Telkom Kenya beat yangu

Telkom Kenya beat yangu is a service similar to Safaricom Skiza Tune. You can use it to set up tunes to entertain people whenever they call your Telkom number – at a cost of just Kenya Shillings 1.30 per day.

This post will show you how to buy a beat, search for beats in the different categories on the menu, search for beats by song or artist name, create name tunes, and in the end show you how to unsubscribe / delete a beat.

Categories on the main Beat yangu menu *811#

When you dial *811# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you’ll find all the available beats categorized under the following:

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  1. Ramadhan Azaan. Songs under this category include: istighfar, Sayidul istighfar, kalimah Shahada etc.
  2. Kenya Top 10. Beats under this category, at the time of writing this post, include: nipende vs 1, sawa, rock of my life etc.
  3. Nametunes. Use this to create a beat using your own name.
  4. Gospel. Beats under this category include: Bless The Lord, I Would Rather Have Jesus, I Know Who I Am etc.
  5. International Top 10. Beats under this category include: heal the world interlude, so different, all over etc.
  6. Search. Use this option to search for a song / beat using your name, artist’s name or song title.
  7. Islam. Beats under this category include: quran aayat 5, azaan 3, azaan 4 etc.
  8. Old Skool. Beats under this category include: Secret Lovers, Best Friend, We Are Young etc.
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Navigating the beat yangu menu

When looking at songs / beats under any of the categories listed above:

  • use the number 0 to see more songs (navigate to the next page)
  • use the number 4 to search by song title or artist name
  • use # (hash) to go Back one step
  • use * (asterix) to go to Telkom Beat Yangu Main Menu

On the main beat yangu menu:

  • use numbers 1 to 10 to check the various options listed on the menu
  • use option 3:Nametunes to set a beat using your own name
  • use option 6:Search to find songs using song title / artist name
  • use option 9:Manage My Beats to add / delete beats. This option will only be added in the menu after you purchase a beat
  • use option 10:Unsubscribe to delete a beat you bought. This option is only added to the menu after you buy a beat

How to search for a beat yangu using song/artist name or your own name

There are several ways to search for a beat on the Beat Yangu menu

  1. You can go the main menu, select one of the categories (Ramadhan Azaan, Kenya Top 10, Gospel, International Top 10, Islam or Old Skool), then use option 4:to search for a beat by song/artist name.
  2. You can go to the main menu, select option 6:Search and then type in a song title / artist’s name or your own name. When I type the name of the musician Jua Cali, here are some of the beats I’m shown: Sikupenda Kwangu (Jua Cali) Niimbie (Jua Cali and En). Wyre’s name brings up the following beats: Njoo nami, Everyday, Drift Apart, Nakupenda Pia verse 2, Sina Makosa intro, Chuki outro, Mimi na Ye outro, Chuki, Uprising, Run Dem, Make a Choice, Forgive Me, Hadija, She Say Dat, Good Man & Nafasi.
  3. You can go to the main menu, select option 3:Nametunes, enter your first name and press send. For example when I type the name John, I see options for beats such as 00john, JohnPaul & John_Fre_Name. Of course, if your nametune is missing, you’ll be prompted to ‘Reply with CREATE NT for missing name.’
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How much does a Telkom Kenya beat yangu cost?

A beat costs Kenya Shillings 1.30 per day. In a month that comes to a total of 39 Shillings. So before you buy a beat, check your account balance – see if you have enough airtime. If you don’t there are several way to top up your Telkom line. I’ve listed most of them here.

How to set up a Telkom beat yangu tune

To buy a Telkom beat, use the following USSD codes: *811# OR *100#. With the latter, select option 5 (Products and Services) and then press 4 to access the Beat Yangu menu.

To set up a beat, follow the steps below

  • Dial *811#
  • Select option 2:Kenya Top 10 (this is just an example. You can look for a beat in any of the categories above).
  • Select 1.nipende vs 1 (again this is just an example. You can choose any beat you like)
  • Select Buy Now and wait for the confirmation message.
  • Here’s what the message looks like: You have chosen “nipende vs 1” as your BEAT. You have been charged KSh 1.3 for 1 day. To unsubscribe send DEL 8066318 to 1351. For more songs Dial *811#

What happens after you buy a Telkom beat

  • you’ll receive a text confirmation. In the SMS you’ll find the following details: name of the beat you’ve purchased, the beat code/number, cost of the beat, details on how to unsubscribe & the shortcode to dial if you want to buy another beat.
  • when you dial *811#, you’ll notice something new on the Beat Yangu menu. There’ll be an option to ‘Manage My Beats‘ and another option to ‘Unsubscribe‘.
  • people who call your Telkom phone number will be entertained with the new beat.
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How to unsubscribe from Telkom beat yangu (delete a tune)

Look for the message you were sent after buying a beat. In it you will find the code for the beat you are currently subscribed to. In our example, with the Nipende verse 1 beat above, the code is: 8066318.

  • To unsubscribe, create a new message. Type DEL 8066318
  • Send the message to 1351

Once you send the message, you’ll receive an SMS that looks like this: Your song nipende vs 1 will be deleted shortly. For more songs Dial *811#.

Shortly after, you’ll get another one that reads: Your song nipende vs 1 has been deleted successfully. For more songs dial *811#.

Why would you want to unsubscribe:

  • You no longer want to entertain your callers with the current beat.
  • You want to go back to the default ring-back tone – which costs nothing.
  • You want to keep using the beat yangu service by buying a new beat under one of the categories listed above.
  • You’re strapped for cash and you’d rather spend the KSh 39 per month (KSh 1.30 X 30 days) on Telkom voice, text or data bundles.

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