How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales

We have all heard it said before by at least one internet marketer that the money is in the list – meaning that all sales sent to an engaged list of email subscribers usually brings in more money for publishers and small businesses than sales from pitches made through other avenues.

The journey, to marketing to email subscribers, usually starts by building a targeted email list, adding the right opt-in forms (in places on your site where conversions from readers to subscribers are likely to be higher) and pairing them with high quality lead magnets.

As you try to put all these pieces together and are out there looking for solutions (plugins, ideas for lead magnets and email marketing service providers), I just want to bring your attention to one of the best performing features in lead generation software / apps that can help you grow your email list quickly – OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent technology.

 Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

What is OptinMonster

It is a lead generation software / an email marketing software that businesses can use to capture leads from their websites and blogs.

It can be used on all website platforms including e-commerce platforms like Shopify and it also has a WordPress plugin – so it can be used on WordPress sites as well.

Learn more about it here.

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Get to know more about all its features because in this article I am only going to talk about one of its popular features: exit intent popups.

OptinMonster Exit-Intent technology

If you have been to a few blogs over the years, you have probably noticed pop-ups that show up on the screen right when you are about to click on the X button (on the top right side of your web browser) to close a tab / window.

The popups usually ask you to leave your information (first name and email address for example) and on the popup is usually an enticing offer (free ebook, guide, online course delivered by email or a coupon code / discount). And you might have probably given your information to multiple sites, employing this tactic, over the years.

Now that you are in a position where you run your own blog / website or online shop, and knowing how effective this tactic can be in generating leads, you are probably here trying to learn more about it (and to find some of the best solutions out there that you can pay for and use on your own site).

One of the best solutions in the market right now is OptinMonster.

Their exit-intent technology tracks and monitors user behaviour and when it detects that a user is about to leave your site triggers a popup to be shown to them with an enticing offer that will likely keep them on the site longer – and convert them into an email subscriber.

Just using this technology on your site can convert an additional two to four percent of people leaving your site into email subscribers according to OptinMonster.

If you run an online store you can show exit-intent popups on your site to encourage your site visitors to not abandon their carts.

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You can use the popups to encourage prospective buyers to go all the way, bringing more sales your way (for example by showing them coupon codes when they are about to leave or offering them a chance to chat with your customer support team / agent via live chat).

This is one of those technologies that has been proven to be so effective at reducing cart abandonment and capturing more leads at no extra cost to you.

Get the OptinMonster software (it works with WordPress, Shopify and other content management systems), install it and just start creating exit-intent popups (for different pages, blog posts, product pages, custom post types, or to deploy some popups sitewide or by post category / product category).

Ideas to help you create awesome exit intent Popups that drive sales

If you want to learn how to boost conversions with Exit Intent Popups, here are some tips you can use when creating popups with OptinMonster lead generation software.

Take a look at your popular posts and create lead magnets specific to them.

Or if you run a store, say using WooCommerce, instead of just using exit intent Popups to show the same coupon code on all products, give all your popular products (or just the top ten per category), popups with coupon codes specific to each of them.

Go into your Google Analytics dashboard or MonsterInsights dashboard within WordPress to check all the popular search terms people type on Google and other search engines before they arrive on your blog / ecommerce store.

You might find pretty good ideas for lead magnets (free tools, calculators, ebooks or free online courses).

Once you come up with enough ideas it will then just be a matter of creating them and making them available on your site using different popups strategically placed on different pages and posts you have already published.

For multi-niche blogs or e-commerce websites selling lots of different products, consider creating different lead magnets for different categories.

For example, if you are a small agency that runs a blog where you teach businesses how to get the most out of their ad spend on Facebook Advertising or Google Ads platform, and you have tens of blog posts on both categories, consider creating two different exit intent popups targeted at the specific needs of people using either the Facebook or Google advertising platform.

This way you will get more qualified and targeted subscribers into your email lists, leading to higher engagement and even better conversion rates from subscribers to paying clients (those who opt to hire you to help them create and manage their campaigns on either of these two platforms).

Learn more about OptinMonster here. Get a license and start enjoying its exit intent technology on your site.

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