What to hire freelancers for when you buy a website or blog

Investing in digital assets is huge. People are selling and buying all kinds of websites and blogs in all manner of niches. Some are buying multiple sites, creating portfolios they can’t manage themselves unless they hire freelancers to outsource some tasks to.

For people new to buying sites, I have created this post to show you some of the areas you should consider getting help in.

I show you a list of things freelancers can do for you affordably. Things you will probably want to outsource especially if you don’t want to spend all day every weekday sitting in front of your laptop / desktop computer connected to the internet trying to get as much done as possible.

 Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

Actual tasks to outsource to freelancers after purchasing a website or blog

You can hire someone on Niabusiness to

Update your site’s existing content. Optimizing for on-page SEO for example. Or adding new subheadings in blog posts, adding a table of contents to some of your popular posts, adding a comparison table to some of your top review posts, manually adding more internal links, merging some blog posts and 301 redirecting non-existing / dead links to new destinations.

I have also seen how changing the introduction to a post and the headline can dramatically increase a post’s ranking on search without any new links built. So, you can also get a freelance writer to also optimize some of your posts title and intros.

Come up with new content ideas. So, hiring someone to basically help you figure out part of your growth strategy by using various methods to come up with ideas that can be turned into content pieces.

They can go to your site’s Google Analytics account, use Google Keyword Planner, use competition analysis / keyword research tools like Ahrefs / SEMRush / SmallSEOTools or check for trends on social media (using tools like BuzzSumo) that you can capitalize on now to get more traffic from sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Swap out current affiliate links for your own. If you buy an affiliate niche site for example, you will find that it takes hours, sometimes days, to remove affiliate links used by the site’s previous owner. If you want to hasten the process of replacing those links with your own, you can keep at your current projects, while outsourcing this bit to a freelancer on Niabusiness.

The freelancer you hire will be able to do this via cPanel / File Manager (if that is how the previous owner used to add affiliate links), Pretty Links or similar plugin or any of the popular Amazon affiliate link management plugins such as AAWP or EasyAzon.

Create new content pieces. When buying a site, the owner will usually give you a list of areas where you can focus to grow the site’s traffic and revenue further. Usually you will find these under headlines with headlines along the lines of ‘Opportunities for growth’.

If they suggest ideas for list posts, review content or adjacent niches you can get to, you can quickly get out a few keywords, run them in a keyword research tools like Ahrefs / SmallSEOTools to come up with 10 to 20 new blog posts you can outsource to a freelance writer right away.

Write guest posts. Once you get a site, you can do a more extensive audit of where all the content pieces rank on Google Search. You can do this to figure out the content pieces that can become more lucrative if they are just pushed from page 3 or page 2 of Google to page 1.

And once you figure this out, you can pitch other sites to let you contribute guest posts to their sites (linking back to some of the posts you want to push up the rankings).

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Once you get a nod, instead of sitting down to write the content yourself, you can hire a freelance writer to create the guest post. Once they send it to you, you can make a few adjustments (if you want) before sending it over to whoever you pitched.

Launch an outreach / link building campaign. With or without resorting to writing guest posts, you can hire someone to help you get links back to your website (blog posts) using a variety of methods / strategies already discussed extensively on the web.

If you have been following some of the developments in the search engine optimization / internet marketing space, you will find that if you have pillar content / skyscraper content, you can just reach out to sites out there and get genuine links even if you don’t contribute new content to their blog.

So, right after buying a website / blog, you can hire someone who knows how to send the kinds of outreach emails that gets links to help you (especially if you don’t want to rely on link packages offered by agencies).

WordPress management. You can hire a freelancer to help you install new themes and plugins and configure them. For example if the previous owner managed affiliate links to Amazon manually, you can hire somebody to install AAWP or Pretty Links and manage your affiliate links through a WP plugin.

If you want to remove some of the plugins that were installed on the site, you can hire someone to do these tasks for you – to remove some plugin and find a replacement for it.

You can also hire someone to optimize WordPress for speed (using popular caching plugins like WE Total Cache or WP Rocket), install lead generation plugins like OptinMonster and Thrive Leads (if you want to start building an email list as well) or to change the layout of some of you blog posts (make them look prettier) with WordPress page builders such as Thrive Architect, Divi or Elementor.

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You can also hire someone to backup or migrate your site or set WordPress to backup automatically via plugins / services such as Updraftplus, BackupBuddy and Jetpack.

Video production. You can hire someone to create quick short videos related to some of your popular posts. The videos can then be posted on your site’s YouTube channel. And you can decide to link back to your blog content from these videos or to embed some of the videos to your blog.

Graphic design. You can hire someone to create Pinterest graphics for some of your posts (getting traffic from social media sites) to increase your reach on the platform.

To hire a freelancer in any of the areas I have listed above, go to Niabusiness.com and check the various categories listed on the homepage. If you are interested in hiring a content writer, click theĀ Freelance Writers / Content Creators category.

Browse the ad listings in the category and reply to some of the listings there.

Then wait for the freelancers you contact to message you back.

Once they do, just tell them more about what you need help with, ask to see their samples / portfolio and if you are happy with what you see, outsource work to them once you agree on rates and a deadline.

You can also place your own ad on Niabusiness for free with details about what you are looking for. Click here to place your ad.

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