has its good sides.


  • laughing at yourself when you do something silly or make some mistake – and then correct it
  • when your face lights up in excitement when you discover something new and unexpected
  • when you face your fears, focus on doing something and at the end of it all finding out that the fear you dreaded was nothing but fear – that could have easily denied you a chance to have fun using your brain had you let procrastination sway you to its dark corner of nothingness.

3. Your gifts (your pot full of talents)

I wonder what always happens when someone fails to utilize their gifts.

If you are good at something, isn’t it a good idea to polish your skills?

To make your plans a reality?

To seek more challenge – and thrive?

To solve people’s problems – for free or for profit?

I don’t see the point of having a gift but failing to do anything beneficial with it.

Is it fear that makes people sit on their gifts? Is it choice or is it the, ’I am still waiting for the right time to launch.’ attitude keeping people from unwrapping their gifts to benefit others?

If you want to know what’s in the box, you got to unwrap the gift. Not so?

Your gifts, they are like the materials you need for a new building: cement, metal, glass, wood etc.

It is up to you to decide what kind of building you build with the materials at your disposal.

The funny thing is that everyone wants that extraordinary building. But no one ever built one wishing.

God is there for us all and has blessed us immensely, even giving us the effort to make sure we do extra ordinary things.

How you are going to use the breathe in you to make your gifts (and the fruits that come from them) extraordinary is up to you.

You can squander time or build – more than ordinary – by going that extra mile.

4. Satisfaction knowing you are working towards achieving your goals

I don’t know what your goals are but I do believe that you know that sometimes the best way to work on achieving your goals is to step out of your current state and be an extra-ordinary performer.

Extra-ordinary performance is like a car’s accelerator. When used carefully, you’ll reach where you want to go in one piece.


Without causing any accidents.

Or reaching your destination with dents.

With extra-ordinary performance you get a lot of things done…done in time.

You learn to de-clutter your life.

You learn to manage stress and the pressures of life quite well.

You give attention to new challenges.

You learn more about yourself and what you are working on.

You make mistakes and learn from them.

You edge closer to your goals each passing minute.

And that’s how you get an edge over everybody else working to achieve the same goals. That is how you become successful at the things you do.

5. The lure of monetary gain

Performance begets gain.

But extra-ordinary performance attracts extra-gain.

Everything seems to be getting expensive these days. Inflation is on the rise.

More countries are getting deeper into debt. And junk is taking away the little money left over after taxes, bills and that little disposal income (note: I am not excusing the act of using money inefficiently then wishing you were making even more believing that more money is the answer to the inefficiency).

A few extra-notes (thousands, millions, billions or trillions or more) for extra-ordinary performance isn’t a bad thing as long as you lay your hands on what your performance has honestly attracted.

But you already know that it is a step in the right direction to always keep your hands off that which doesn’t belong to you.

Remember: Hard work, creativity, integrity, passion, hope, determination and love for people can easily make you an extra-ordinary performer.

What does this mean? You already have all the ingredients you need to be an extraordinary performer in your chosen field(s).

You already have what it takes to be.

So are you still going to wish or be? Are you going to put in the hard work to become a successful person in life? Are you going to do the extra-ordinary work needed to be done? Are you going to put your talents into better use – or are you just going to shelve your dreams – and just let time pass by because of this and that (excuses)?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

To become a successful person, what do I need to do better?

When I was sixteen, I could sit and think about what the word success really meant. In later years I still went on doing this. I’d sit for hours under a tree thinking.

Then I came across Jaime’s blog – and read a post she titled 25 Quotes When You Are having a Craptastic Day. The post got me thinking…hard.

I told her that I wanted to write a guest post for her blog – don’t know whether she received my message.

Her article was (and I hope still is) filled with quotes on success from people that are regarded as role-models by many people all over the world.

The quote: The road to success is always under construction by Lily Tomlin really caught my eye.

The other one was Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts by Winston Churchill. When you read her article, please let me know which quote you liked the most.

