Safaricom Education Bundle: get free 100MB data

Want to learn more about Safaricom Education Bundle? In this post I am going to show you how you can get free 100MB Elimu Bundle for learning on Viusasa, Longhorn E-learning and Shupavu Web.

With this bundle, you have 100 MB to use as you please on any of the three platforms I have mentioned. Now that children are home you can quickly get them to enjoy the resources available online on the three platforms.

100MB may not seem much at all. But think about it this way: How many people have Safaricom lines in your house? You and your spouse? That is 200MB right there. If your children have older siblings with Safaricom lines, that is an extra 100MB per person (using Safaricom as their mobile phone service provider) in your house.

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Your children can use the data on one device (on a tablet or laptop for example). All you have to do is use the Mobile Hotspot / Wi-Fi feature on your smartphone to share the data with them. If it is not possible, you can just hand them your smartphone for a few minutes – wajibambe waki-learn.

How do you subscribe to Safaricom Education Bundle to get the free 100MB data?


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You can use any of the following USSD shortcodes: *544# or *100#

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 7. Education Bundle
  • Then reply with:
    Option 1: Viusasa
    Option 2: Longhorn E-learning
    Option 3: Shupavu Web


  • Dial *100# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your Safaricom SIM in a modem or router)
  • Select option 9: Buy
  • Reply with 98 to view more options
  • Select option 7: Education Bundle
    Reply with 1 for Viusasa
    Reply with 2 for Longhorn E-learning
    Reply with 3 for Shupavu Web

Other awesome educational resources for you and your family

Wikipedia: give your children access to the online encyclopedia. They can find definitions to various terms, learn the history of various things / concepts / people / inventions, read biographies of noteworthy people in various fields, and find explanations to the tough questions they keep coming to you to answer.

Wikibooks: let your children download books on a variety of topics for free. There are ebooks on sciences, humanities, history, technology, languages, religion, arts and more. The ebooks can be read on any device with a PDF reader – or even a web browser like Chrome or Firefox (especially on laptops and desktop computers).

HowStuffWorks: if you want to give your children access to a resource that goes in-depth on a lot of topics, take them to this website. There is a lot that can be learned from the various articles and videos they publish. There is a lot to be learnt from the various podcasts they host as well.

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YouTube: if you decide to buy data bundles, and maybe use Data Saver mode to make your data last long, there are so many kid-friendly channels on this website – channels where your children can have lots of fun learning new things – in line with what they were getting from school a few weeks ago – before Coronavirus / COVID-19 made it cool to use the hashtag stay home (#StayHome) … na wazae ku-realize Corona si gari tu, ni virus pia. Remember Toyota Corona cars?

Project Gutenberg: this too is another great site with lots of free ebooks on a variety of topics. Download biographies, autobiographies, textbooks, children stories and novels for yourself and your children. The ebooks hosted on this site can be downloaded in a variety of formats (.epub, .pdf, and .mobi) for reading on laptops and other mobile devices with e-readers such as Amazon Kindle, ePub readers or PDF readers like Adobe Reader, Sumatra or Foxit.

And if you’d like to download some of the ebooks I host on Niabusiness, go to the Free Ebooks page.

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