Now, this will get you to spend less time watching television

The moment one realizes they are watching way too much television is a crucial one (one where a person decides if they are going to start to watch less TV or not).

It is a time when one realizes that they can keep doing what they have always done or scale back on the time they spend glued to their TV screens.

Or, as some do, quit watching TV altogether – and remove the set from their house.

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Why watch little to no television – or at least make the effort to do so starting today?

Different people have different reasons, boredom being one of them.

After watching a lot of TV, some things start to look similar – same story line in this movie and that, that scandal and this, the new song, the new show – always an endless pit of entertainment.

All similar. If not, almost.

At times you find yourself watching one movie a dozen times, find yourself spending between an hour to three glued to the screen when you know you could use the time to do other things – better things that lead to peace, contentment, grand accomplishment, stronger relationships…better sleep.

TV is good at chewing time, spitting nothing of such value back to you when you switch it off – in most cases.

And may be that’s why people watch a lot of it – quick entertainment.

Sitting down for awhile enjoying oneself… having a little fun staring without the characters in the box getting uneasy because you stare too much.

I don’t know how much TV you watch every single week. But if for a moment you think you are spending more time than you should staring at your TV screen(s), it is time for some simple math – the kind that can motivate you to scale back.

This is what happens when you watch two hours of TV (series, movies etc) per day

Say, you spend on average two hours everyday watching TV. That comes to 14 hours a week.

A week has only 168 hours.

Subtract the hours you spend having a good night sleep then see what you are left with when you subtract the fourteen from the remainder.

Is it worth it?

I mean, be honest – it is just me and you here!

Well, some say they can deal with that. 14 hours or less – that’s not a big deal!

Watching more than two hours of television a day

But what happens when the two hour a day activity becomes a three, four or a five hour activity?

More entertainment and less time to pursue your goals.

Less sleep.

Missed deadlines.


This doesn’t bother so many people, but what about you?

Having a six day week when others get to enjoy all seven days

Does it bother you that it is easy to lose a day every week just watching three and a half hours of TV everyday?

Do you think there’s something better you can do with that time, not all of it, but say, half of that?

To lose half a day instead of an entire twenty four hours every week?

There’s always something better you can do with your time, if you decide to.

This post (and the TV section of is for people who want to scale back on the time they spend glued to their TVs.

Realizing that it is easy for a person to increase the amount of time they watch TV than it is to scale back, provides you with content you can use to win back more of your time – especially if you believe, now, that you can’t do without your set.

Some people think that TV is too good to be separated from.

Then they start feeling better about themselves once they start watching less and less TV, spending the newfound time reading, learning a new skill, freelancing, writing a blog or a book, being there for others, indulging more in a hobby that exercises their body, keeping them fit.

That could be you.

A new you.

A better you.

Is TV that bad…such a waste of time…such a killer of dreams?

TV is good and it has its place.

Time is also good, and where it goes, should be a big deal to you and me.

For when too much of it is sunk in TV, the urge to spend even more becomes greater.

When we bow to the urge, we begin watching television like doing that is some kind of job that comes with a big salary and benefits at the end of every month.

That, sadly, isn’t the case for the majority of people spending a lot of time everyday watching TV.

You know it, and I know it.

So, if you want tips on scaling back; tips on what to do with your time apart from blowing it away watching television, you have come to the right place.

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