Starting an affiliate niche site? Outsource these tasks to freelancers

Starting an affiliate niche site is one of those ways that keeps getting a lot of attention online. It is one of the best ways know to beginners trying to start making money online. And pros, experts, influencers and gurus in all kinds of niches related to internet marketing will always preach how people can easily start making a few hundred dollars a month with affiliate marketing and simple niche sites.

And every year a lot of people start their journey into affiliate marketing either by building their own niche sites, buying done-for-you niche sites or just incorporating affiliate links in the blogs they already have.

But what if you are just starting out in 2020? Is it still easy to start a profitable niche site? Is publishing review content and monetizing it with Amazon Associates links still a viable way to make money from a site?

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But it takes a lot of work, especially if you are already leading a busy lifestyle. Which is why you see lots of affiliate marketers using freelance marketplaces to find contractors they can outsource work to so they don’t get bogged down with all the processes / tasks that goes towards building a successful affiliate niche site.

So, if you are looking to get your own site off the ground before the year ends, you can take out a few hundred dollars off your pocket / purse / debit card / credit card and get help from a competent freelancer right here on

Why outsource tasks to freelancers as a niche site builder

If you are doing affiliate marketing as a side hustle, as part-time thing to make an extra income, you may want to just focus on your day job and not have these affiliate niche site stuff creep into your work hours.

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If you work 7, 8 or 9 hours at your job, you may find yourself not performing well at your job especially if you have to spend extra hours (up to midnight or 1 am) to work on your new project. To be effective at both, you can just decide to spend some money and outsource parts of the niche building process to online freelancers.

If you don’t want to buy a done for you affiliate niche site, you can stay in control of things by doing the initial research on your own. You can then outsource the content creation, buy web hosting, register a domain and upload the content you outsource to your site yourself or have the freelancer upload it to your site for you.

If you have the money but don’t want to do the work yourself you can outsource almost everything that goes into building a successful and profitable niche site. If you have clear instructions and are willing to pay generously for the tasks you outsource, this can be a good reason to involve freelancers in getting your site off the ground.

To spend some money now to create an asset that you can later sell at a 15 to 30 multiple (of monthly income). If you don’t have the money to buy offline assets that you can hold onto and see later on, you can start your journey to owning a profitable portfolio of digital assets by outsourcing some aspects of niche site creation to freelancers.

You can outsource tasks in the following categories to freelancers

Keyword research tasks.

You can hire someone to analyze your competition for you. If you are going to start a niche site in 2020, you will find that there are already more than two websites or blogs targeting the keywords you want to target.

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You can get a freelance researcher to help you come up with a list of profitable keywords other sites are already targeting and monetizing with affiliate links. They can run these keywords in keyword research and competition analysis tools to help you figure out:

  • The long tail keywords to go after first
  • The average length of blog posts ranking on page one for review related keywords
  • The keyword difficulty scores of some of the search terms you want to go after in your chosen niche (so you know what it will take to rank with or without links to the specific pages you eventually publish to your site).

WordPress related tasks.

You can hire freelancers to add your nameservers to your domain name, add a free SSL certificate, install WordPress, install WordPress plugins & themes and configure everything so you can just start posting content.

Generally, you can hire someone to make your site SEO ready – add SEO plugins, configure the plugins, change permalinks, verify your site with Google Search Console and add Google Analytics code.

Design tasks.

Here you can hire someone to create the features images you will use in your posts (informational content, lists and product review posts). You can also get someone to create a logo and a favicon for your affiliate niche site.

Content writing tasks.

Most niche site owners usually turn to freelance writers for review content. Once they do their keyword research and create outlines for various posts, they will turn to freelance writers to create the full article. You can also hire someone to create content for your site.

Writers can create lists reviewing some of the top products in your niche, create posts reviewing just one product each or create pillar posts that can later be used when you are reaching out to other sites to get links.

Link building tasks.

You can outsource your outreach and guest posting needs to a freelancer at an affordable monthly budget. You can get someone to build links to your top list posts or to some of the informational content you have already published.

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Email marketing tasks.

If you want to also build an email list off your niche site, you can hire someone to create a lead magnet, write the copy for your email sign up boxes or create the actual emails you will be sending periodically to your email subscribers.

Video production tasks.

If you want to take advantage of the second.most popular search engine, YouTube, you can hire someone to create videos for your product reviews to accompany the blog posts you have already ordered for your niche site. The videos you publish on YouTube can then be embedded in your posts too.

To hire freelancers for your affiliate niche site here are the categories you should check

To hire content writers, check the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category on Niabusiness Classifieds.

To hire someone to build your site, install plugins and themes, check the WordPress Services for Blogs & Websites category.

To hire a graphic designer, check the Graphics, Design & Logos category.

To hire someone to help you build links to your niche site, check the Outreach, Link Building & SEO category.

To hire someone to start or help you grow your email list, check the Email Marketing category.

To hire someone to create and edit your video reviews, check the Video Creation, Editing & Promotion category.

If you are looking for something more specific in any of the categories listed above, use the Place Ad feature on the website to create your ad for free. Freelancers on the site interested in working with you will then use the reply to ad link on your ad to get in touch with you. is free to use. If you like what Niabusiness Entity does, you can send donations of any amount to support the site. Learn more

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