Songwriters: Hire singers & rappers in Kenya for online freelance work

Are you a Kenya musician that needs help with songwriting? Or are you an aspiring rapper or singer looking for songwriters you can hire to help you on your music projects?

Read on to learn the kind of help you can get from freelance contractors on Niabusiness to take your music career to higher heights.

What can you hire freelance musicians (singers and rappers) for?

Songwriting. That is the main thing I wanted to talk about in this article. You can get help with the words to go with a beat / instrumental you already have. Say, you get a producer to make you a great beat or you pay for and download an instrumental online, you can hire a songwriter:

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  • to help you brainstorm song ideas
  • to help you write a verse or two
  • to help you come up with a hook / chorus
  • to help you with ideas for who to feature in your remix. If your current song is doing well, a songwriter can help match you with other artistes to make collaborations that propel your music career by leaps and bounds.
  • to help you with lines. For example, if you manage to write a few lines and then get stuck, a songwriter can help you fill the holes, so you can just do a few practice sessions before you hit the studio to record your song and release it to the public.
  • to give you a few suggestions to make your songs more appealing / engaging / catchy (so they can suggest how to play with your voice / tone / words / references to daily occurrences etc.)
  • to release new songs regularly. If you are in the music business and don’t:t grown on getting the help from others to make new music available to your fans on a regular basis, you can enlist the help of songwriters so you always have material for new songs.
  • to suggest ways you can improve your song. So, for example if you have a song already recorded on your phone (or even the studio) but not yet released to the public, you can solicit the input of others – songwriters on – to get pointers on how you can make your record even better.
  • to help you come up with a strategy on how to build up on the songs you have already released. And then they can help you come up with the material for the song you want to follow the last one you released to your fans.
  • to create material you can send to some of the artistes you want to collaborate with. If an artiste is busy but you want to feature them on your next song, you can make things more enticing by having a verse / hook ready for them in case they don’t have the time to create their own material. So, in cases like these a songwriter can help move the process along quickly.
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Other things musicians can outsource to freelancers in Kenya apart from songwriting include:

Manage your social media profiles: You can hire freelancers on Niabusiness to post to your social media accounts and even schedule content for the next few days or weeks. There are freelancers on Niabusiness that can help you create and post new content to your Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Instagram account.

Upload your content to other platforms: Platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, TikTok, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, music streaming apps in Kenya (like Safaricom Songa & Viusasa). This way, people will be able to find and consume your content easily.

If you make your music available to these many platforms, Kenyans and non-Kenyans will be able to just use apps like Shazam and search engines (like Google and YouTube) to discover and listen to your music / watchyour music videos.

Create your personal website: You can hire freelancers in Niabusiness to build a website to showcase your work – a place listeners and readers can come to learn more about you and the projects you have worked on (and the new ones you are working on).

To get someone for this (domain registration, web hosting, site setup) check the WordPress Websites & Blogs category or if you plan on selling merch (merchandise) like shirts, caps or hoodies your fans (as another revenue stream), hire someone from the E-Commerce & WooCommerce Online Shop category.

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Share your story on other platforms: You can hire writers for example to create content that can be used by others (entertainment blogs, blogs about the topics you care about, websites owned by media houses in Kenya, news sites in Kenya or even newspapers in Kenya).

While you are busy creating music, you can spend some time getting interviewed by a freelance writer. The interview / interviews can then becomes the basis for blog posts that can be written and published on other websites with more traffic and page views than your own sites.

Repurposing content: Creating challenges or memes off your songs for example. Find freelancers who can play with video or audio to see if you can get the right person to do this as well – and grow your reach even further.

What is the process of hiring a songwriter online in Kenya like?

There are several ways you can go about this.

First, create a list of what you want to accomplish by outsourcing aspects of your song creation process to someone else.

Then hop onto the Freelance Writers / Content Creators and Audio Transcription, Music & Podcast Services category to find a freelancer to hire.

Look at the ad listings in the two categories. Narrow in on a few contractors, and reply to their ads.

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Once you start emailing (or speaking on the phone), just tell what you are trying to accomplish and see if they can help you – and if they think the rates you want to pay them are ok.

Send them the sheet (soft copy version) with details about you need help with.

If you have any recordings you have already made and think these can go along in helping you craft the best lines, send those over to them as well. Same thing goes for the instrumental or beat you are working with. If you have it, just send the file over to them.

Give them adequate time to work on your project.

Once you receive back the work from the contractor, and it meets your expectations, pay them.

If you need revisions, tell them so.

If what you need help with goes beyond just getting a song written, check the other categories I have listed above.

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