How to check Equitel phone number: know your number

Learn how to check your Equitel phone number in this blog post.

Find the different methods you can use to get your number, PIN, PUK and serial number.

Check your Equitel card body – the card with your PUK etc. to get your phone number

This is the card your SIM card is attached to when you first get your Equitel line from an Equity Bank branch near you.

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The card has your PIN 1, PIN 2, PUK 1, PUK 2 and serial number. You will also find your Equitel phone number scribbled somewhere.

For those who bought Equitel lines a long time ago, you might remember the guy or girl behind the counter writing the number on the card with a felt pen.

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So, find that card.

Your phone number should be on it.

Dial *100# to know your Equitel number

To check your Equitel phone number using this method:

  • Dial *100# on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using the SIM card in a modem or router)
  • Select option 5. Settings / Help
  • Select option 2. My number
  • You’ll see a notification that looks like this: Dear customer, your number is 254765123456
  • Copy your number and save it in your contacts list. Or write it on a piece of paper.

Call another line from your Equitel line

Simple. Just top up your Equitel line (via M-PESA, at an Equity Bank agent or from your Equity Bank account) then make a call to another phone number – Safaricom, Airtel Kenya, Telkom Kenya or even another Equitel line.

Could be your friend’s or the number of a family member.

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Once the call goes through, tell them to read you back the number.

Save it – by writing it down somewhere.

Send a text message to another phone number from your Equitel line

This is almost similar to the method above, and even easier to do if you have two SIM cards in your possession (in one dual SIM phone or different devices e.g. a smartphone and a tablet).

Make sure to check your Equitel airtime balance first.

Top up if you need to.

Then just send an SMS to your other phone number.

Check your Messages -> Inbox.

Copy the number from which the text is originating.

Save it in your phonebook, using your first name and a last name – something along the lines Jane Equitel or John Equitel.

What next after getting your number and saving it?

Top up and keep enjoying various services by the telco.

I talk about some of them in this post.

You might also want to check the various bundles available via the *100# or *544# menu: Data Plus bundles, Ongea bundles, Jipimie bundles among others.

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Check the links to learn more about the bundles.

If you have a question not addressed in this post (or any of the articles listed here) you can always reach Equitel customer support by dialing 100. Calls made to this number from your Equitel line are free.

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