Hire freelance sales people in Kenya

If you own a small business, an online business or just an individual trying to bring a new products or service in the market, you can:

  • Handle your sales activities alone
  • Get the help of your staff / employees to help you with sales

These are the most common ways new and existing businesses will always approach selling their products and services to customers.

But there is also other ways that organizations can employ to sell more of the products and services they make. One of those methods is to hire freelance sales people in Kenya to:

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  • Presell a product to new and current customers
  • Sell existing products to new and current customers
  • Upsell existing customers on current products / services

Channels your sales people can use to grow sales for your business

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Messaging apps

Scenarios for when you might want to hire someone to make phone calls to close sales

Startup using cold calling to get initial clients. So, when you are just starting out and you have no clients, you can hire freelance sales people to help you reach your target audience using the phone.

Say, for example, you are creating a product to be sold to security guard companies, you can hire someone online to go on Google Search to find addresses of security firms in your town / city or other cities and to pitch them on whatever product or service you are selling.

If your product is aimed at helping these companies become more efficient at something they already do (for example handling communication and payments between the firms and their customers), the freelance sales people can easily get a list of phone numbers via Google Search and start calling them one by one to see if there are people who would be interested in your service / product (software / app / website).

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The person can make 20 to 50 calls a day and do some follow ups to help you get your first then second and third client.

If you start a business offering cleaning for commercial properties, you can hire a sales person, give them a list of phone numbers of businesses in your area (or ask them to lookup numbers via local business directories / Google Search) and just give them a script to follow when reaching out to them.

They can then pitch 20 or more businesses per day and you should start seeing some results immediately / in the days or weeks that follow their initial contact.

Company using telesales agents to upsell existing customers. If you are an already established business with a list of customers, you can hire freelance sales people for when you roll out new products / services to help you reach out your existing clients and sell them on whatever new product you have created.

In the solar energy space, you will often see customers that have bought solar home kits being called and sold on other products such as smartphones or solar TVs or just bigger solar panels.

Scenarios when you might want someone to send emails to get you sales

Like phone calls, you can also hire a freelance sales person to send out email pitches about a new product / service of yours to a specific group of people.

For example, you see digital marketing agencies all the time using cold emailing to reach out to small business owners about SEO packages they can purchase to improve their website rankings for competitive search terms on Google.

Or when agencies hire sales people to blast thousands of website owners about whatever new web tool they have created / SaaS business they are running or their paid ads / PPC management services.

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Or if you haven’t seen these, you have probably seen emails from web design boutiques telling you about their services and how they can help you create stunning web pages and all. Even freelancers themselves use this approach a lot (cold emailing) to get new business.

If you are a solopreneur or you work from home and depend on reaching out a lot to other businesses to get work that pays well, you can hire freelance sales people to help you increase the volume of emails you send per day, per week or per month, doubling or tripling your sales in the process.

For example, if you are used to sending 20 to 50 emails a day a few times a week, you can get someone to help you push that number to even 100 per day, increasing your chances of winning more business from whatever segment of the market you target.

Link building is another reason to hire freelance sales people to help you send well-written and personalized pitches to other authoritative websites in and outside of your niche / industry in order to get links.

Even though this might not directly affect your sales numbers immediately, the value you get from adding (pointing) more links to your webpages will result in more blog posts / product pages on your site ranking highly on Google Search results pages for your target keywords.

And when your pages rank highly on search, customers using the search engine to research products / services before they buy will likely see your listing and click through to your site to learn more. And it is then that you can then sell these new customers that find you later on as a result of all the work you did to get quality links to your site.

You can also hire a salesperson to create a sales funnel / email sequences that you can use to automatically sell your existing customers on other products / services you have in your online shop. You can hire them to write all the copy for you and create a strategy for when and how to drip them to your email subscribers.

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Once the content is created, you can upload it all into your email marketing software and let the power of automation help you get more sales from the people you have sold to previously.

Scenarios when you might want to hire someone to handle queries via your live chat tool

On every live chat software website I have visited, I have always seen raving testimonials about how the tool helped such and such a business increase sales by 10 to 60 per cent or something. And to me I know that there is a lot of truth in most of those numbers.

And the reason is simple. Once you install and activate a live chat tool on your website or blog, it gives you the power to chat with people coming to your site in real-time. Meaning if someone is looking at a particular product page in your online shop, you can actually engage them right there and then, before they leave your site.

It gives shoppers a certain kind of reassurance that will usually see most of them stay longer on the website and allay any fears they have by just hopping on a chat with whoever is on the other end (you).

But say, you want to take advantage of such tools on your site but don’t have the time to sit staring at your smartphone / tablet / laptop / desktop computer waiting for someone to ask something so you can chat with them, you can hire a sales person on a freelance basis to work the tool for a month or two to see if there are any meaningful gains for your business for using such a tool.

And when you find there is more upside than downside, to keep the freelance sales person and chat tool active and explore how you can create custom chat windows for various pages on your site to even win more business.

Hiring salespeople on Niabusiness Classifieds

To hire a sales person on Niabusiness, check the ad listings in the Business Growth, Investing, Sales & Marketing category.

Reply to some of the ads you find in the category and wait for the freelancers to message you back.
Once they do, just tell them what you need help with and take things from there.

Use the place ad option if you don’t see a listing that specifically touches on what you are looking for. Placing an ad on Niabusiness is free.

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