Hire freelance graphic designers to create banner for websites & blogs

If you run a website, a blog or just use various free platforms online for personal or businesses reasons, you will find that the best way (sometimes) to get attention is to add some visual elements in your work / updates.

There are statistics out there that show that even blog posts that have images get more engagement than blog posts without images.

And on social media, when people are busy scrolling through their news feeds, they will mostly stop whenever they see some image that is appealing to them.

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Now, you can use images / banners in your work to get those few precious seconds to get people to pay attention to your message – to have something that give people a reason to look at the text (content) you agonize to produce on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

In this post, I am going to show you how you can take advantage of the freelance services offered by graphic designers on Niabusiness to create banners that you can use in many places online (on your site, social networking sites and ad networks).

What kinds of banners / images can you hire a freelance designer to create for you

You can hire freelance graphic designers to create banner ads to be used in the following areas:

Banners to be used on email sign up forms. If use a plugin like MailMunch, Thrive Leads or OptinMonster to create your email opt-in boxes, instead of using all text in the form / box, you can get someone to create a banner that is related to the copy used in the form.

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Banners to be used in your site’s sidebar to promote in-house offers. Since a lot of people are used to seeing image ads on websites and blogs, you can hire a designer to create a banner similar to some of these ads and place it on your site’s sidebar.

Then instead of the banner linking to an external webpage (like in most ads), you can use the banner to link to an internal page (a product page or landing page for one of your services for example).

Banner to be used for direct ad deals. If you sell advertising space on your blog / website and find a client willing to pay a monthly fee you can create a banner ad for them and then use a plugin like Ad Inserter or Advanced Ads to show it in the following areas on your site:

  • The sidebar area (right, left or in the footer)
  • On your blog posts (at the top, in the middle or at the end of your posts)

Banners to be used inside articles to link to other pages. On Niabusiness.com for example, I use three banners on each blog post (they are inserted automatically on every new post I publish using the Ad Inserter plugin).

Since people can skip over text links, I use these three banners to also link to some of the top pages on my site (Sign Up pages and the Tools & Resources page).

It is really hard for people reading the blog posts to miss these. So, you can hire a designer to create banners you can use in your posts to link to other important sections / webpages on your site.

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Banners to be used as feature images. If you don’t want to always rely on free and paid images from stock photo websites, you can hire a designer to create custom images / banners for some of your popular posts.

Or go the route some bloggers have taken and create a unique image / banner for every new post you publish to your blog.

Banners to be used on your social media handles. All the major brands have banners they just use on their social media accounts.

They will usually do their best to accompany some of their Twitter updates (tweets) and Facebook updates with original images.

If you want the same for your social media accounts, you can get a designer on Niabusiness to help you create some.

Banners to be used by marketers joining your affiliate program. If you have your online shop, you might want to start your own affiliate program. And for that, you will need some graphics / banners your affiliates will be able to use in their content when mentioning / linking back to the products in your store.

If your business is going to use affiliate networks such as ShareASale or CJ, you will also have to create some graphics / banners of different sizes that your affiliates can use on their blogs / content when promoting a service or product of yours.

Some of the banner sizes you might want a freelance designer to create for you will be:

  • 125 by 125 pixel banners (little square banners)
  • 336 by 280 pixel banners (large rectangle banners)
  • 300 by 600 pixel banners (large skyscraper banners)
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Banners to be used in ad networks. If you are using paid ads to get leads, drive traffic to your website, or increase sales of a product or service, you will often use text, image and video ads in your campaigns.

If you are going to run image ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other ad networks out there, you can hire freelance web designers to create images that you can to advertise your products and services.

Some of the popular banner ad dimensions you may order from a designer will be the large rectangle banners (336 by 280 pixels).

If you also want something unique for your Facebook Ads (if you don’t want to use the free stock photos they provide to advertisers), you can hire a designer for some custom work – and then upload the banner to Facebook when creating your ad campaign.

You can also hire a freelancer to create graphics / images / banners you can use as your Facebook cover, Facebook app ad, WhatsApp story, social media post, Twitter post, Twitter header, Tumblr graphic, YouTube thumbnail, YouTube channel art, Pinterest pin, LinkedIn banner, Tumblr banner, Twitch banner, SoundCloud banner, blog banner, email header, coupon, blog graphic, media kit, Etsy shop icon, Etsy shop cover, Facebook ad, Instagram ad, large rectangle ad, leaderboard ad, wide skyscraper ad or medium rectangle ad.

Check the Graphics, Design & Logos category on Niabusiness Classifieds page to find graphic designers you can outsource work to. Browse through the ad listings in the category and reply to some of the ads. You can also place an ad on Niabusiness for free with details about what you need help with.

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