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You’d like to help reach more customers that need the products and services listed on the site and make money doing that in 2022, 2023 and beyond? Glad to have you here.

Below you will learn how to join Niabusiness affiliate program, get your affiliate link, use it to promote products and services sold on the site and get paid, in Kenyan Shillings, to your Safaricom M-PESA account (or in USD to your PayPal account).

The affiliate program has been created to enable you partner with to reach more people who can benefit from the products Niabusiness sells.

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

For every person you refer that buys any of the products tied to the affiliate program, you get a 30% commission – on each sale referred.

What are you going to promote as an affiliate?

For now, you can only promote all or any of the online shop products and services here. will let you know of any new products or services that you can promote when they are made available.

[check current products and services to promote]

How do you promote products and services – and earn?

Though it would be a good idea to promote what you have purchased, used and found useful, there are no stringent rules on when to join the affiliate program and begin recommending products and services to others.

When you recommend what you have used yourself it is easy to clearly show others what they get when they buy after going through your recommendations.

But it is up to you, what you do.

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Another thing that matters a lot when you are thinking of becoming an affiliate partner is coming up with honest recommendations where all hype, misleading statements are denied the time of day.

You can promote products and services inside emails you send to your subscribers, inside articles or blog posts, on sites like Medium, Quora, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin Pulse, Google Blogger (BlogSpot), forums and any other place you can think of online or offline – so long as it’s done in a non-spammy way.

Make sure the people you are recommending any of the products to are actually interested in them.

Every time, you recommend any product, use your unique affiliate link so that when someone clicks it and purchases it I’ll know who to send the commission to.

If you have your own blog and say, you are writing an article related to a product, you can link to it using your unique link.

You can also add an image or picture to the article and link to the product on using your unique link (which you’ll get immediately you join the program).

If you are sending out an email to your subscribers, you can also include your affiliate link inside the email if you happen to mention any of the products I have on sale – or something related to any of them.

You can also create a post on your blog, slide on, video on YouTube, Facebook Notes (tagging some of your friends who may be interested in the products you promote) or any of your favorite sites.

If you are writing a free ebook or writing a page with all your recommendations for your blog visitors, that could also be a great place to do some promotion.

The possibilities are endless.

Is that all?

There’s so much you can do, but remember you don’t want to come out as obnoxious or think so much about the commission you want to make that you end up putting the needs of your own readers (or any person you refer to shop) second or third.

How and when do you get paid your affiliate earnings via M-PESA or PayPal? affiliates are paid once every two weeks (or any time their commissions exceed KSH 1000 or USD 11) by sending them their commissions via Safaricom M-PESA or PayPal.

If you don’t have a large and targeted audience, you may need a little more patience and hard work before you see the money rolling in.

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So stick around. Stick with the program. Stick with Niabusiness.

How do I join the affiliate program? [Sign up link]

To join, click here.

The details needed to join the affiliate program include: real name, email address, username (make one up. You will use this to login to your affiliate account on Niabusiness), password (make one up) and your Safaricom M-PESA enabled phone number.

Once you have entered the details above, click sign up, to get access to your affiliate account and unique link.

How does the affiliate link look like? How do I get it? How do I use it?

Here is an example:

Notice that last part (?affiliates=c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b)? That is an example of a URL parameter.

Each affiliate has a unique one.

If you add it to any link, and the person that visits Niabusiness through that link (say, for example, you add it to Niabusiness Shop page URL so that it looks something like this: ends up buying any of the products and services tied to the affiliate program, you will earn 30% off the sale total.

Remember to use your unique affiliate link and URL parameter (this is shown in your affiliate account once you sign up) when linking to a Niabusiness product or service you want to promote.

The link and URL parameter above are just used for example purposes. But you get the drift. If you want to link to a blog post on Niabusiness and still earn commissions from people you send to the post (who end up buying Niabusiness products), here’s what it will look like.

NOTE: I’m still going to use the example URL parameter above.

So, say you want to send them to the blog post ‘How to Start a Blog in Kenya‘ (the URL for this post is:, you will just need to add the parameter to the URL so that it looks something like this:

If you opt to send people to the How to Start a Successful Blog ebook and online course product page (the URL of this product is:, the final affiliate link, once you’ve added the URL parameter, will look like this:

Follow these examples when creating links to specific Niabusiness products, services, blog posts or pages. Get your unique URL parameter in your affiliate account area and append it to any Niabusiness link where you want to send people as shown in the examples above.

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Remember, as standard practice, that you will only earn commissions from other people you refer via your affiliate link. You are not, as an affiliate,  allowed to buy via your affiliate link though.

No affiliate earns any commissions from clicking on their own affiliate link before buying something from the shop. Such clicks are considered invalid and do not earn you any commissions.

In conclusion

You need to create content, which can be text only, audio only, video only image only or a mixture of any of these that people can read, watch or listen to.

You include your unique affiliate link in the content you create.

The content is what you use to help the people who read, watch or listen to what you have to say to gauge if your recommendation is for them or not.

People want to know why you recommend something to them as an affiliate, so…

… show them.

They want to know if you like it – and why you like it.

They want to know how you use it.

They want to know about the features and the benefits (the pros and cons… the advantages and disadvantages of using the product).

They want to know how much it costs to get it.

They want to know who the author is (the company or individual who created it).

They want to know how it can be useful to them.

And of course, they want to know where to get it – here is where you use your affiliate link to refer them to

Write your reviews paying attention to the questions your readers may have.

Things to keep in mind as a affiliate

  1. It is great when you know what you are promoting.
  2. Take your time when writing your review. Don’t rush it. When ready, publish it.
  3. Forget not to use your affiliate link in your review because for you to earn a commission the people who read your review must click on your unique link to buy from the online store.
  4. If you publish the review on your blog or websites like, Linkedin Pulse or Quora, promote the review on your favourite social networking sites and email subscribers as well.

Need an answer you didn’t find here?

You can always get in touch by sending me an email via the contact from here. Once I receive your question, I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

Here is the link again. Click it to register as an affiliate now.

PS: If you are looking for an affiliate program to sign up to and make money from on the internet, join Niabusiness’.