Want to be a better person? Learn why training yourself to give your goals deadlines is a must

Most people know that a goal is good when it has a deadline, but many never bother giving their goals deadlines. They don’t like the pressure that comes with deadlines. They’d rather just keep working on their goal and pray that things work for the best. This pattern keeps repeating itself in the lives of … Read more

Becoming a better person will be easier once you understand this

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Has your past helped you become a better person? Here’s how it can

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5 reasons lifetime commitments scare so many people

There are people who would do anything to stop a healthy marriage – and watch it fall apart. There are so many others who would rather throw the bones of good leadership to the dogs (you know what dogs do with bones, don’t you? They bury them somewhere for later and jealously guard them). The … Read more

7 things you do to your computer that you should replicate in your life to be a better person

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13 questions to ask your parents today that will help you be a better person

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