Why your business will need a blog eventually (and the only two options you have now)

There once were two people who eventually had the courage to turn their ideas into real businesses.

Two individuals in the same industry. Similar businesses.

All working very hard to keep growing their new businesses.

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These two small business owners hear about blogs and how they can be a cheap way to make money and increase profits.

The two hear all these great things about blogs after visiting this site.

I mean when they are reading, they are all alone seated somewhere staring at their phones. They don’t even know each other.

They don’t know that another person with a similar business is reading the same articles.

You can still grow your business and be profitable without using a blog for inbound marketing

After reading, the two realize one thing: that even without a blog, they can still grow their businesses and be profitable.

And that’s where one of them stops. He doesn’t go further, doesn’t ask the right questions…doesn’t investigate. Just another article read for the sake of reading.

Giving business blogging a try (start a corporate blog)

The other one also takes action. Reads some of the articles again and decides he’s going to give blogging a try.

That night he sits down to come up with questions he needs answers to before he starts… Two weeks later his business has a blog.

Everyday, things like this happen to business owners. There are many opportunities. Seeing them is one thing. Not letting them pass, while you smile content with your current achievement and progress, is another thing altogether.

Is business blogging over-hyped? Is it worth it for owners of small businesses online and offline?

Some may think that blogs are just so over-hyped. No, they are not. There are noisemakers everywhere, in almost all niches online and offline, but true business owners know that they cannot make their blogging decisions based on the noise alone.

They have to do their own research, ask questions and then make a decision that is good for their business not what they are comfortable with.

The business must be, as mentioned in the free ebook, 10 Things to Look at if You Are Thinking of Starting a Business, be in the first spot.

Meaning, you do something not because it is good for you or avoid it because it is hard for you.

You pursue an opportunity when it is good for your business (of which customers and prospects are a big part).

In your heart you may know that…

In your heart you may know that starting a blog for your business (whether it is new or old, profitable or not) is the right way to go but then decide to do two things:

  • wait
  • do no research

While you do these two, someone else, another business owner just hungry for growth as you are, might be doing these two:

  • researching
  • making the decision to start and take things one step at a time. Just like the business owner above who started a blog for his business in week two.

It means that even if there is an opportunity you don’t want to pursue now, others doing and after similar things as you are, will not pass on the same opportunity.

While you may make the choice to wait, they can make the choice to learn more about how they can use blogs to promote their products and services.

While you spend your days answering the same questions over and over over the phone or email, they may decide to start a blog where they answer all these questions as articles linked together.

When you take some time to read a few blog posts on how businesses can benefit from having their own blogs, they, the people you are competing with, can go a step further and get an ebook where they get all the details on how to build a successful blog arranged in one place.

It is easy to delay starting a blog. After all the usual stories you hear is about how hard it is to write new articles and update the site consistently, how difficult it is to drive traffic to blogs that are less than ten months old, how they are a time-suck and all that.

But consider what you get when you start one and commit to making it successful. You take a risk, just like with most things you do to make your business grow and be more profitable.

You increase your chances of building a site that works for your business, attracts customers and brings more money in the business more than it takes.

Your two options: to start a blog for your business or not to?

You either start one or you don’t. These are your two options.

If you choose to launch a blog, start by educating yourself about what a successful blog is, and then build one. You can read free ebooks and articles and also buy some.

All these things helps you when you want to build something that can be an asset to your business, especially when you don’t have a map to look at to see if you are walking in the right direction.

They also help you stop burning hours and hours of your life chasing things that don’t matter like many do when it comes to building blogs.

As a reader of this site, I know that you are someone who is serious about turning ideas into businesses and then doing everything right to promote the businesses you start.

That means you are fine with educating yourself more, everyday.

And part of being fine with educating yourself more means that you  know that education should lead to meaningful action – which lead to failure (with great lessons that eventually lead you to success) or success.

It is a choice. And you don’t have to jump into blogging only when you start hearing great stories about other business owners with blogs that make their business more profits.

Blogs are hard work and require a lot of patience, but so are most of the things you will encounter in your life as a business owner.

So go for it. Start by learning how to build your own blog. Learn. Then do.

Better fail and learn than do nothing and learn nothing – and have nothing.

Choose. Now.

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