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If you create any kind of content online or offline – or if you deal with lots of content created by others – there might come a time when you might want help turning a piece of content in your possession (text, audio or video) from one language to another for your own benefit or for the benefit of other parties you work for or work with.

In this article I am going to show you some of the things you can achieve as an individual, business or organization when you hire freelance translators on Niabusiness Classifieds.

What you can hire freelancers to translate for you

Poems. As an individual, these could be your own collection of poems. As a publisher, it can be a poem you might want to use in one of your collections or textbooks.

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Short stories. Again, individuals using self-publishing as a way to make a living, can have their short stories translated so they can sell and distribute their ebooks in other markets that don’t necessarily speak the language they used to write their original works.

Traditional publishers can also hire translators to turn the short story anthologies that they publish into other languages – for sale in different markets (for example having English short stories translated into French, Spanish and German for to capture the markets / sales in France, Spain and Germany).

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Articles / blog posts. For bloggers who don’t want to rely on auto-translate tools such as Google Translate can get actual human translators working as freelancers to translate their work into another language.

In fact even big corporations / multinationals can hire freelancers to translate the content already published on one of their websites (say an English site targeted at Kenya) for a new site they launch in Madagascar / Congo / Senegal / Seychelles / Cameroon (African countries where French is spoken).

Legal documents. A court or law firm can turn to freelancers to translate legal documents into another language if one of the parties (parties to a suit) doesn’t speak / understand the official languages in Kenya (English and Kiswahili).

eBooks. Publishers and self-published authors can also turn to freelance translators to help them turn their English ebook editions on Amazon.com (US) into ebooks for Amazon websites and customers in other countries such as France, Japan, Spain or Turkey.

Audio recordings. There are so many uses for this. Individuals and businesses can record something at an event or meeting the hire someone to translate the recording to another language for parties interested in the content of the recording that may not understand the original language used when the record was first.

So, something similar to laying over a voice translation over the original audio recording like they do with summits at the UN or some of the recordings used on BBC Radio, NTV, Citizen TV or KTN. Or recordings similar to interviews that some producers use in documentaries made in a language different to that of their intended audience.

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Advertisements. So, the written and spoken words used in an ad in one territory being translated by a freelancer for an audience in a different territory / country.

Websites and apps. If you run a SaaS (software as a service) business and have customers from different countries visiting your site and showing interest in your service, you can hire freelance translators to help you make your site available in other languages for your users coming these other countries.

If you also have an app on Google Play Store, Microsoft Windows Store or Apple iOs, you can hire someone to translate its content for Android, Microsoft and Apple users in countries that speak other languages. You can also do this with software you create as a startup if you are selling to Windows 10 users from countries speaking different languages.

Manuals. If you sell a product that comes with a User Guide in the box, you can hire someone to create a translation of the guide once you start toying with plans of making your product available to customers and clients in other territories that don’t speak your language.

Why hire freelancers to translate your work to other languages

There are many reasons to get your work translated. Some of the top reasons are:

So, you can reach more people with your message. For example, if you run a popular English blog, you can hire a translator to help you create a French version of your blog with a .fr extension for French speaking audience in and outside France.

So, you can make more money by using language translation as a way to unlock markets that were previously inaccessible to you because of language barrier. You can do this with most digital products, physical products and even books.

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So, you can get your work made accessible in another language you are interested in without having to spend many months having to learn a new language yourself. For example, if you create a fiction or nonfiction work in Luo, you can simply hire someone to translate it to Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Luhya or Swahili.

How to hire translators on Niabusiness

Once you have the file you want to be translated, go to Niabusiness Classifieds page and check the category named General.

Browse through the ad listings to find someone that is proficient in both languages that you are interested in.

Reply to some of the ads you find there and wait for the freelancers to message you.

Once they do, you can go into more detail about what you need help with. If it is an article you want to be translated, send it over to them once they tell you they can help and you agree on how much to pay them. If it is a video or audio recording, ask if they would be able to record their own voice translating the work you sent them (or just turn into text).

If they are okay with that, send them a link to the audio file (it it is a video / audio on YouTube or Google Drive) and let them get to work once you agree on a deadline and how much to pay them.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, place an ad with details about what you need help with on Niabusiness Classifieds. Placing an ad on the site is free.

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