Telkom Kenya My Account menu: my balance, number, Ziada points & credit transfer

I have been writing a few posts about Telkom Kenya products and services here and there. And I have a new one for you. This post explores the various options you get when you dial *100# to access the Telkom Kenya My Account menu.

The My Account menu is listed at the top (at the time of writing this post it is listed as option number 1).

Which means you can simply dial *100*1# to quickly:

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Let’s dive deeper into each of these four options:

Telkom Kenya check my balance

Use this option to check your airtime, Ziada and data bundle balance. The options works on the old Orange lines as well as the new Telkom Kenya lines. Any time, you want to know the following, just dial *100# > Choose option 1:My Account > and select 1:My balance.

  • airtime balance on your prepaid Telkom Kenya line. Learn more here.
  • check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance. Learn more here.
  • check PEWA Advanced Airtime and data bundle balance. Learn more here
  • check Telkom Kenya airtime expiry date and data bundle validity
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Alternative shortcodes:

  • Dial the same USSD code Airtel Kenya customers use to get their account balance, *131#
  • Dial *123#, choose the My Account option then select the option that says My balance. If you are running low on airtime, here’s how to top up your Telkom line.

Know my Telkom Kenya number

Use this option if you want to know your Telkom Kenya phone number.

To get your number, dial *100#. Select the My Account option. Then choose option 2: My number.

You can use this method on any Orange / Telkom Kenya SIM card… Easy way to get your number whenever you need it or if someone asks for it.

Alternative USSD code:

  • Dial *123# to access the My Account menu. Then simply select the My number option.

Get my Telkom Kenya Ziada points balance / redeem points

Telkom Kenya has a reward scheme service similar to Safaricom’s Bonga. With Bonga, Safaricom customers are able to enroll for, earn and redeem points (Bonga Points).

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Telkom Kenya subscribers are also able to do the same: to enroll for Telkom Ziada service and earn points every time they use any of Telkom’s voice, text and internet services.

The points you accumulate as a Telkom subscriber can then be redeemed (provided they are sufficient) any time you want.

Use this option to:

  • enroll to the Ziada reward scheme if you haven’t
  • check your Ziada Points balance
  • redeem your Ziada Points (get airtime you can use across networks, get data bundles or get devices such as the Telkom Kenya 4G MI-FI router)

To access the Ziada Points option:

  • Dial *100#.
  • Go to option 1: My Account.
  • Go to option 4: Ziada.

Alternative USSD codes

  • Dial *123# to access the My Account > Ziada Points menu.
  • Dial *133# to check your Ziada Points balance.

Telkom Kenya credit transfer to another phone number

Use this option on your Telkom line to transfer airtime (from your account) to another Telkom Kenya number. This service is similar to Safaricom Sambaza airtime service. Want to use it? Follow the instructions below:

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 1:My Account
  • Select option 3:Credit transfer
  • Enter the amount to be transferred (say 50)
  • Enter recipient phone number
  • Press Send.
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Alternative shortcodes

Use *140# code to transfer airtime to another number. I didn’t know about this but since that is the code used on Safaricom prepaid lines I wanted to see if it works on Telkom Kenya lines as well.

And yes, it does.

So, say you’ve checked your Telkom Kenya account balance (and you have KSh 150 in it) and you want to transfer KSh 50 to another number (say 0773123456), here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Dial *140*50*0773123456# and the number will be credited with 50 Shillings.

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