To start a blog in Kenya what do I need to get started?


Say I have Kenya Shillings 5000 to 10000 and I want to start a blog in Kenya, can you tell me the things I need in order to get started?

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I see you have enough money to get started. Actually the amounts you have mentioned more than covers everything you will need. I am assuming you also have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or can get to a computer with internet access at a cyber cafe near you.

Now, here are the things you will need.

A domain name. So, for example on this blog the domain is and Daily Nation newspaper’s domain name is The .com and are popular domain extensions in Kenya. You can get yours for a yearly fee – usually KSh 1000.

Next, you will need to buy a web hosting plan. You can get decent hosting for Starter sites for as little as KSh 2100 per year.

Next, you will have to install the self-hosted version of WordPress. It is free.

Next, you just write content / blo posts, publish them on your blog and promote them on search engines and on the various social media platforms you use.

And I you need someone who can help you with all these, let me know.

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