How to check Airtel Kenya tariff: Vuka + Enterprise Prepaid Bundles

I wrote about Airtel Kenya tariffs (how to check which one you are on) in a post I published awhile ago. In that post, I talked briefly about the Vuka tariff – the tariff most Airtel customers are on.

In this post, I am going to talk about another tariff / bundle available to Airtel prepaid customers, Enterprise Prepaid Bundles. Of course, I’m also going to share a few details about the popular Vuka Tariff.

The USSD shortcodes you need to do any of the things I am going to show you below are: *100# and *304#.

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How to check the tariff your Airtel line is on

To check the tariff your prepaid Airtel Kenya phone number is on, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *100# on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using a modem or MiFi router)
  • Select option 3. Manage My Account
  • Select option 7. Tariff
    Wait for a confirmation message with details about the tariff you are on
    The message I received reads: You are on Vuka Tariff. Charges are KSh 4/- min for calls across networks and KSh 2/- min from 10 pm – 8 am for Airtel calls. Excise duty applies.

I made a free call to Airtel Kenya customer care to learn more about the various tariffs available to prepaid customers, and below are a few things you should know:

  • On the call, I was told that there are two sets of tariff plans for prepaid customers Vuka tariff and Enterprise Prepaid Bundles.
  • I also learnt that all new prepaid lines are pre-activated on Vuka tariff.
  • I also learnt that customers on Vuka tariff get charged Kenya Shillings 3 for calls across all networks and KSh 1 for SMS.
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To check & buy Enterprise Prepaid Bundles on Airtel Kenya

  • Dial *304#
  • Reply with 1 to check Enterprise Prepaid Bundles
    Reply with 2 for Individual Prepaid Bundles
    Reply with 3 for Business Club. You can use this option to add or remove numbers for friends and family or for magic numbers.
    Reply with 4 to Check Numbers Added. You can use this option to check the phone numbers you added to your Enterprise Prepaid Bundles menu as friends & family or magic numbers.
    Reply with 5 to Unsubscribe. If you are already subscribed to an Enterprise Prepaid Bundles plan, use this option to unsubscribe.

To buy an Enterprise Bundle

  • Dial *304#
  • Select option 1. Enterprise Prepaid Bundles. To buy the KSh 600 bundle for example, reply with 2 for Biashara KSh 600
    You’ll see this: ‘You have selected subscription plan Biashara KSh 600. This action will transfer 600 from your account.’
    Reply with 1 to confirm your purchase

Here’s the list of all the bundles

  1. Biashara KSh 400
  2. Biashara KSh 600
  3. Biashara KSh 800

Under the Individual Prepaid Bundles, is a bundle for KSh 500 called the Jamii bundle. To purchase it:

  • Dial *304#
  • Reply with 2 for Individual Prepaid Bundles
  • Select option 1. For Jamii KSh 500 OR option 2 to Add Friends and Family
  • Enter 1 to confirm your purchase
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Buying any of the Enterprise bundles listed above gets you minutes and SMS for a month.

Before you make a purchase, learn about the different ways to top up your line. If you are not running low on airtime, just scroll up and follow the steps above to check your tariff / buy a bundle.

That’s all for now.

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