Hiring online freelancers to help with your YouTube channel in Kenya: 5 things they can help you with

If you run your own YouTube channel in Kenya you have probably wondered how things would be like if you got help managing various aspects of your channel – be it on the creation or marketing side of things.

Perhaps you have ran some numbers on your head, and some of these conclusions have come to your mind:

  • you can spend less time managing and growing your channel and focus more on your family or other pre-existing commitments (full-time job, school, professional development etc.) once you start outsourcing to freelancers.
  • you can accelerate the rate at which you grow your viewership and subscriber numbers. For example if you spend less time editing videos, brainstorming ideas, doing keyword research, writing titles & descriptions, coming up with tags, uploading videos to YouTube and beginning the initial promotion by sharing new videos on social networking sites / search engines like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • you can gradually increase your ad revenue. If you have someone helping you with your channel, chances are you will find yourself in a place where you are able to create more content on a weekly basis – which obviously will result in more video views, subscribers, ad clicks and money.
  • you can spend more time collaborating with other YouTubers – and cross-share the work you create as JV partners (joint venture) on your channels, Facebook pages or on platforms like Tiktok.
  • you can spend more time looking for brands in Kenya (and internationally) you can promote. It is easier (if you use help from freelancers) to reach a critical mass where businesses and companies can agree to you becoming one of their brand ambassadors on YouTube.
  • you can spin off some of your videos into audio podcasts and take advantage of other big platforms to grow your reach / brand (think Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify among others).
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And it all starts by you figuring out the areas you need help with – the bits you can outsource to freelancers.

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Once you figure out what you need help with, it is then just a matter of coming up with a short but detailed outline of what you’d expect from someone you outsource work to.

Here are 5 things online freelancers on Niabusiness can help you with as a YouTube channel owner

Online research. Keyword ideas, ideas for new videos – these are just some of the things that take a long time to come up with, but can be outsourced successfully.

If you want your videos to rank well on YouTube search engine results pages, using the right keywords and descriptions will put you miles ahead of many people going after the same keywords / audience as you.

So, what you can do, is think of the next 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 videos you want to publish and then hire a freelancer to go do an analysis if you – to suggest keywords you can use for the specific topics you want to cover in your videos.

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You can even ask them if they can go down the YouTube rabbit hole and get some headline ideas you can incorporate in your future videos.

Content repurposing. You can contract somebody to watch your videos and turn them into other content formats e.g. blog posts.

Repurposing content is such a simple, yet a powerful and effective way to grow your audience. The blog posts that are created as a result of repurposing can then be published on your blog.

If you like, you can use them as guest posts on other high domain authority blogs and websites.

So, as your channel (and subscriber numbers) grows, your blog (and email subscribers) will also be growing alongside it.

You don’t just want to depend solely on YouTube (it is not owned by you).

Embed your YouTube videos in your blog posts. You probably know how hard it can be if you run a blog and then later on decide to jump onto the YouTube bandwagon. Turning some of your popular posts into videos, that might be a breeze.

But formatting everything, uploading the videos, publishing them and then coming back to your WordPress blog to edit your posts and add the YouTube video embed code, that is quite a time-consuming  process.

So, maybe you can just focus on YouTube, then hire somebody to take your video links and embed them in your blog posts.

Market your videos e.g. on social media platforms. Freelancers can help you connect with influencers to leverage the numbers they have already built on their platforms (handles, accounts and pages) to get your videos infront of more people.

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And sometimes this can take the form off reaching out even to individuals with a few hundred followers – provided their page or handle is relevant to what your video is about.

When you outsource some aspects of marketing, it gets harder for your focus to be scattered on lots of things. You just create your videos and then get someone on Niabusiness to help you get the word out there.

You can ask the freelancer you hire to get more tweets and mentions for your video, ask them to have your video posted on individual Facebook feeds or Facebook pages – and to place your content in all the relevant places they can find – without resorting to any spammy tactics.

Edit your videos and upload them. If creating videos is fun for you but making them ready for publishing isn’t your thing, let a freelancer deal with all that.

Let them come up with titles and descriptions and take your videos live on the internet. Do give them a few suggestions – some pointers to guide them along – I mean that is expected.

If you want to take advantage of the power of batch processing, you can also just create multiple videos and get a freelancer to help you make them ready for the internet.

How to outsource YouTube related tasks to online freelancers

To outsource any YouTube related work on Niabusiness.com, check the Video Creation, Editing & Promotion category.

Go through the listings in the category to find someone to outsource work to.

If you don’t find the specific thing you are looking for in that category, check the other categories listed on the homepage.

Or even create your own ad listing (it’s free) with details about what you are looking for.

Happy YouTubing.

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