Complete the Subscription Process (Final Step)

Thank you for signing up. Now you just need to confirm your email.

There is an email with a confirmation link waiting for you, right now, in your inbox. Click the link in it to confirm your email subscription.

If the email is not in your inbox like sometimes happens with Gmail, check your spam folder, junk folder or the various tabs (to help in categorizing the types of emails you receive – promotional, work, personal etc) provided by your email service provider.

The email you are looking for has the subject line: ‘Please confirm your subscription to…’ from this site’s web address.

Go to your inbox now, open the email and click on the link button inside the email that says ‘Confirm Subscription‘ (as a final step) to get your downloads and start receiving updates in your inbox from now on-wards (usually 1 or 3 emails a week).


  1. So, that I am sure it’s you that made the sign-up request and that it’s not someone playing with your email address
  2. To access the download links to the PDF ebooks, e-courses, guides, downloads and also to get updates from time to time.

Once you click the link, you’ll receive a welcome email with the downloads, links, guides and tips you want. You’ll also be redirected back to the site.

Again, check your inbox, spam or junk folder if you don’t see the email with what you requested after clicking the ‘confirm your subscription’ link.