Hiring SEO experts in Kenya on the Niabusiness freelancers platform

If you own a website or blog, you think about SEO a lot (if organic search is one of those things you depend on so much for traffic / customers).

If you are reading this, you have probably come across lots of resources on how to improve your on-page and off-page SEO.

And you definitely know that search engine optimization is big – it has spawned a whole industry. There are countless SEO agencies even here in Kenya just making money helping clients rank their pages high on search engines.

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You have probably come across some, with packages on lots of different things SEO-related (web 2.0 backlinks, guest post backlinks, blogger outreach packages, link detoxification services, site audit services and other types of optimization services targeted at bloggers and owners of small business websites yearning for those top spots on local search).

At Niabusiness, you can hire a freelancer to help you optimize your blog and website for search (Google Search, Bing, Duckduckgo, Ask, Yandex among other places people usually go to look for stuff online).

You can get someone to help you push your domain authority up.

You can find someone to optimize your webpages – to give them a better chance at ranking as high as possible on search engine results pages (on Google.com, Google.co.ke, Bing.com, Duckduckgo.com among others).

Just check the Outreach, Link Building & SEO PPC Ads category and reply to listings more in line with what you are looking for.

If you just need content, to outsource content creation, check the Freelance Writers category.

Why outsource your SEO needs to a freelancer in Kenya

To tap into somebody’s expertise and network. You will find freelancers that have already established relationships with bloggers behind sites you might be interested in getting mentions from.

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If you want to push your articles up the rankings on Google, it makes sense sometimes to slow down on reading posts to learn the SEO stuff yourself (so you can implement what you learn) and just pay someone way ahead on the tactics and strategies that work to help you – garner more quality links for example.

I am not suggesting you don’t spend time to learn about SEO, all I am saying is that sometimes you can outsource work to a freelancer (more experienced in outreach, link building and conversions for example) while you learn.

So, instead of learning before you can implement and get results, you can just get results while learning the SEO game yourself.

To quickly move to the next project. If you plan for example on building multiple websites, blogs, niche affiliate sites reviewing products, you can just do the initial work of writing reviews (can outsource that too) and once you have a decent number of posts published, say ten to fifty articles, you can then turn to someone to help you with outreach and link building while you hop onto your next project.

For time constraint reasons. Yes, everybody has 24 hours each day – but sometimes your commitments may not allow you to spend a substantial amount of time focusing on optimizing your site (articles, products pages, landing pages) for on-page and off-page SEO.

So, if you have money and get someone willing to trade some of their time to help you get the results you want (higher rankings on search), outsourcing then becomes a really good idea.

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If you are in such a position, check the listings in the Outreach, Link Building and SEO category to find a freelancer to outsource your SEO work to.

To test the services you might get from an agency versus those you might get from a freelancer you hire to just work for you. This is especially a great idea for potential clients with many sites in their portfolio.

After all, even offline, you do use different brands of products in the same categories (smartphones, laptop, tomato sauce, appliances, financial products or even books).

So, if you have the budge to conduct such a test, to see which one gives you the best return for your money, it is time to outsource.

To help climb up search results in competitive niches by creating a small team. The team can just be you and one freelancer. Or you and two or three freelancers. You might build 20 links to your site for example and have the freelancer create another 10 or 20.

The compounded effort from your team will help your site inch closer to the top (of page one top 10 / 100) for keywords with a high difficulty score.

For keyword research purposes and competition analysis. This makes a lot of sense especially if you are a small business and you don’t see the need to heavily invest money on SEO tools (keyword research tools, backlinks checkers, competition analysis, headline optimization & keyword suggestions tools) paying a recurring amount of money monthly for access.

You can just use the money here on Niabusiness.com to hire someone who already has those tools – and just focus on getting results from the work they do for you.

So, instead of spending Kenya Shillings 2000 to 5000 (20 to 50 dollars) on a piece of software every month, that money can go straight into the pockets of a freelancer (in return for links or whatever it is you want them to do for you).

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Things you can outsource online to an SEO expert

  1. Link building. Getting dofollow and some nofollow links from authoritative sites back to pages on your own site. You can get help with broken link building and tap into some of the other techniques they already use to acquire quality links from other sites for their own properties (or sites owned by clients they have worked with before).
  2. Site audit and on-page optimization. So, checking to make sure your site ticks as many boxes as possible on the SEO front (on-page especially). So, checking if your article headlines are optimized to rank well on search, checking your article descriptions, checking how you format your content (images, H2s, internal links, other media and the quality of the actual text within your pages and posts).
  3. Search indexing. So, verifying your blog or website with Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console (GSC) and the like. They can add the verification code to your site after adding your domain as a property on the GSC account associated with your Gmail address. And then they can submit an XML sitemap for your site as well. Or request indexing for old or new pages you have already published to your site.
  4. Suggestions for growth. For example you can grant a freelancer access to your Google Analytics account (or Jetpack Site Stats) and get back a report detailing areas you can focus on for growth (more unique visitors, pageviews or sales).

To hire an SEO freelancer, go here.

If you don’t see a listings that ticks all the boxes for you, create your ad, and let the freelancers using Niabusiness get in touch with you.

From there it is just a matter of deciding on one or two – or the number your budget can accommodate.

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