Are there good enough reasons why you should become a successful person?

Yes – if you know what you want and have a strategy to start you off for now, go ahead. Be successful. Make your dreams a reality.

  1. May be you are not contented with some of your habits. Getting rid of them will bring you contentment. I believe you want to be happy, to be a better person, right?
  2. I read in some old book some years back that the greatest achievement (success) you and me can get our hands on is to love God and other people. If anything is standing between you and achieving this great goal, find a way to get past the wall. Hit the dirt road now – and never look back.
  3. May be you are not happy with the way you live at the moment and you think that introducing some new changes in your life will do you some good.

People vs. Success

The pursuit of success sometimes can be compared to a tourist going out on an adventure alone.

He has to spend a lot of time alone walking, pitching his tent and spending more time walking, most of the times thinking about the journey ahead; and usually there aren’t a lot of people to talk to – except the people who might be living around the places where he stops to pitch his tent and spend the night before hitting the road come the next day, early before sunrise.

There are many things he’ll be scared of while out there, alone in the wild. Strange sounds in the middle of the night, darkness, fear of being attacked, fear of catching an illness.

He has to contend with two opposing voices in his head always. One telling him to pack everything and go back home and another one telling him to continue with the journey; to hold onto patience till next evening – the latter giving him assurance that things will be fine.

The problem is he never has a clue when that future (when things finally work out) will come. Sometimes thoughts like, This is just a waste of time parks truck-loads of negativity in his ‘brain-lot’.

The tourist in each of us trying to lead us to success

Some people will hit the dirt road early before sunrise everyday till they reach the place they want to go.

Some will head back home…at a point when they should have stayed on the road and just walked a few more miles to achieve a particular goal. They head back home not knowing how close they were to finding success.

So, they get back home, enjoy doing things they normally do. Then a time comes when they aren’t contented with their life anymore. They hit the road again.

Sometimes they persevere till they find success. Sometimes they head back home having achieved nothing – and how they wish luck could look in their direction!

Some will fight the fear within them and work their way to the top. Some will give up altogether and later on regret why they didn’t try harder.

What about you? Regardless of whether you have the characteristics that most people believe define success or not, you just have to walk one mile, walk a hundred more, and on top of that, walk another ten.

And if that isn’t enough yet keep walking.

I hope you get everything about the illustration I used.

Let’s break down the illustration – and see how you can apply it to your daily life

The things the tourist packs in the bag before embarking on the journey are the things we usually prepare or use to nurture our talents, improve customer care, do away with bad habits or learn something new – things we use to do the hunting.

The tourist is scared of the dark, right? There are a lot of things we’re scared of when we start scratching the earth for success – think about fear of failure, facing people who are opposed to our ideas, not being sure whether the risk we’ve taken won’t chew all the money in our bank accounts before we achieve anything substantial, self-doubt, lack of confidence in our ability to do things the way we feel they should be done , fear of making mistakes, spending a lot of time pursuing this thing called success – which always is kind of boring to many, fear of trusting that voice which always tell us to stay on and fight, among other things.

The tent – that’s where we should rest as we lay out better strategies or fine-tune the ones we already have. It’s good to get a biography or autobiography and mull over the events, that is, at moments when we just want something to boost our confidence.

To keep us going.

To keep us inspired and ready to do the hard work every single day, knowing that shortcuts leads only to temporary gains and long time pain.

Success lies somewhere in the future but always has a connection to the present. If you stay on the dirt road, walking, trying at all times to never loose your focus you’ll meet her.

Don’t just be talented at starting things. Stretch your talent to being able to accomplish what you have started – and always devote some of your energy towards ensuring you do just that.

What about the people that helps the tourist? They can be compared to the people around you – members of your family, friends and even strangers who care about you and are ready to help you.

Sieve all the advice that is thrown your way and reasonably make decisions that will help you when ‘that voice’ tells you, you are just another loser wasting time.

