Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi likely to lose the 2016 Uganda’s presidential election

The people of the Republic of Uganda today came out in large numbers to vote for their next president – with the winner likely to be either Kizza Besigye (of Forum for Democratic Change – FDC) or the incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (of National Resistance Movement) – who has been in power since 1986.

Museveni likely to get another five year term as president

Many believe that NRM’s Museveni is still likely to get another five year term in office despite the challenge posed by the opposition – especially Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Among the supporters of the various candidates for president this year, their hopes are on the leader they are supporting – and they are waiting for nothing but a win when Uganda’s Electoral Commission announces the final results.

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Besigye has tried many times to root Museveni out of power and bring the change he and his supporters crave.

This year, even though many saw the opposition as divided and unlikely to cause such a dent that may send the incumbent home, Besigye and his supporters have come out stronger.

Given the sometimes violent and uncouth measures the security apparatus has used when dealing with him and his supporters since last year (2015) it can be said that he poses a bigger threat to Museveni’s hold on power than any other time before.

But will Kizza Besigye finally win the election and become the next president of Uganda?

Many hope so. Many of his supporters and many Ugandans who have voted for NRM before but are now tired of the many promises they keep hearing from Museveni every election year.

Besigye and his supporters are also aware of the resources the incumbent has put in place to ensure that (a win for him) never happens – just as has been the case with previous elections.

And though many hope he wins this time around, they also deeply feel some doubt inside them.

They look at the opponent Besigye is against and know that he is serious about another five year term even after all these years as the head of state.

They look at the many events happening and the flimsy reasons given for their occurrence and they realize that the impartiality and non-partisanship the electoral body is talking about is just that – talk.

They look at the brutality and the arrests. The many barriers the police are throwing Besigye’s way and they know the fight for the top seat is not going to be an easy one.

So, they hope. Hope for a win. But also know that the opponent is working hard to achieve two things:

  • to let them hope – but also let it come with a shroud of doubt
  • to let them hope – but lose the election anyway

All they can do is pray that things go well. That turmoil doesn’t find its way to peaceful Uganda. And that no matter what happens; justice and truth prevails during and after the elections.

Today, Ugandans – those who voted – and those who, for one reason or another, didn’t vote – are glued to their television screens and listening to the results streaming in and incidents happening around the country – hoping no one is tampering with the real tallies.

They are praying for a better life to follow once the elections are over and the winners in various positions take their duties seriously doing what is necessary to deal with some of the things that are ailing this nation – like corruption that has slowed growth of the economy and either directly (or indirectly) affected the lives of the people of Uganda.

Calm for now, a win in the next election

So, even if Besigye loses again for now we pray for calm in Uganda.

He can, no matter how hard this is painful to listen to, win in the next election!

If he wins then a new chapter for Uganda will begin this year or the next – nobody really knows.

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