How to alert potential freelance clients in Kenya of your expertise on Twitter & Facebook if you are a Niabusiness user

It is no secret that online freelancers the world over use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their freelance services.

And there is evidence that some get hired just from the updates they post to these sites. It is one of the indicators that potential clients are always looking for skilled freelancers even outside popular marketplaces like UpWork.

So, you never know who might be looking for new hires.

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Potential clients, just like everybody, use:

  • the search functions on these sites to find specific things
  • various groups to ask questions, find answers and generally contribute to knowledge in their favourite niches
  • social media sites to see how service providers market their freelance services

So, even a simple tweet or Facebook share can alert potential clients to the services you offer on

Why you want to share your ads on Facebook and Twitter

The two platforms are bigger than most sites frequented by freelancers (when looking for online jobs). And there are niches / sections of these giant social networking sites that freelancers can tap into to get more of the right people to see their Niabusiness ad listings.

Facebook itself has groups and pages on almost every topic. Twitter has handles and hashtags on almost all topics. If one narrows in on just the right sections of Facebook or Twitter, their updates can get more views. And with more views, shares and tweets, will follow. And you never know who might be looking. Someone may just reach out to you and ask if you’d be willing to work on a project with them.

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Sometimes even if you don’t share your ad listing using the share buttons on Niabusiness, your updates on these platforms can still benefit from the copy you create for your ad.

So, taking even a few lines from your ad and sharing them on various groups on Facebook / handles on Twitter can result in more people coming over to you to learn more about what you are offering. Facebook and Twitter can multiply your reach by a great magnitude.

How do I share my ads online on Facebook & Twitter myself

Once you post an ad on Niabusiness Classifieds, you will wait for it to be approved.

Immediately your ad is approved, you will receive an email with details related to your ad.

Click the link in that email to see your ad live on Niabusiness.

Scroll down to the bottom of your ad, just right after the description area.

You will see a Facebook and Twitter button.

Click on the Facebook button to share your ad listing to a group, personal profile or page you manage. Alert the people who follow you in these places of the services you are offering by sharing your Niabusiness listing with them.

Click the Twitter button to turn your ad listing headline into a tweet.

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How do I get others to share my freelance ad listings on their Facebook profiles and Twitter handles

  • You can give them the link to your ad on Niabusiness. Once they click it, they will find your listing and be able to use the share buttons at the bottom of your listing.
  • You can ask them to re-share your own update to their Facebook news feed, group or page or retweet what you have shared on Twitter.

Other random suggestions to get your freelance ad listings viewed by more people

Use tracking links when sharing your ad listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Use URL shorteners like for this.

Pin some of your favourite ad listings to Twitter to get more clicks and retweets.

Create YouTube videos where you briefly talk about what you can offer clients and link to your ad in the description section or in the first comment (and pin it).

Add a link to some of your best performing ad listings on Niabusiness to your Hire Me / Services page on your blog or website.

Create QR codes with the URL of your ad listing on Niabusiness. You can then use the QR code online, in messages, in leaflets, in brochures, videos and presentations.

Share a link to your ad listing on your LinkedIn profile.

You can share your experiences using Niabusiness Classifieds on blog posts you publish on your site or in guest posts you publish on other blogs.

You will find some people who will be interested in seeing the listings you made on Niabusiness Classifieds, to learn how you wrote your copy, or the approach you took to stand out from the many other ads listed on Niabusiness. If they are impressed, you will find that some of them will share your ad listings on Twitter or Facebook – and again you never know who might be looking for just the very thing you are offering as a service.

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You can link to your ad listing from answers you add to questions on Quora. Quora allows its users to share their answers to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. In this way, you will be providing value to others on Quora while also using your answers to market your services in a non-intrusive way.

You can offer some clients free services (1 or 2 or maybe 5), helping them fix something here or there in exchange for a testimonial for to build your portfolio). And they can publish a version of their testimonial on their social media profiles – bringing in even more attention to your listing on Niabusiness.

So if you want to share your expertise with potential freelance clients, start by placing your ad on Niabusiness.
In your ad, go into detail about how you can help people who hire. Share a little bit about your experience.

If you like, you can share some numbers (the results you have gotten yourself or other people). Then publish the ad in the right category and wait for it to be approved. Once it is live on the site use the tips shared in this article to get more people to see your ad. is free to use. If you like what Niabusiness Entity does, you can send donations of any amount to support the site. Learn more

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