Even if you fail once, twice, thrice or seventy seven times, there are still chances for you…to get things right.

To end this post, let’s look at a few things you can do starting now become a successful person

You already know that water is essential to human life but if not handled well can lead to harm. I would like to highlight this one point first: When you become successful (or when you start experiencing mild success), please don’t discriminate on silly grounds like race, age, social status, sex, IQ etc. Just like water serves every human being, without discrimination, let your success (and actions) benefit others too.

Do you know the struggle water has to endure to get to the ocean from the water towers inside some thick forest? Our pursuit for success should be just that enduring. We have to endure the long trips. Have a clear picture of where you are headed first. Then start your journey. Fast or slow.

Success has no finish line, so you’ll have to push past the obstacles that come your way. The struggle is never over. You can’t wake up one day and say: ‘I’m successful enough.’ When success to you means becoming a better person, the journey never ends till the day you hear, ‘May his (her) soul rest in peace.’

Water is almost accessible to every human being. And where it is not accessible, some will struggle to get it. And they eventually enjoy the fruits of their struggle when water touches their dry lips. Likewise, success is accessible to every human being. Chase it, for the right reasons, and you’ll be glad you did.

Success may be like raging floods. Be careful. Handling success is not one of the easiest things to do. It will be embarrassing (or demeaning) when you sit somewhere ‘in the comfort of your success’, when the way you conduct yourself is a nightmare to people out there.

Enjoy yourself but not at the expense of others. Let your water flow on the river bed. Don’t let the it overtake cars on the highway. Let the water stay, where it is meant to be.

When you buy a bottle of mineral water and pour it into a glass does the water say, ‘…for your information, I like it here inside the bottle…I don’t like being in glasses…’ I don’t know, it might. But is that a reason for us to listen to it and obey? No.

We have control over it. We decide whether we want to pour it into a mug, a beaker or a flask. Likewise you can become successful in any field you are passionate about (when hard work accompanies passion).

If I want to be a successful mathematician, I’ll definitely be successful as long as I get my math formula and the answers right (on top of constant practice).

If I want to be a successful marketer, success won’t say to me, ‘…you know what…I don’t like this field…you are on your own dreamer. Get in touch with me when you ditch marketing.’ With hard work, my wish should be its command.

Remember water can be solid, liquid or gaseous? Success is like that too. What I mean is that there is no one clear picture of what success is. You can’t say it is blue without hearing someone shout, ‘Noooooooooooo! It’s black.’

Success may be blue in colour alright. But to a young girl named Felicity, it might be light blue. To Churchill, it may be green. And as long as you find the right definition of what success is to you it will be alright.

Stick to what works for you. If you prefer the liquid to the gaseous or solid state, no problem – so long as what you are doing is right.

Just like everyone needs water to stay alive and healthy, your success should be geared towards the same goal. Let it hydrate life. Let success make you a better person. Don’t take too much of it that you end up intoxicated. Take the right measure.

Take 2.5 litres of success daily.

Without water, there could be no life on this planet. Without success diseases could have possibly wiped out the entire earth population. Without success and struggle by leaders from different parts of the globe, the earth could be a slave to more inhumane ways.

And oh, we use water to clean dirty things. We use water to bathe, shower, wash our hands and clothes etc. It can be used to clean the ills in the society.

Success doesn’t always equate to more money. It is that struggle we put to become better people. It is when we win battles that at the end add value to the lives of people close to us as well as those far away.

Water makes music. Probably you have heard the music made by the waves if you’ve been to a beach. We listen to music when we are low to uplift our spirits.

Real success is not monotonous. It is there for you when you feel low. It doesn’t suck all your energy and force you into saying, ‘I cannot do this anymore.’

Just remember that there are always lots of fruits that come with it.

But good things hardly ever come easy. Start by putting into good use the time you have, lest procrastination steal a big chunk of it from you.

What do you say? Share your tips, personal experiences or anything you are going to do (in regards to life and success) after reading this post in the comments section below.