Hire freelancers to design ebook covers

More and more people are getting into publishing than at any time in history.

The internet, ebook readers and reading apps (on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) has made it so easy to find, download (buy) and consume content in ebooks.

And where the tide goes, an explosion, such as the meteoric rise in the number of ebooks being published every month, usually occurs. With widespread adoption of ebooks as a way to consume content, lots of companies have been created just to help individuals make their ebooks ready for the market.

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It is not just authors looking for help with the publishing process. Now more and more businesses are also getting into publishing as a way to generate more leads, help their customers and to keep the people that interact with their brands to spend more time getting to know more about what they do.

One of the content formats they use to do this is ebooks – or small guides and manuals that they give freely to their readers / prospects and customers. Some also create ebooks that they sell on their own websites or on platforms such Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

With the explosion in self-publishing, creators of ebooks are always looking for help designing stunning covers for their ebooks. There are so many people who are good at creating content but acknowledge their lack of skills when it comes to designing covers.

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And since ebooks are generally seen as more high value compared to blog posts, you will find that many creators turn to freelancers online to get their ebook covers designed.

In this post I will tell you more about the benefits of hiring a designer for your project and then show you the process you need to follow to hire someone on Niabusiness.com.

Who should hire freelancers to design ebook covers for them

Fiction and nonfiction authors. So, anyone that writes children stories, biographies, revision textbooks, young adult fiction, novels or nonfiction on work-related topics, relationships, business, leadership among others. Authors can request covers they can use on Amazon KDP / CreateSpace, Smashwords, Apple Books, Scribd, Kobo among other platforms.

Bloggers. So, anyone that has a site on a specific topic (niche) where they publish content regularly. If they use content upgrades / lead magnets to entice readers to subscribe to their email lists, they may want to hire ebook cover designers. If they also want to create an ebook for sale on the same topic as the one they blog about, they can also hire someone to create a cover for their ebook.

Small business owners. So, businesses with websites and blogs which they use for lead generation. For example, businesses that use ebooks / guides / whitepapers / manuals to get the contact information (name, email and phone number mostly) of people visiting their sites.

Publishers. So, traditional publishers still publishing paperbacks and hard cover books. And publishers that just publish ebooks only.

Agencies. So, businesses that help other businesses get more out of content marketing such as SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies and content writing agencies. They can help their clients get both the content they need and well-designed covers to go with the content.

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The benefits of hiring a designer for your ebook cover

You get the benefit of having something stunning created without labouring online, wasting a lot of time, trying to learn how to do it yourself. If you are a business owner, the number of hours you save when you outsource your ebook cover creation will result in more income / profits if you channel it to activities such as sales.

So, when you are in a position where it makes business / financial sense to not spend your time creating an ebook cover yourself, outsourcing will usually save you a lot of hours / frustrations / headaches.

You also get another benefit when you outsource your ebook cover creation to freelancers: You get to take advantage of the software they have without paying for the software yourself.

So, if you don’t want to buy a license for Adobe Photoshop (and then learn it before you can design a cover for your ebook), you can simply outsource your needs to a freelancer and still end up benefiting from such powerful design tool such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Plus most competent ebook cover designers will know what works well (for different markets and ebook genres). They can guide you through the process before they even start the design work, increasing your chances of receiving a great cover once they complete their work.

So, you want to outsource your ebook cover creation to freelancers for these reasons:

  • To access a skill you don’t have. To get a great final outcome while leaving everything else in the hands of the pros.
  • To access tools and software you won’t be using frequently. Designing an ebook cover will probably be a just one time thing. You won’t need to pay for a software license before you can get a cover made.
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The process of hiring a freelancer on Niabusiness to design your ebook cover

To start your search for a designer, go to the Niabusiness Classifieds page and check the ad listings in the Graphics, Design & Logos category.

Look for people that mention ebook cover design as one of their skill set.

Reply to their ads, telling them that you would like to hire them to create an ebook cover for you.

When they message you back, give them more details about what you need help with.

Tell them about the ebook, the genre, the title, the image / emotion you want it to evoke in readers’ / buyers’ minds.

Also ask for examples of some of their past design works.

Then outsource the work to them. Once they are finished, they will send you the files back to you and then you can pay them the amount you two agreed on.

Other things that might help you when you are looking for someone to hire, are these questions:

Will you supply any images to be used on the ebook cover? Will you want them to include the headline and a subheading on the cover? Will you want them to include your name as the author or add your website address (or create two different versions)? Will you want the cover in 2D, 3D or both? If they are designing the cover in Photoshop, will you also want the .PSD files of your covers along with the PNG / JPG / JPEG file versions of your ebook cover? If the ebook is also going to have a print edition, will you also need them to design the spine, back cover on top of creating the front cover?

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