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For the people hiring freelance writers there comes a time when managing all the writers working for you becomes a time-suck, a hassle – something that slowly pulls you away from taking advantage of opportunities that can lead to more growth, sales, revenue and profits.

And that is when people toy with the idea of hiring a content manager – someone that can manage all the writers they have hired on their behalf.

This is so they can spend the extra time (after freeing themselves from managing writers) towards other activities that can grow their business – such as getting links from quality sites.

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Why hire a content manager

Mostly it is so you can free your time to focus on other aspects of your business or family.

If you are making good money and don’t want to deal with things such as uploading content to your blog / website after getting work back from your writers or if you just don’t like to spend your time ordering content then spending additional hours editing and formatting the content before publishing it, hiring a content manager should be something you should consider strongly.

What should you look for in a content manager

Ideally they should be able:

  • To vet and hire other writers without your intervention. So, you want someone with a good eye (intuition) to help bring well-skilled people in to your team.
  • To take the work submitted by your writers via Google Docs and export them / publish them to your WordPress backend. Or have someone who can guide your writers on how to upload content to your WordPress site (on a shared account or via their own author / contributor account). Since uploading blog posts with all the media (images, screenshots, videos, embeds) and adding internal links is one of the areas that most affiliate niche site owners and bloggers spend a lot of time, you want to make sure you can get a content manager that can eliminate all this work from your plate.
  • To offer tips to your writers on how they can improve their content (formatting, SEO or grammar) to make it more engaging, interesting and generally more useful to the people who are going to consume it. So, someone who has the eyes of an editor, who can offer critical feedback while still maintaining a good relationship with other members of your team.
  • To come up with headlines for future posts, help you schedule your posts so that your content calendar doesn’t look full in some weeks and empty in others.
  • To learn more from competing publications (online and offline) and use the insight they gain to help you improve your own properties. They can do this via simple searches on Google, Bing, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora and keyword research / backlink checkers & competition analysis tools like Ahrefs, KWFinder, BuzzSumo or SEMRush.
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What is the process of hiring a freelance content manager on Niabusiness like?

It is easy as starting your search in the Freelance Writer / Content Creators category. This is because you want your ideal content manager to have some experience working as a freelance writer for a few clients. Then you also want to make sure the person is well-versed with your niche, topic or the business model you use to make money.

So, if you are not looking for someone who is just into writing, you can check the listings in the other categories to find a list of candidates you can vet for the content management position.

For example, you can go to the ad management category, if you think someone into paid ads would be a good fit.

Or check the e-commerce category, if you want a content manager with experience in that area.

Or for more technical subjects, you can check in categories such as coding / programming / app development or the graphics category.

Next, talk to the freelancers with the listings you like.

Gauge if they would be a good fit.

From there, you can go into detail about the scope of work, pay, hours and every other thing that will make it easy for the person to give you their best – if you end up hiring them.

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If you’d rather place an ad with details about what you are looking for, that is okay too. Just click here to add your listing to Niabusiness.com – and have freelancers interested in your content manager position contact you

What can you do once you have your own content manager

  • Build more properties┬ásince you can focus on more revenue generating activities – and then you can use the monies to hire more writers, scale the size of your properties (by publishing new content pieces on a regular basis) and in the long run make more profits from your online publishing business.
  • Go on a link building spree. You can grow your sites further by pointing links from quality resources to some of the popular posts you have published. If you need help in this area as well, check the Outreach, SEO and Link Building category on Niabusiness.
  • Invest in a graphic designer. This person can help you come up with new designs for your blog posts – that can help you capture more traffic from search engines / social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. Check the Graphics, Designs & Logos to find someone you can outsource your design needs to.
  • Focus on growing your email lists and sales funnels. And creating content upgrades / lead magnets to turn more of your readers into subscribers. Check the Email Marketing category for freelancers that can help you in this area.
  • Create videos to accompany some of your posts. You can upload these videos in YouTube and embed them in your posts. Check the Video Creation, Editing & Promotion category for people that you can outsource some of your video work to.
  • Work on diversifying your traffic sources. If a large percentage of your traffic comes from search, you can start exploring how you can bring in more traffic from video, social media sites or messaging apps. To grow your number two or number three traffic source, check the SEO, social media, paid ads and video categories for freelancers you can hire to manage certain aspects of your campaigns.
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