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You know how filling the about section of a dating profile or even a Facebook profile (can be daunting) or how some awkward silence can follow a ‘tell me more about yourself‘ question? That is how writing an engaging and detailed About page for your site can be.

I don’t know about you, but answering even a simple question like tell me more about you (in real life when meeting strangers or even in job interviews) can be a bit daunting.

So, when thinking of coming up with an About page for your site, you don’t have to suffer – to stare at a blank page for too long – before coming up with something which you might not even like that much when you look at the finished copy.

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You can get the help from a freelance writer on Niabusiness.com to write great About pages for your blog, website, company, organization, product, service, startup or profile on third party sites (think author bios and profiles on sites like Goodreads or Amazon)

What the process of hiring an About page writer can look like

It will all start by you figuring out what you want to go in your About page. So, having a rough idea of what you want your About page to look like will go a long way in helping the freelance writer you hire help you.

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Create a list that includes some of these things:

  • what you are known for as a company, individual, brand or service provider
  • common questions people in your industry / niche get asked a lot
  • your point of differentiation – so what sets you apart from other players in your segment of the market.

And then once you have this outline (on a piece of paper or as a note on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer), check the listings in the Freelance Content Writers category on Niabusiness to find someone offering About page writing services (or just pick any writer you think is a good fit).

From here, you can tell them about your site’s URL, what you intend to achieve with the website, who you are targeting (with what products or service) and let them craft an About page guided by the snippets of info you share with them.

Once they are done writing, they can then send you the finished copy.

If you like it, publish it.

If you think there are improvements that can be made, you can suggest edits.

Or another way you can go about this is by asking the freelancer to interview you. So, you get interviewed, via email or on the phone.

The freelancer then uses the answers you provide as the basis for your About / About Us page.

For more suggestions, check the …

Items a freelance writer can add to your site’s About page

A little history. When you first launched your website / established your business. Your reason for existence. Why you do what you do. Your processes. What drives you. Your approach to solving problems – and why you think that approach brings the customers / readers the best return for the money or time they invest in you.

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Name of the founder and a little information about the team behind the company or organization. Sometimes people are just curious about who is behind a website they are on especially if they can’t find that information elsewhere on the web. So, if it makes sense to have your name and a little bio on your About page, go for it.

Your address. Your physical address for example.

A way for people to get in touch with you. So an email address / phone number or a link to your Contact / Contact Us page.

Google Maps. Make it easy for potential customers to get directions to your office / business premise.

Your mission statement (and vision) – though I find most people never read these.

A list of some of the frequently asked questions or a link to a separate page dedicated to answering your FAQs.

Inspiration for About pages: Where to look for more ideas

If you still need more ideas to help you come up with the best About page, check the following:

  1. The frequently visited webpages on websites owned by your competition. Check the language they use. Check their formatting. Check their headlines. Check how they try to draw readers’ attention to their message. Check the kinds of call to action strategies they use on such pages. Use a tool like Ahrefs, SmallSEOTools, KWFinder or SEMRush to find these pages.
  2. The About pages of other small businesses offering similar services.
  3. Reviews on online shopping sites left by shoppers who have bought the same (or almost similar products to the ones you sell). So, check sites like Jumia Kenya, Amazon & Kilimall. You might even hop onto auction sites like eBay for more ideas.
  4. Manufacturers websites.
  5. Answers from live chat operators behind websites owned by businesses offering similar services / selling similar products. Chat with them. Ask questions. Learn from the answers you get. Remember, you are only doing this for ideas (no copy pasting).
  6. The language used by people in the ads they place on Google Search, Facebook, radio, TV and other channels easily accessible to your target audience (ideal customer).
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So, there you have it. Check the content writing category to find a contractor to help you create your About page.

Your site will always look more trustworthy with an About page on it.

If it is well-written, that is an added bonus (to you and the people who come to your site).

Even search engines like sites with About pages. Usually it is the About, Contact and Privacy Policy pages that each webmaster is encouraged to add to their site. So, the sooner you can get these up, the better.

And to people wondering if they can embed other media like audio or videos on their About pages, I say go for it. Videos especially work well in certain niches.

Some sites have them both on the homepage and on their About pages. Some of these videos are usually just 5 minutes long.

So, if you want video to accompany the text on your About page, get someone to create it for you. Check the video listings on Niabusiness here to find someone you can hire for this.

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