If you decide to look for love or a date on dating websites, here are 7 important decisions to make

There are many online dating sites for people looking for love or dates on the internet, some free but with a premium option for those willing to pay for extra features.

In this article, we’re going to look at some things you should think about seriously if you want to join any such site or if you’ve already signed up with one.

1. Why did you join a dating site, really?

Sometimes you get to do something until you forget why you are doing it.

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The times when you’ve forgotten or almost forgot, comes with the opportunity to remind yourself why you joined a dating website.

What inspired you to join one? Was there a major occasion in your life that led you to sign up with one of these sites?

Are you in there looking for someone to marry? Want a long term relationship or simply want friends? Or you simply want someone you can go on a date with?

Did you sign up because you say you are busy and don’t have much time on your hands for relationships and simply want something a little bit passive?

Were you just curious when you signed up?

2. How much truth is in your profile?

Most dating sites give their users profiles – a place they can tell and show other users more about themselves.

So, how much truth are you willing to put in your profile?

Do you even have the words to put in there, because as bizarre as it might sound, there are lots of people who can describe anything like their dress or gadget in great detail but can’t seem to do the same when you ask them, ‘Tell me about yourself, who you are, what you want and what you value most?’

How much truth are you willing to put in there, and I don’t mean only the good things about you but some of your flaws too? Because guess what, most people just love showing how good they are, how handsome or beautiful they are and the usual.

Know what you want and tell the other users what you are looking for. Mention some of your flaws. Your profile doesn’t have to be all honey.

3. Willing to pay money for extra features?

Some sites require you to become a paid user before you can be allowed to use some features.

No one should decide for you here.

You have to assess things and do what you think is right.

Remember, no amount of money is too small.

4. How do you deal with the hundreds or thousands of potential mates you meet?

When many users start connecting with you, it is a good thing to learn how to deal with the numerous requests to connect.


  • Because you only have 24 hours a day. How much time are you willing to spend chatting with others? What will you do about users doing their best to help you waste your time, distracting you from the main goal why you joined in the first place?
  • There are thousands of handsome and beautiful people. You can’t have them all. There comes a time when you need to decide, be honest and stop two-timing.
  • You can easily get distracted. Forgetting about someone you’ve been connecting with so well, when someone new starts connecting with you, someone you can’t get enough of his or her words.

This is why it is very important to be very particular about what you want and do your best to allow no one to distract you and influence you into doing things you won’t be proud of later.

5. Your photos, do people really need to see all that flesh?

Why do you do it?

Why show so much skin?

This is something you should deeply think about before you upload a photo to your favourite dating site (app) on the internet.

And careful the kind of people your profile picture can attract.

6. Is one dating site enough for you?

Like Twitter and Facebook, some do to dating sites, what they do to the big social networks.

They join every one of them.

There are a lot of things that can influence your decision here

  1. like how much time you have on your hands
  2. particular site features you’re after

7. When the time comes when you have to meet – what will you do?

Oh, such times do come. When you just want to meet and see the person who’s made you laugh and say silly things.

Simple rules still apply when you meet this stranger. Meeting in public, being really observant, telling your family and friends where you are going, to meet who, and for how long.

A lot of things to decide, right? But then again, all the decisions you make will influence the outcome of the time you spend on these websites.

What do you say? Any tips, stories you might like to share? Add them in the comments.

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  1. Hmm I use mainly Tinder and Ok cupid. 98% of men there are totally useless, I give like one like a week. But even then I really rarely do go on a date. It’s just… usually a huge waste of my time. Needy insecure guys trying to act like a badass. No, thank you.


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