Hire voice over artists in Kenya working online as freelancers

Want to hire voice over artists in Kenya? Someone who can provide a voice you can use in your projects? Read on to learn more.

Tasks and projects voice over artists can help you with


You can get a voice over artist to create the audio file you will use in your podcast intros and outros. If you listen to podcasts a lot, you have noticed some where the host plays some jingle / instrumental while someone (voice over artist) gives a quick intro – who they are and a reminder of what the show is about (what you get when you listen).

And then host jumps in right after, welcoming you and telling you what that particular episode is going to be about. These intros, if done right, can draw in your listeners, give you a few seconds to convince them to keep listening.

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If it is someone who has listened to one of your podcast episodes before the intros just create a sense of familiarity – which is great when building your own personal brand online where almost all niches are already inundated with content (articles, video, books and audio).

Video intros and outros

I see this a lot on some big channels on YouTube. Channels that add intros and outros asking readers to give the video a thumbs up, but most importantly to subscribe and check the box next to the bell icon.

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So, if you are thinking of pursuing a video strategy (to grow your audience / get leads) you might want to bring in someone to do a catchy intro and outros that you can then use on all your videos. Your numbers will go up.


You can also get a voice over artist to help you create an ad to help you with your marketing activities online and offline. You can use your ad on Google Ad Network for example (like the ads you usually see on YouTube videos) or use them on Facebook Ad Network (videos usually shown as Sponsored on users news feeds).

Or you can air the ads on local radio stations or TV stations. If you like, the commercial you create can be used just in your establishments. You see this in places like bank halls for example (on the various TV screens they mount to their walls). If you run a business where people come in and spend quite awhile in the lobby, you might also try something similar. It is subtle to encourage extra purchases without really being pushy.


If you create online courses for example but don’t want to use your own voice for some of the audio files and videos, you might want to consider hiring and paying a voice over artist to help you make your course more engaging.

Television shows

You can get someone to provide a voice to be used in the actual show. Or hire someone to provide the voice to be used in a teaser (for example trailers published by studios for upcoming TV series).

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Music / Songs

For example bringing, comedians that also offer voice over services to add their voice to a song you are working. If you are a musician (a singer or rapper) you can bring in somebody like this to help you create a catchy tune – not that it is a requirement.


For example someone that can narrate a story like they do in nature films, or those documentaries about crime, sports documentaries, documentaries on politics, history documentaries and the like.


For example, bringing in someone to help your animation studio accompany the animations you make with just the right voice.

So, whether you are creating full-length animation films or you just create funny clips (and series) for your own YouTube channel, getting a voice artist can help your content get more views / sales.


For example if you are creating an educational app targeted at children, your app can benefit from bringing someone that can speak in a way that your audience will just fall in love.

Video games

For example, getting different people to do the voices for the different characters in your game. If you are a studio developing games (for Google Android platform, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows operating system, Wii, Xbox or PlayStation) hiring talented voice over artists will become an essential part of your business.


So, for example, getting someone to narrate the content of your book or ebook. If you are pursuing a strategies that can help you win more readers, you might want to look at hiring a voice over artist to help you if you don’t want to use your own voice for the narration.

Who should hire voice over artists?

Movie studios. So, businesses producing short films and full-length movies in different genres.

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Music studios. So, businesses providing studio recording and production services to musicians, businesses, organizations and government bodies.

Small businesses. So, businesses that want to create commercials, or just want to bring in a voice over artist to help them with their videos, documentation / tutorials or online courses.

Podcasters. So, individuals and businesses looking for people to help them create podcast intros and outros.

YouTubers. So, individuals publishing video content on YouTube that may want someone to help spice up their channels a bit with video introductions.

Agencies. So, businesses that help other businesses outsource some of their needs in areas such as marketing / packaging / design / advertising.

Media houses. So, businesses running media outlets. Could be traditional TV stations, newspaper & magazine publishers, radio operators, online media publishers or entities that run a hybrid of all these things.

Book publishers. So, businesses that publish fiction and nonfiction literature. Could be businesses publishing novels, textbooks or revision guides – that need audio versions to accompany their books.

The process of hiring a voice over artists on Niabusiness

To hire a voice over artist on Niabusiness.com, check this category: Audio transcription, music & podcast services.

Check the ad listings in that category. Once you find someone you would like to work with, click on their ad and hit the reply button to message them the details about what you need help.

Ask to see their portfolio (audio samples). Or ask for their experience. Or both.

If they are up for the task, tell them about your budget, agree on a deadline, and let them get to work.

Pay them when they complete the work.

If you don’t see a listing that specifically talks about what you are looking for in the Audio / Music & Podcast category, place your own ad on the site. To place an ad is free.

Just create a title and in the description area, provide details about what you are looking for.

Once your ad is approved, people who see your ad and are interested in working with you will contact you.

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