Bloggers in Kenya should use Niabusiness to find work online to boost their income

Did you know that most bloggers in Kenya rely mostly on revenue from display ads and affiliate links to make money online? It is the truth.

And then there are some who venture out to other monetization methods after trying the ads / affiliate marketing thing. They create their own ebooks and online courses for sale to boost their revenues and profits.

What you don’t often see is more bloggers creating service businesses of their own to boost their monthly earnings.

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So, I have decided to share some ideas any blogger in the country can use to start making some extra money offering freelance services online to clients that are already comfortable with the idea of outsourcing working to contractors they meet on the web.

Why should a blogger consider doing some freelance work online

There are several reasons why. I will just share a few with you.

To starting earning immediately

You can start earning immediately. Unlike ads like Google AdSense or affiliate programs like Amazon / ShareASale where you have to wait more than 30 days after reaching certain earning thresholds to be paid, you can start making money right away when you offer your services to freelance clients. Well, it could take you a week or two to start earning – which is still much faster compared to the other monetization methods bloggers are used to (monetizing blog content with ads and affiliate links).

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If you are offering a service, all you will need is a portfolio and a way to let potential clients know about the service you are offering. Once your portfolio (with examples of your work to showcase your expertise) is ready, you can use freelance marketplaces like UpWork and Freelancer to bid on online jobs – or create profiles on other site like Fiverr.

You can also find local clients on this website by going to the different categories shown on the Niabusiness Classifieds page. Or you can just use cold pitching (sending emails for example) to let potential clients know how you can help them. And you might be surprised at how quickly you might start making money. It can even surpass what you are currently making displaying ads and showing affiliate links in your blog content.

Some already have Hire Me pages on their sites

You see this a lot with bloggers in the internet marketing, SEO, WordPress, small business, e-commerce, web hosting, domain registration, tech, blogging, web design & development, digital marketing, personal finance, jobs & career space.

So, if you are also a blogger in any of these niches and have a Hire Me page on your blog, you can increase your chances of potential clients seeing what you are offering as a service by promoting yourself as a blogger and a freelancer too.

The way you can do this is by creating profiles in online job bidding sites like the ones I have mentioned, responding to listings in job boards like Problogger, sending email pitches and placing your ad for free in relevant categories on

So, start amplifying that other aspect of what you do as a person. Instead of just being known as a blogger, be also known as a service provider. Treat your services the way you treat the other monetization strategies you have already implemented.

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They have quite a wealth of skill that they take for granted, skills clients are willing to pay money for

As a blogger you will find that there are a lot of things you have learned along the way that most clients are willing to pay good money for. You might take some of these things for granted but once you look at various freelance marketplaces you will discover that there are quite a number of people making good money doing what you already for other individuals, organizations and small businesses.

Here are some things you know that you could be taking for granted – things that can actually make you good money: setting up free SSL certificates, installing WordPress, installing and configuring WordPress plugins and themes, uploading content to WordPress, creating website logos, writing articles, creating email lists / sequences, adding email opt-in boxes, adding online shop to a website, adding push notification feature to a site, adding live chat tools to sites, adding social media buttons to websites, creating and adding lead magnets to sites, optimizing sites for speed, migrating a site from one web hosting company to another, backing up websites, creating business emails, creating & embedding YouTube videos, creating Pinterest graphics, optimizing on-page SEO for blog posts, writing guest posts & doing link building and many other things bloggers get to learn.

What types of freelance work can bloggers in Kenya do online

Apart from some of the things I have mentioned above, you can do these things to make an extra income.

You can offer content writing to publications and websites in your niche. For example, if you write about blogging / WordPress, you can offer blog post writing services to some of the bigger blogs in this space. If you write about parenting, you can also find publications creating content on the topic and pitch them – other parenting blogs for example.

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Go, with what you know. It is easy to get started with a content writing service if you pitch people publishing content on topics you already know a lot about.

You can offer content writing for small businesses in your niche. Using the blogging / WordPress example above, here is what you can do. You can offer to write for web hosting companies, write for backup service providers, write for businesses selling themes and plugins, write for other blogs selling ebooks and online courses on blogging / WordPress.

In the parenting niche, you can offer your writing services to small businesses creating and selling products & services parents usually buy for their children. For example, you can pitch online shops targeting parents, sites selling toys, sites selling board games / electronic games, sites selling insurance, sites selling security systems, sites selling health products, sites selling furniture etc.

You can help others with their launches. Could be small businesses, online businesses, other freelancers, other bloggers or government bodies. You can help them launch their own products, services, ebooks or online courses.

What categories should I look into to find work

Check listings on the site to learn more about some of the services people offer.

Just take some time to look around, get some inspiration and then decide on what you want to offer to clients.

Take a look in categories such as freelance writing, SEO, outreach and link building, virtual assistance, customer support, online ads, design, development, email marketing, WordPress, WooCommerce online shops, e-commerce, eCitizen, KRA, website / blog setup and migration, online courses, ebooks & publishing, programming, social media marketing, audio transcription & podcast services, sales and marketing, video production and editing, legal consultation, company incorporation and accounting.

Once you are done looking, go to the Place Ad page to create your own ad listing on Niabusiness. Creating an ad on the site is free.

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