Online company registration in Kenya and related services (permits, KRA & business names)

Need help with online company registration in Kenya? Below is a list of three providers that can help you. Get in touch with them if you want to register a company as a Kenyan or a foreigner. Get help creating your articles of association and memorandum among other services. Full list below.

1 . Online company registration and business consultancy

Enock / / 0790406424

Do you need help registering a limited company in Kenya? Or do you need help creating a sole proprietorship / partnership?

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I can help you:

  • With business name registration and name searches
  • Start your limited company
  • Upgrade your partnership / sole proprietor business to a limited company
  • With foreign limited company registration (with a Kenyan director / nominee director / fully owned by foreign nationals)
  • With business consultancy and coaching
  • With your certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association
  • With company KRA PIN and KRA tax compliance certificate
  • With VAT obligation registration
  • With Lipa na M-PESA account registration
  • With your business design needs (logo, website and business cards)
  • With domain name, web hosting and company email
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To tell me what you need help with, send me a message on WhatsApp or reply to this ad and I will get your email.

2 . Online company registration in Kenya and related services (permits, KRA & business names)

BizBrokersKenya / / 0700176096

Do you want to register a company in Kenya online? Or need to be a sole proprietor? Or create a partnership? Or are you a foreigner looking for help with immigration / permits and company registration? I can help you with:

  • Business name registration / name searches
  • Limited company registration (plus KRA PIN, VAT, company seal and bank account opening)
  • Registering trademarks and patents in Kenya
  • Getting permits / immigration (investor permits, work permits, special pass, citizenship and exhibition VISA)
  • Local company registration
  • Foreign company registration
  • Public company registration
  • Shelf companies
  • Winding up and de-registration of companies (or of business names, sole proprietorship and partnerships)
  • Cessation / de-registration of business names
  • AGPO / YAGPO registration
  • Converting a business name / sole proprietorship to a limited company
  • Recruitment agency, NCA, society and microfinance registration
  • Increase of nominal capital
  • Limited liability partnerships registration
  • Converting a sole proprietorship to a limited company
  • Business permit registration
  • Property registration
  • Filing of company annual returns with KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority)
  • Registration of trusts and charitable foundations
  • Film licensing
  • Communications Authority of Kenya compliance
  • Product certification services
  • Due diligence (Company records searches and background checks)
  • Document attestation and legalization in Kenya
  • Company registration in Uganda
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Send me a message on WhatsApp or email (by replying to this ad) with details about what you need help with.

3 . Business registration & company incorporation in Kenya

Incorporator by Genius Executives / / 0708111222

Do you need help with registering a company, business name, sole proprietorship or partnership in Kenya? Or just need help staying in compliance with various government bodies such as KRA?

I can help you with the following:

  • Name search / company name reservation
  • Business name reservation / search
  • Start a single owner company – Limited company registration
  • KRA tax returns filing
  • Create a foreign owned subsidiary company
  • Get an investor work permit
  • Virtual office (that will act as your postal / physical address)
  • Registration of associations, clubs / societies
  • SACCO registration
  • Charity foundation registration
  • Starting a licensed real estate agency
  • Starting a licensed broadcasting company
  • Starting a HR agency
  • Starting a garage and automobile dealership
  • Starting a publishing firm
  • School registration
  • Starting a payment processing company
  • Starting a security firm
  • Starting a telecommunications firm
  • Starting a bar and restaurant
  • Starting a licensed pharmacy
  • Become a licensed petroleum reseller
  • Become a licensed tour operator
  • EPZ registration
  • Start a manufacturing company (trademark registration etc.)
  • Start a credit lending company
  • Start a general trade company
  • Register a construction company
  • Start a ready to tender company (AGPO certification)

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