How to wake up early in the morning: 3 things you must understand first

What happens if you have been waking up late in the day and now want to wake up early in the morning?

Two things:

  1. You get resources like ebooks, courses, books or a blog post like this one to find tips you can use. At this point, you actually take a very critical step in your quest to make a few changes to your mornings
  2. You decide to immediately put into use all of these things you’ve learned. Perhaps one of the toughest things to do, but one that you must certainly do if you really want the change (and the benefits that come with it) you seek

Here at, there are a lot of tips in the various articles I’ve published. I draw from my experiences, sharing tips and strategies that may seem difficult to follow especially when you want to make these swift changes in your life. The good thing is that they work.

For you to come out to learn how to make this change to your mornings means that you are certainly tired of something – and want to be up early to avoid such.

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For example, one of the things, apart from my reason why, that somehow makes waking up early enticing to me is the realization that my days don’t seem short when I wake up early in the morning. Something I like.

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I don’t know if you have had this feeling before, where you wake up very late and the day just seems to vanish fast before your eyes. Before you know it, it is night time and you wonder how different the day would have been, say if you were out of bed at six o’clock sharp.

A few things worth noting

1. Going to bed earlier may not mean you’ll instantly start waking up early

Really? Yes. Some think that just by going to bed early, waking up early will be easier. This can be true. But there will be times that no matter how early you go to bed, you’ll have trouble either getting to sleep or waking up the next day.

This happens especially if you haven’t yet made it a priority to try your best to go to bed at the same time most of the days. I am not saying that going to bed at the same time every single day is the answer here. But it helps.

2. More hours of sleep doesn’t not mean getting out of bed will become easier

This is one of the other things that cause a lot of confusion. Getting more hours may mean more rest, and is something actually recommended by many experts. When you sleep a few extra hours (which could mean that you start sleeping earlier than you are used to) it is presumed that waking up should be easy.

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In fact, even an alarm clock may not be needed. But I’ve found out that there were times when those few extra hours left me tired and made getting out of bed difficult. I had a good night sleep, compared to some nights where I slept fewer hours. But the feeling when morning came (in both scenarios) was the same in some instances.

That tells you something? The number of hours of sleep you get each night plays a big role on how early you get to wake up, but there are certainly a few more things to be considered.

3. It is easier to wake up early, when you are clear about what you want to do the moment you wake up

It’s better to plan ahead, at night, the day before than to wake up and waste precious time trying to figure out what you should be doing with those few extra hours.

Sleeping, knowing what you are going to wake up to is a powerful way to make waking up early a habit.

It has to start with proper planning, and this you can do a few minutes or hours before you go to bed. Because there will be days when nothing, except your motivations, will convince you to disregard your feelings, cut your sleep short and jump out of bed.

Waking up early is not an event. It is neither something you master in a day, if you have had difficulty with it before.

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First, you must want to do it once, twice, three times…and just keep going. If you do it once or just 7 days in a row then stop, you may not be convinced of how good and rewarding this change can be to you.

If you try waking up too early and end up sleeping a ton during the day, you may not see the difference you want in your life, in fact you may turn into this person who hates waking early, with a passion.

Take it slow

If you are used t waking up at 8 am, you can start waking up at 4 am, but it would be better if you inch closer to 4 am a step at a time.

That could mean training yourself to wake half an hour earlier every couple of days or weeks, adjusting slowly…noticing changes and learning more about what works for you.

Picking a formula that someone says works great for them would be a fantastic idea, and it could work for you. But when you don’t make changes to it that is in line with who you are as a person, you’ll ditch it before long and start looking for answers again.

The best way to wake up early in the morning?

Plan, the night before.

Create a successful morning before you even go to bed.

Anything you do before or after you get to bed that may have a spill over effect should be contained or done away with completely.

Different people have different things that keep them late and rob them of their mornings. Find your thing. Contain it. Change when it is scheduled, or do away with it, if it is not that important.

Most importantly, think deeply about why you want to do this.

What’s making it difficult for you to rise up early?

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