Can I use Niabusiness freelancers to create sales pages for my website

Yes, you can hire freelancers on Niabusiness to create sales pages for your website.

In this article I will provide you with more information you need in order to outsource your sales page writing successfully. At the end of the article I will take you the process you can follow to get help from the contractors using to list their freelance services.

Why get your sales pages professionally written

The goal of most sales pages is just to convey the right message to the right people at the right time in a way that makes the transition from not-a-customer to a customer almost seamless. Good salespages takes as much friction as possible out of the buying process. When you get a professional to write your sales page, they will likely do a better job at this than you – especially if you have no background on copywriting.

 Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

Do, invest if you have to invest some money upfront by hiring a writer to do the salespage writing for you, the results you get from the page when you eventually publish it to your site should be 10 times, 100 times or even a thousand times the value of the money you paid for the content.

Getting a sales page professionally written can be the difference between making a hundred sales (from a hastily put together page) and 1000 sales (from a well crafted page).

If possible, most people really would go with a well-optimized salespage than just a simple page nudging customers to buy – a page that doesn’t go into detail about how the buyer eventually gets to benefit from buying a product or paying for a service.

So, if cost or experience is something you have considered a hindrance, it is time to start entertaining possibilities. You can get the help of contractors here on Niabusiness to help you at budget friendly rates.

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Get someone that can help the readers of your salespage relate with the copy. Someone that can write something that makes prospects feel like ‘the pastor is just talking to them during a sermon’. And then the writer should, just at the right time, take things to another level – sell the prospects on the benefits (transformation) awaiting them on the other side of the Buy button.

You can get people like these on Niabusiness. Individuals:

  • that can help you articulate a problem your potential customers are going through in a way that resonates with them.
  • that can then marry the features of your product or service with the problems a prospect wants to eliminate in order to reach the results / transformation they are looking for.
  • that can make things more about the transformation your prospects will eventually get when they become customers, taking off the buying process worries and jitters related to pricing.
  • that can help you build sales funnels to get back cold prospects back in front of your product / service with new incentives to get them to buy.

If all these things sounds interesting to you, check the listings by writers on the Niabusiness homepage.

Should you get your sales page written and published to your website before creating your service / product or after?

It depends.

Ideally, you should get your sales page written before you create your product or launch your service. Which, yes, is easy to say especially when talking to an audience thinking of creating a digital product.

So, if you want to start a side hustle, a service business, an agency, an app, an online course, a business offering consultation services, a startup, a SaaS business, anything one can download (ebooks, mobile apps, plugins, software extensions and add-ons), you should get your salespage written before creating the product or service.

And here is the approach you can take.

You find a freelance contractor on Niabusiness and simply talk to them about:

  • what you want to do
  • why you want to do it
  • who you are targeting and why
  • what you want to offer them (and why you think there is a strong case for them needing what you are trying to offer)
  • numbers (how much you think the people will be okay paying for your product)
  • similar products and services already out there in your niche / segment of the market you want to get into (the goal here is to find a point of differentiation)
  • what it will take you to deliver on your promise
  • how you are going to respond to objections
  • your inbound marketing and outbound marketing strategy
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So, the format of your conversation will be more like an interview, with you opening yourself to being grilled in the different areas I have mentioned above.

This can be done over the phone, live chat, email or a combination of all three. The more information you supply to the contractor the better the end result will be. You want a salespage that make the process of buying as frictionless as possible. The way to achieve that, when you hire a sales page writer, is to supply them with as much information as you can in the areas I have listed above.

Things you can do to enhance your sales page

Add video to the page. You can even decide, like some publishers and companies do, to make a video-only sales page… and eliminate nearly all the text from the page (you eventually publish to your site).

If you want to take this approach, check the Video Creation, Editing & Promotion category on Niabusiness to check listings of contractors you can outsource your video needs to.

Most companies using videos in their sales pages usually just use a one minute to five minute video – hosted on Amazon AWS, Wistia, YouTube or Vimeo – and embedded to the page.

Use a page builder to lay out the page. So, to make your sales page more friendly to the eye, you might want to use a page builder to enhance the visual appeal of all the elements that make up the page.

There are free page builders for most content management systems (Gutenberg or Beaver Builder for sites running on WordPress / WooCommerce). And there are other popular page builders like Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes. Just Dona quick search on the internet to find a builder you like and use it to make your sales pages prettier.

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Use countdown timers. Using scarcity is a technique which has long been used by companies / businesses all over the world to get prospects to whip out their debit / credit cards (or cash) and make a purchase.

Again there are already solutions that can you can use to implement this on your sales pages. Check some of the plugins by Thrive Themes if you want a really well-built countdown timer. Or check for free alternatives in the WordPress plugin repository (or other repository used by whichever CMS powers your website / online shop).

How do I go about hiring a sales page writer online on Niabusiness

Check the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category for listings that are geared towards clients looking for help with sales page writing.

Reply to the listings you like.

Ask to see some of the previous work done by the freelancers you get in touch with.

Narrow down on a few candidates (the ones whose portfolio you like) and just send them a detailed email about what you are looking for.

Then just go about supplying them with as much information as you can (refer to the points I have listed above).

Agree on how much to pay.

Agree on a deadline.

Wait for the work.

Once it has been delivered, simply publish it in your site yourself or see if the freelancer can help you with that as well.

If you see some things that need revision, politely tell the freelancer what needs changing. And once they match your expectations, pay for the work and upload the content to your site.

If you don’t find a listing that matches what you are looking for, place your own ad on Niabusiness (it is free). is free to use. If you like what Niabusiness Entity does, you can send donations of any amount to support the site. Learn more

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