How to get Airtel Kenya PUK: own number vs. another phone number

What happens when you want to get your Airtel Kenya PUK code but can’t access the plate / card that has all these details on it?

You know the plate your SIM card is attached to when you first buy an Airtel line?

The card with your PIN, PUK and SIM serial number on it?

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You can use another Airtel line (by dialing the USSD shortcode *100#) to begin the process of recovering your SIM’s PUK code so you can unblock your line.

I am going to show you how to do this for your line or another Airtel line below.

How to get PUK code for your own Airtel number

  • Dial *100# on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Select option 2. Get PUK
  • Select option 1. Own Number
  • Enter your registered ID / passport number e.g. 27345621
    You’ll see this notification: ‘You have entered 27345621
  • Reply with 1 to confirm
    Your PUK Code will be sent to you on SMS shortly, Thank you!
    Here’s an example of the text message Airtel will send you: ‘Dear customer your PUK is 34895872.’
    You can keep a copy of the text message (in your phone’s memory), in case you want quick access to your PUK code in the future.
    You can also write the code in a notebook and tuck it somewhere safe just in case a day arrives when you may want quick access to the code.
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How to get PUK code for another Airtel Kenya phone number

You can use this menu, when:

  • Helping another Airtel Kenya subscriber who has entered the wrong PIN three times and now are trying to unblock their SIM card – before they can reset the PIN.
  • You want to use someone else’s line (could be a family member or a friend) to get your SIM’s PUK code.

To get the code:

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 2. Get PUK
  • Select option 2. Another Number
  • Enter the other Airtel mobile number using the format 07********
  • Enter the registered ID / passport number against the phone number you’ve entered above
  • Reply with 1 to confirm

What next after getting the PUK code

  • Reset your PIN. Use something you can easily remember. It could be a variation of the old PIN or something entirely different.
  • Note down your PUK code somewhere and keep the record safe.
  • Top up and keep enjoying various Airtel Kenya voice, text and data products.

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