How to advertise online freelance jobs in Kenya

If you have a task you want to outsource to freelancers in Kenya there are many platforms you can go to to post your ad. One such place is Niabusiness. And in this article I am going to share some ideas you can use when looking for freelancers you can hire.

On Niabusiness, you can place an ad for free on any of the categories listed in the homepage.

What are the most important things you should know about when creating an ad

Your target audience. When creating an ad on the site, you want to make sure you give it the best chance of being seen by the intended audience. You want to make sure the right people browsing the listings on the site see it.

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And here is what you can do.

Narrow in on a category, one category. So, before you even create the ad itself, take a look at the twenty or so categories on the homepage to determine the appropriate one for the freelance job / task you want to create a listing for.

Next, think of a title for your ad. You want it to be short, specific and descriptive enough. So, nothing too fancy. And nothing that is laden with too many keywords either. Just something natural, something that makes sense.

Once you are done creating a title for your ad, it is time to focus on the content that will go in the description area. You can use 100 words or even 500 words in the ad description area. The reason why gives you this much room is because you might be interested in something really specific and therefore need more words to really capture the nature of the project / task you need help with.

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In the description area you can add details about:

  • The problem you are experiencing
  • The solution you are looking for
  • The person you are looking for (and the people you don’t want to reply to your ad)
  • When you want the work to be completed (deadlines)
  • Why you are outsourcing the work
  • How you will gauge success on a project
  • How you want to be contacted
  • Your current setup (system / plugins / extensions)

Just add as much detail as possible. To quickly fill up the description area, just come up with a list of things touching on some of the areas I have listed above.

Ad examples for when you are looking for freelancers for hire in various categories

If you are looking for a WordPress developer for example, you can go to the Coding, Programming, Web & App Dev category and place an ad with a title such as ‘Looking for a WordPress theme developer to customize my site’s theme’ or create an ad along the lines of ‘Need a WordPress plugin developer to create a WooCommerce extension for my online shop’.

If you are looking for a freelancer writer, you can create an ad that reads something like this: ‘Looking for a content writer for review content in the consumer electronics space’ or an ad that is more general, for example: ‘Looking for a freelance writer for my blog’ or something like ‘Need a blogger for hire for my business website’.

You can then place these ads in the Freelance Writer / Content Creators, WordPress or WooCommerce categories – though it is recommended that you place all writing related ads in the Freelance Writers category.

If you are looking for a bookkeeper, you can place an ad in the Incorporation, Bookkeeping / Accounting category. You can use titles like ‘Looking for an accountant’ or ‘Looking for a bookkeeper for online businesses’ or ‘Looking for a bookkeeper that is proficient in QuickBooks’ or ‘Need help with my Xero accounting’.

If you want help with your online ad campaigns, you can place an ad in the Ad Management category with titles such as ‘Need help scaling my Facebook ad campaigns’ or ‘Looking for a PPC expert to help with Google Ads’.

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If you want to hire someone to help you with your customers, you can place an ad with a title along the lines of ‘Looking for customer support help’, ‘Need someone to man our live chat’ or ‘Need someone to respond to customer emails’.

If you are looking for someone to help you with outreach, you can place an ad in the Outreach, Link Building & SEO category with titles like these:’Looking for an outreach expert to help with broken link building’ or ‘Looking for a link building expert to help me with guest posting’.

If you want to advertise a virtual assistant job, place an ad in the VA category with a title such as this ‘Need a VA for my Amazon affiliate niche sites’ or ‘Looking for a VA for my e-commerce business’.

If you want to outsource work in the Audio Transcription & Podcast Service category, you can create something along the lines of ‘Need someone to transcribe my podcasts’ or ‘Need a transcriptionist for my podcast’.

If you are switching hosts, you can place an ad that reads ‘Looking for someone to help me move my site from my current host to HostGator‘ or ‘Need help moving my WordPress site to Bluehost‘ or ‘Need help moving my website to Kenya Web Experts‘.

If you need help adding email sign up forms on your website, you can place an ad in the Email Marketing category with a title like this: ‘Help me add lead magnet image to my email sign up forms’, or ‘Help me integrate MailerLite to MailMunch plugin’ or ‘Need help setting up OptinMonster email sign up forms on my blog’.

In the Social Media Marketing category, you can place ads with titles like ‘Looking for someone to help me moderate my Facebook group’ or ‘Looking for someone to update my Facebook page’ or ‘Looking for someone to connect my social media accounts to my blog’.

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If you are looking for someone to help you with your video production needs, you can place an ad in the Video category with titles such as ‘Looking for someone to create animation videos’ or ‘Looking for someone to turn a blog post into a video’.

If you have a job, if you are outsourcing a task, if you are looking for a freelancer to help you with a project, make sure to add words such as ‘Looking for’, ‘Help’ and ‘Need’ in your ad title to help people using the Browse Ads page on to differentiate between ad listings from employers (outsourcing work) and those of online freelancers (looking for work).

How to place an ad for an online freelance job on Niabusiness: a summary

Figure out all the details about what you want to outsource (the problem & solution you want) before you start creating your ad.

Determine which category the ad will go into when you submit it to Niabusiness for approval.

Come up with a title for the online job you want freelancers on Niabusiness to see. Use words such as ‘looking for’ and ‘need help with’ to differentiate your ad from those places by people looking for work.

Use the Place Ad option on the site to create a title, description and add an image (optional).

Select the appropriate category for your listing.

Enter your name (or name of your business), your phone number and email.

Check the details of your ad to make sure everything is okay.

Submit your ad on Niabusiness.

Once it is approved, you will receive an email telling you so.

Freelancers will start seeing our listing and reply to your ad if they are interested in working with you.

Remember that placing an ad on this website is free. is free to use. If you like what Niabusiness Entity does, you can send donations of any amount to support the site. Learn more

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