Safaricom Sambaza Internet: How to share data bundles with another number

There are 2 Safaricom USSD shortcodes you can use to sambaza internet to another Safaricom phone number.

And then there is more than one method to go about accessing the Safaricom Sambaza Internet menu.

In this post, I am going to show you how to share your data via the menus available via *456# or *544#.

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Ready for the step-by-step instructions?

To sambaza internet to another Safaricom line:

  • Dial *544# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your SIM in a modem or router)
  • Select optionĀ 3: Normal Data Bundle WITH EXPIRY
  • Reply with 7 to view MORE items on the menu
    Reply with 98 again to go to the next page on the menu
  • Select option 17: Sambaza Internet
  • Press Send
  • Please enter Internet bundle to Sambaza in MB (between 5 to 10MB) e.g. 9
  • Press Send
  • Enter phone number to Sambaza to e.g. 0704123456
    Press Send
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It’s that easy.

You can use this service:

  • to send a few MBs of data from your smartphone or tablet to your own feature phone to test something – may be to see how a web page is rendered on a feature phone vs. a smartphone.
  • to read articles online. The low end phones usually don’t consume a lot of data. Sometimes if you just want to relax at home and read, 5 or 9 MB on a feature phone can last you several hours. If you use a free web browser like Opera Mini you’ll even consume less data.
  • to send someone with a feature phone data to browse the web – especially those who view their small phones as a library of sorts.
  • to send data to your feature phone – and use all the data to update various apps.
  • to download small files on your feature phone (images, audio, ZIP files, ebooks, PDFs and graphics) and send them to your smartphone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth.

How else can you access the Sambaza Internet menu on your Safaricom line?

  • You can dial *456#
  • Select option 2: Okoa / Sambaza / Please Call Me
  • Select option 4: Sambaza Bundles
  • Please enter Internet bundle to Sambaza in MB (between 5 to 10MB)
  • Press Send
  • And from here follow the steps above (enter amount in MB and recipient’s phone number)
  • Press Send
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If you want other options for sharing your data bundles with another Safaricom number, consider the following:

Buy bundles for the other Safaricom number.


By using the Buy For Other Number option in the *544# Bundles menu – and buying them a Daily, Giga, All in One Bundle, 7 Day, 30 Day or 90 Day bundle.

Or by using the Tunukiwa Gifts -> Buy Gift for a Friend option in the *444# Safaricom Tunukiwa / Offers menu

Also read: How to buy Safaricom bundles online on the portal.

Recommend a bundle to another Safaricom number and send them airtime to purchase it.


First you can send the user airtime via the Sambaza airtime service (or by topping their line via Safaricom M-PESA / scratch card).

After sending them airtime, you can dial *544# to recommend an All in One Bundle via the Earn extra airtime -> Recommend bundle option.

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