Safaricom Okoa more than once and pay later special offer

Today, Tuesday 14th April, I received a text message from Safaricom about a special offer they are going to run this week – an Okoa Jahazi offer where customers can borrow airtime more than once and pay later. And customers don’t have to repay before they can borrow again. The offer is slated for:

  • Wednesday 15th April 2020 and
  • Thursday 16th April 2020

Here is the SMS I received: ‘Special offer this Wed & Thur! Okoa more than once and PAY LATER. You don’t have to repay before you borrow again. Simply dial *131# to enjoy.’

So I suppose customers will go to their Okoa Jahazi menu and encounter one or two of these scenarios. First of all let’s assume the person I will be using in this example, dials *131# and finds they can borrow either KSh 100, 50, 20 and 10 Shillings.

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So during this Okoa special offer period, this person will be able to:


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  • Borrow the maximum amount on that list (so, KSh 100) once and dial the Okoa Jahazi USSD code (*131#) once again to borrow another KSh 100 airtime.
  • Borrow the minimum amount shown on the list – KSh 10 airtime. And be able to borrow that amount one more time (maybe even more than one time).
  • Borrow any amount listed on the menu once they dial *131# and then borrow again but this time around choose a separate amount. So, the first time they might go for the KSh 100 and then they can go to their Okoa Jahazi menu and borrow say KSh 50.

Again remember the rules for Safaricom Okoa Jahazi haven’t changed.

  • There will be an amount deducted immediately you borrow airtime from the mobile phone service provider. So, if you borrow KSh 100, you will pay a service fee of KSh 10 and end up with 90 Shillings in your Okoa Jahazi account.
  • To borrow Safaricom airtime, dial *131#. For the step-by-step instructions, read my article: How to Borrow Airtime via Safaricom Okoa Jahazi.
  • To check your Okoa Jahazi balance, you will just dial *144*44#.
  • All debts will have to be paid within the time stipulated in the SMS you receive once you borrow airtime or Okoa Data. Failure to repay on time, your number will no be allowed to enjoy Okoa Jahazi services for 24 hours. To pay your debt, you will have to simply top up your Safaricom line. If you borrow a total of KSh 100 airtime, you will simply top up your line with 100 Shillings. That will settle your debt.
  • To be able to borrow from Okoa Jahazi, your line must have been active for the last 1 month and used at least 10 Shillings in the past one week.
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So, enjoy the special offer from Safaricom.

Remember again like I said in my previous article on Okoa Jahazi, this service is for emergencies.

So don’t get in too great a debt – especially now that money is tight.

Amid the anxieties and worries most people are already experiencing, let not little debts add more weight to the pressure and financial strain you or your family might already be experiencing.

Use your Safaricom Okoa Jahazi airtime to buy:

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