In this page you will find details about different online courses covering a variety of topics and catering to various needs. In the list below, you will find the name of each course, a short description for each and a link to a page with more details about each course.

So, if you are interested in an e-course below, after reading the summary below, simply click the learn more link. You will find even more details about the course – and in the same page, you’ll also be presented with an option to purchase the course – if it is not a free eCourse.

Now that that is out of the way, there is one thing really really wants you to pay attention to. Here it is in bold: enroll for a course only if you need it … if you know how the course fits in the transformation you want or the problem you want to solve.

Buy a course only if you know you are going to take action. If you can’t do this, don’t waste your money. Even for the free courses available on the website, only enroll if you are ready to take action otherwise you are just wasting your time and the resources or gifts tied to it.

Don’t buy a course sold on if you can’t meet the conditions

Translation: don’t buy a course from if you are just going to let it sit and do nothing with it. If you are not going to take action; if you are simply going to let the course gather dust as you shift your focus to other things, don’t buy a course from Niabusiness.

Keep your money – because you are not ready! Wait till you are ready to commit your time to learn the material in the courses. Committing money (a course’s purchase price) isn’t enough in ensuring you get the results you want.

The online courses sells requires a lot of action, commitment and hard work on your part to realize the benefits and results each course presents you.

On top of that, you will need a lot of patience, perseverance, continuous effort and sensibility to keep working on and achieving your goals – both in the short term and in the long term.

If you can do whatever a Niabusiness course covers without enrolling for the said course or paying for it, so be it. No need to waste time or money on something you are confident on doing well without a little help.

If you see the value a Niabusiness online course can add to your life though – and are ready to take action and implement the things taught in the said course – by all means enroll for the course. I mean if you see the value and are ready and willing to put in the work – with a little help from Niabusiness – that’s a good thing.

Enroll for these free courses

Buy these paid courses

How to Start a Successful Blog online course

This is a blogging course aimed at individuals, businesses, freelancers and online business builders. It has a step-by-step guide on choosing a niche, doing keyword research, installing WordPress, posting articles, promoting content and much more.

It shows beginner, seasoned and pro bloggers ways to start and grow their blog businesses. It shows you how to grow your blog – and how to use your blog to achieve different aims for example by using it to promote your products, services, content, ideas, story, brand or message.

It is a course that also comes with a PDF guide you can keep referencing as you start and grow your blog.

The course equips you with the steps, tips, strategies and how-to tutorials to help you build a successful blog.

The course teaches you how to become a successful blogger at your pace blogging on the topics that interests you.

Need help starting or growing your blog? Then learn more about the course | Sign up to promote the course as an affiliate | Find more details of the paid ebook related to this course | Check blog posts related to this blogging online course before you buy | Check out tools, resources and recommendations related to what this course teaches. Buy the Course.

A note about the pricing of paid online courses

Some people say courses are expensive.

But are they really?

Look at Niabusiness courses in comparison with some of the things you have purchased in your life and you’ll realize one thing.

What matters when you are making a purchase is what the thing that you buy gets you.

Your smartphone, car, laptop, university degree, college diploma, furniture, jewelry, accessories, tools, devices, software, hardware, clothes, insurance or whatever it is you’ve bought that you hold dear, regardless if it’s cheap or expensive, it represents something to you.

Something you were willing to spend money to get.

Niabusiness courses represent certain results as well.

If you want said results you can opt to enroll for a free course or a course on sale.

It’s up to you to make up your mind whether you need the results represented by the various courses on sale or not.

If you don’t need the results, or have alternative ways to achieve them then there is no need to buy a Niabusiness course. You are better off that way and your money is best spent or invested in something else that aligns with your life’s goals.

So, look at Niabusiness courses from a value perspective.

The money you spend on a product, course or service that adds immense value to your life is usually worth it regardless of it costs US$ 5, 10, 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000 or even 20000+ dollars.

The value it adds to your life usually outweighs the cost of the product – but that’s only if you are sure you need the product and decide to become fully committed to get more out of it – usually by taking lots of action to achieve the results you are after.

If you think a Niabusiness course is expensive to you, ask yourself if you really need the course (what it offers) in the first place.

If you do, you have the option to save and then buy or to find a means to purchase the course outright today.

There are great lessons related to this issue if you look at the history of some of your purchases (the expensive and the cheap ones).

When you look at courses from a value perspective, the question then shifts from it’s expensive to I’m coming up with the money to buy this because I know the value I will get from it will outweigh what Niabusiness charges.

Another thing you can also do when you think a course sold on Niabusiness is expensive, is to divide the total purchase price by the number of days in a month, number of days in a year, or the number of weeks in a year and then commit to save a certain amount of money in a given duration and use the total to make your purchase when you are ready.

Here’s an example. Say you want to put aside some money to buy a 250 dollar course, here are the amounts you’ll need to save to reach your target of $250 and finally make your purchase.

US$ 250 divide by 30 days – you’ll need to save around $9 each day for 30 days.

$250 divide by 365 days – you’ll need to patiently and consistently save around 70 cents each day (less than a dollar a day) for 365 days.

$250 divide by 52 weeks – you’ll need to save around 5 dollars each week for 52 weeks.

So, organize your finances however you see fit and only buy a course from Niabusiness when you truly need it – and when you are ready to put in the work.

Note that the example above is just a way to show you a feasible way to come up with the money for a given online course – an alternative to just throwing your hands in the air exclaiming how expensive something is and denying yourself the opportunity to reap the benefits that said thing offers.

Join Niabusiness affiliate program to promote the online courses listed above and make money

Joining Niabusiness affiliate programs is free. If you see a course, listed above, that you’d like to promote to your audience in exchange for a percentage of the course price, paid to you as a commission once you sign up to Niabusiness affiliate program, checkout the following articles to learn more:

  1. A list of all affiliate programs, a summary of each and how to join.
  2. How to promote products and services sold by once you join the site’s affiliate program.
  3. How to find affiliate programs to join and products and services to promote on your blog.

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